couples who smoke together stay together

Last night my boyfriend and I smoked some weed before bed and I was just looking at him (as I often do) and he goes “are you okay?” So then I go “yea idk just” then I trailed off and he kept looking at me and I was like “hi…”

But here’s how he heard the conversation:

“You okay?”
“Yea idk just …high”

And when I realized that he heard it that way I swear it was the funniest thing in the world.

we were tagged in a few videos by some very beautiful and wonderful stoners, @stoneyhemptress @the-stoner-dream so here’s our quick smoke sesh today while we took advantage of the beautiful weather!

note: the matching bongs 😍

I wanna see what y'all are smokin on! 😘 @the-stoner-dream & @stoneyhemptress (again cuz ur so awesome) @highh-vibess @baked-bbw @kiefeon @godshideouscreation