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'Pat and Achilles are a very famous acting duo'-AU

Courtesy of markiyork!
• Just imagine Pat and Achilles, two young actors, meeting each other while they’re both not big names yet, only having background roles in movies, when they get the opportunity to play a famous duo on screen in a small tv series
• Almost no one knows about them yet, Achilles has been a pretty background actor before though, and is sometimes recognized for this, and Pat has always been picked on the seriousness of his role. They click perfectly, though, their acting together almost feeling natural, there is a spark
• The tv series, although small, gets lots of recognition, not only because of the writing in it, but also because of these brilliant actors creating such chemistry between the characters
• From then on, some major film company casters see a goldmine when it’s there, and soon enough, they’re in new tv series and even Oscar-winning movies, but it seems almost as if by fate that they’re always seen as inseparable; if there’s a famous duo in the show, it’s them again
• Fans have different views of them. For example, Pat is recognized for being reasonably attractive, but more on the ways he is so good at bringing over emotions with only a look, while Achilles is recognized for doing his own stunts, and the beauty that is visible
• And of course, because of their constant coupling in movies and them eventually getting cast for a movie about a pair of young men exploring their sexualities and falling in love, the media and the fans start talking; could they be together?
• Pat likes his fame, truly, he adores the roles he gets and the challenges, but he despises the suggestions of him and Achilles being together; it is not his acting talent, he could work with other people if he wants to, surely, but everyone just thinks it’s because of his love for Achilles; which doesn’t make sense, since he has a lovely girlfriend at that moment. He keeps himself hidden most of the time, avoids interviews as much as possible, goes to only minor events and is usually very quiet when fans meet him, just slightly self-conscious of others recognizing him and looking at him outside of roles
• Achilles loves it, he basks in it, gives the fans performances on the street, hangs around with guy after guy after they recognize him, goes to all red-carpet events, and even allows fanmail to be sent in to his house; he’s a pretty face, girls and boys fall for him, he has photoshoots weekly, and he loves it, although he gets just as worked up about casting agents never picking him as a separate being, always with Pat by his side
• Although they’re good and respectful friends from the beginning till the end, something of a break gets between them when an even higher pressure on getting together happens when Pat learns that his then-girlfriend cheated on him, and Achilles ends up helping him through it; fans go crazy, the tabloids do as well, and slowly, they both realize they should separate, which is horrible for Achilles who had always seen Pat as a good partner; someone to joke with on set, someone to practice fake-kissing with
• It is when they get different roles, that they start missing each other; Achilles gets the recognition he wants, but there’s no one to tell that to, he gets no pleasure in getting loads of attention, and guys don’t get picked up in club by the actor anymore, and for the first time, Achilles realizes that part of his fame was caused by the way the other sees him
• Pat is occasionally doing well in roles, he plays in a romance movies, but during all the scenes with women, all he can think of is how much better it would fit if the actress was replaced by a specific actor; Achilles. The acting doesn’t suffer on it, though, and Pat quietly gets seen as his own entity; quiet and polite to interviewers, staying out of the media but always supporting fans in their own ways, especially when the news finally gets out that he has dated guys before; a bisexual actor who quietly talks and supports his fans through coming out; they love him
• Secretly, although both don’t want to admit it, they keep a close eye on each other
• One day, about a year later, the both of them get cast without knowing their partner, and as Pat walks into the actual read-through of the script and sees Achilles, he can do nothing but feel a bit teary-eyed, sitting next to him eagerly, and even at the saddest scenes, he can’t stop smiling at the other as he talks because god, he missed him
• After the read-through, they celebrate in a bar, shyly telling about their things, only to get embarrassed when they say ‘i know, i followed you in the tabloids’.
• Softly, they admit they make each other better in the acting field, and after said conversation, Achilles shyly reaches for Pat’s hand in the dark alley between the restaurant and the small road where they can call a cab, and pulls him into a kiss
• They’re unable to hide it, eventually; the fans go wild and the tabloids attack them even more, but now that Pat is next to Achilles, the pride of it encourages him to be louder, and as they’re cast as another famous duo a few weeks later, they happily take the role