couples with tattoos

No one likes her,

The girl your with now,

They all say she’s with you for the money.
She’s fake to all your friends.

She even has your parents wrapped around their finger.

But that’s not her. The girl your parents met,
She’s different around them a nicer sweeter version of how she is with you and your friends.

You tell the story of waking up beside her, not being able to recognize her from the lack of caked on makeup she normally wears.

She calls you six times a day, each time you don’t answer she texts you non stop, back to back, until she finally gets a response.

She doesn’t like you hanging with your friends, the people who will probably be there for you once yall break up.

She expects you to tell her every step you make and every where you adventure throughout your day.

And It makes me feel so good to hear these things.
I want you to be happy I really do, and if she makes you happy then that’s all that I ask and I wish you the best.

But all I got to say is the me with makeup and the me without it look the same.
The me with your parents is the me your friends and you know.
I will never ask you to call me after everything you do.
We went two weeks without talking on the phone before, because I didn’t feel the need to check up on you every day.
If you and I make plans but you already had plans with your friends I will tell you almost every single time to hangout with your friends.

I don’t want you to feel tied down,
I don’t want you to feel stuck in this relationship,
I don’t want you to loose all your friends because of me,
And I don’t want you to hate your life,
I want you to be young and free,
Be crazy do stupid shit and get in trouble.

You know I’m not that girl, so I don’t understand why you left me for a girl like her.

I felt back to the times when there was an us that I was everything you could ever want or need in a girl.

So why her?
-i know I can be so much better for you than her(MEW)

I’ve shared my darkest secrets with you,
My most embarrassing moments.

I’ve shared with you my insecurities and worries,
My most intimate stories.

I’ve told you everything about me.
And you too have shared things with me.

And these days when something exciting happens I want to run to you and wrap my arms around you and tell you.

When something sad happens to me I want you to hold me and tell me it all going to work out and be okay, I want to tell you.

And when something embarrassing happens to me I want you to try to take my hands that are covering my eyes and now reddened cheeks away as I sit there and tell you.

I wish so much that you were still around. With me, so I can share these moments with you.

Before when you were mine you were the first person I wanted to tell any kind of news to.

Now I don’t have you.

It sucks when the person who you’re in love with and the person who is your best friend is the same person. And they want nothing more to do with you.

Your no longer their everything.

You can’t run to them and tell them everything.

You don’t have them there to play with your hair when your sad.

You don’t have them there to rub your tummy when you have cramps.

And you don’t have them there to hold you and cuddle you when your scared.

They’re gone.
They’re not coming back.
They’re happier with out you.

And your still stuck four months later missing them. Wishing they were here beside you.

-I didn’t just lose the love of my life I lost my best friend (MEW)

merlinobsessionist asked:

about AATJS, how do people feel about tattoos? Are they more accepted as a way of expressing yourself like soul marks? or are they more looked down on? I was gonna ask but I had to read the newest chapter and Len had tattoos which Barry didn't seem to mind

OH man, okay, this is like foreshadowing the chapter after next (in which we finally get a description of Len’s tattoos).

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