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I just want to be with Daddy already.

I wanna sit in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms squeezing him into the tightest hug he’s ever had. I want him to hug me back tightly, but then softly lay his palms on my shoulders and grip lightly to peel me away from him, but just for a moment– just long enough for him to look me in the eyes and tell me how much he loves me. Then he’d pull me back into his embrace, and as he did he’d give me a kiss on my forehead. His lips would linger for a moment, then he’d continue pulling me into his chest. He’d gently twirl his fingers through my hair and tell me stories. And I’d feel safer than ever before.


happy fun times with tracer feat. a couple other kills, a clutch ass lucio ult, and a really dumb scatter arrow

Hetalia couple types / headcanons
  • Hongice: that one tumblr couple anways rebloging eachothers posts. Litrally all thier followers ship them
  • Rusame: that one couple that is always teasing eachother. America is the type of boyfriend who pinches russia's ass befire a picture
  • Sufin: EVERYBODY ships them. Finland is oblivious to the fact, and it makes sweden blush a ton
  • Usuk: the secretive couple england is tsundere AF and chooses not to speak of thier relationship. But when they are alone he begs america for cuddles
  • Dennor: the mismatched couple. Den is like a beautiful ray of sunshine and norway could kill you just by glaring at you. They make the most mismatched yet adorable couple ever.
  • Pruaus: the jealous couple. They always try to impress eachother. When prussia gets hit on it makes austria extremely jealous.
  • Fruk: that one couple that nobody actually knows if they are together. When asked they never answer. (Everybody ships it anyways)
  • Giripan: they are ALWAYS cuddling. They would rather stay home and cuddle with thier cats while watching a movie then be out in public.
  • Spamano: the power couple. Everybody wants to be them. They make the most attractive couple ever
  • Pruame: the nerd couple. They love playing video games together. They spend hours on end playing and only get up to eat
  • Rochu: the couple who shares everything. China forgot his pj's at his house? He can borrow russia's. Russia dosent have a place to stay for the night? He can stay at china's. Its cold outside? They can share russia's scarf.
  • Gerita: the adorable couple. They always buy eachother gifts and always seem to be together.
  • Prucan: the music couple. Prussia plays guitar and canada sings. They make the best music together.
  • Aushun: the traveling couple. They love going to beaches, mountains, anywhere as long as they are together.
  • Franada: the couple that is always baking. Canada always brings treats they had made the night before to the world meetings as france watches him lovingly.
  • Pruhun: the couple who fights over the stupidest things. Everybody knows that they really do love eachother no matter how many times hungary kicks prussia out of the house for misplacing her frying pan.
  • Red velvet pancakes: they run a pancake restaurant. They have the best pancakes EVER. They are always competing against the neighboring waffle house.
  • Belhun: runs the waffle house. Red velvet pancakes may have the best pancakes. But they have the best waffles.
  • Lietpol: They throw THE BEST parties. All the nations love them although nobody can beat them at dancing.
  • Turgre: the couple nobody really sees because they are too busy at home. Weather they are reading together, watching a movie, or sleeping together they prefer being inside.
  • Belaliech: the couple NOBODY will mess with. If you lay a hand on lichenstien belarus will slaughter you.

Dating Jughead Jones Would Include

- somehow always sitting on his lap, even if there are other seats

- spending 90% of your time at Pop’s eating and judging people

- stealing his beanie and him trying to be mad

- the chill™ couple

- him playing video games with archie while you’re curled up between his legs and his arms are around your waist, holding one of the controllers

- and archie bribing you with food so that you’ll move and mess jug up whenever he’s winning

- wearing his southside serpents jacket and him insisting it looks better on you

- sleeping over at fp’s trailer and jug saying he’s going to make you breakfast the next morning

- finding out the next morning that the only available food is a box of cheerios two weeks past its expiration date

- so you end up back at the andrews house for pancakes while fred and archie tease you by acting surprised

- getting competitive over stupid things

-  fp liking you a lot and telling you to take care of Juggie while he’s in jail

- helping Jughead and Betty at the Blue and Gold and working to solve Jason Blossom’s murder

- pranking Reggie Mantle whenever he messes with Jughead

- bringing him food and supplies when he was living at the drive in

- avoiding parties together

- always being the first person to read any new bits of Jughead’s novel

- sitting in comfortable silence in a booth at Pop’s while he writes and you “help” by eating lots of burgers

- being really good friends with Archie, Ronnie, and Betty

- knowing when to give him space and when to help him when he has problems at home

- being there for him when his dad gets arrested and knowing that there was no way fp could be guilty

- your mom loves him and is constantly asking you how he’s doing and if he needs a place to stay

- your dad respects him and even worries about him even if he wouldn’t admit it

- getting lots of piggyback rides on the way home from school

- eating contests

- texting each other during class and roasting tf out of the teachers and other students

