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Christina Ricci has made a name for herself as an actress who can tap into complex roles – and her latest project is no exception. In Amazon’s biographical series Z: The Beginning of Everything, Ricci plays Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Zelda was known for her beauty and high spirits, but she also struggled with mental illness and alcoholism.

Ricci explains a common misconception about Zelda: “that she was this alcoholic crazy woman who ruined F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life, and if not for her he would have had a great life.” It’s an idea that was popularized by writer Ernest Hemingway, but as the actress points out, “He was a huge misogynist.” The truth, she says, is much more complicated.

Forget F. Scott: In ‘Z,’ Christina Ricci Tells Zelda Fitzgerald’s Story

Image: Christina Ricci plays Zelda Fitzgerald in Amazon’s Z. (Nicole Rivelli/Amazon Prime Video)


Look at how happy Rapunzel is
when Eugene is happy…

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Just by how tv couples progress in general, it just really surprises me that some people genuinely don't believe Bellarke is gonna happen. Like if you go back and watch from s1 you can see the obvious tell tale signs that Bellarke has been planned. Of course there's going to be obstacles and other relationships in between, and that fine and completely welcomed by me, but at the end of the day, Bellarke has been here. You don't even have to look deep, just look.

I totally agree. I get that if you’re not looking you can miss it because it’s not the focus, but to call people delusional when they point out all the obvious clues, it just doesn’t make sense.

They do know that those things aren’t going away, right. When Bellarke finally happens, all that development is going to be confirmed…. and whether or not you want Bellarke to happen, we’re going to be proved as not delusional.


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