Who says a #couplesproject has to be only one kind of relationship? This one is of my cousin and the girl she babysits (although even if it wasn’t her job, this little one would follow her around all day anyway). ________________________________________________ If you’d like to commission a #couplesproject contact me at with a photo and short description of why that person means so much to you. ________________________________________________ #noahfontana #couplesproject #cousins #watercolor #babysitting #smiles

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I really can’t get enough of working with such beautiful and kind people.

This superb couple picked this picture because it is the very first picture they took together when they started #dating. This year will mark their 3 year #anniversary and I couldn’t be happier for them!!! Thank you Melanie and Jesse for taking part in my Couples Project!

If anyone seeing this would like me to make a #couplesproject for you, it’s really easy. Just send me an email with a photo and a few sentences on why that photo represents you and your partner!