- always being there for each other

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-Smiles with his cute little bunny teeth
-Will ignore you while playing video games
-Playful little shit, especially when you’re busy or in a hurry
-Likes being tied up/submissive
-When you untie him he tries to be dominant but you keep laughing at him
-”Kook, you look ridiculous”
-He’s the little spoon 
-He’s a cheeky little shit that gets away with everything
-Tickle fights which end in one of you crying
-He moans during sex and makes the cutest little whining sounds when he gets close
-He laughs when you fall over and then falls over himself
-You like to whisper kinky stuff in his ear in public to see his bluff and get all nervous
-Constantly teasing him in front of the guys
-Puts his head in your lap and whines until you play with his hair
-Soft moaning sounds when you pull his hair slightly
-Always ends in a major makeout session
-He gets embarrassed afterwards and acts all cute and shy
-Makes faces behind your back and tries to pretend nothing happened when you turn around
-You catch him making a face and you looks at you with wide eyes 
-You steal all of his tshirts and hoodies
-”Jagiya, where is my-? Oh. Okay. You can keep it.”
-Wow i need to stop, the fluff is unreal

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Boyfriend Series: Jimin Yoongi Jhope Taehyung Namjoon Jin

Random relationship hc for the RFA

(this wasn’t a request sorry but i’m slowly trying to get back into the whole writing thing hhhh my bad, if you want i’ll do a V and Saeran edition)


  • would be so damn cheesy : he’d try every cliché lines, dates, moves and just about everything he’s seen in romantic movies
  • if you played video games with him, he’d try to do couple stuff in there : he’s Mario and you’re Peach in Mario Party; matching outfits in LOLOL, you’re always in the same team/guild when you play multiplayer, he’d name both your Pokemons with matching names
  • If he ever played a game where you can romance someone (like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout..) he’d avoid talking to any of the romanceable characters just bc he’d feel like he’d be cheating on you (lol nerd)
  • he takes cooking classes so he can be better at it and loves to make you a cute bento box for lunch
  • loves coffee dates and loves holding your hand even though he’s super shy about it
  • kinda shy with PDA but if he’s really happy, he’ll get super confident and will kiss you and hold your waist all the time
  • biggest cuddle bug you’ve ever seen : you’re working on something? he’ll find a way to sit behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. He’s playing LOLOL? He’ll ask you the second you enter the room if you can sit on his lap. You both just came home from college/work? He’ll drag you to his bed and cuddle until it’s time for dinner.
  • Loves pet names but he’s so embarrassed with them; he loves stupid names like cutie pie, my hero, my player 2, honey bunny (he’s so embarrasing jfc yoosung)


  • I mean he’s no better with pet names but he’s a bit more traditional (with babe, honey, darling) but if you do something cute or just if he’s in the mood to coddle you (which is very often) he’ll give you long and embarrassing names like ‘my fluffy cutie sweet beautiful adorable little cupcake’ it’s bad and it’s even worse that this man has no shame - he’ll say that in front of everyone good luck with him
  • he’s so dedicated and observant though. Doesn’t matter that he only sees you in the morning before going to work and at night when he comes home and you’re already sleeping - if something’s wrong or you don’t feel well, he’ll know. It’s like he has a radar and he just knows even if he’s away from you, when you’re not okay and he’ll do anything to help and cheer you up
  • he’s always so open about his feelings and how thankful he is to have you - not only will he never take you for granted but he’ll always make sure you know just how much you mean to him, how grateful he is for staying with him despite how his career isn’t making things easy for your relationship together
  • doesn’t matter if you’re in college or at work or even in another city or country - he’ll find a way to talk to you almost all day long - not necessarily in a clingy way (although he can be clingy if you let him) but he’ll check up on how your last class went, make sure you’ve had lunch (although he’d do what he can to always eat every meal together), call you when you both have a break, send you selfies when you’re at work
  • he loves suprising you : there’s a beautiful bouquet on your desk at work/home? that’s him. you’ve had a stressful week and you’re about to have a breakdown? let’s go on a date where it’s just the two of you and you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone. He has a lot of work and spends his time practicing? He’ll leave a bunch of sticky notes everywhere for you to find and he’ll write compliments, declarations of love, things to cheer you up and help you get through the day.


  • Not very open with PDA, she feels like it’s not proper and she’s not a fan of showing her love to strangers. she’d prefer walking close to each others rather than holding hands for example
  • since she loves baking, she always makes some stuff for you and she also makes you try all her new creations to know what to improve before she makes them available on her coffee shop’s menu
  • ahh and if you love coffee (and I hope you do if you’re with her) she makes the best cup and always prepares you one in the morning - she absolutely loves having breakfast together and wouldn’t mind waking up extra early just so you can both take your time and enjoy the moment before going to work
  • she’d always be there if you needed help with your work or making notes for school - she’s so organized and her way to make notes and color coding are on point
  • she’s not spontaneous and she hasn’t been in a relationship in a very long time so you need to take things step by step with her but with time she becomes a lot more open to you and while she’s not very good with voicing her feelings and thoughts, she’ll always make sure you know what her feelings for you are
  • she’s independent but she’s also been alone for a long time, she would want to start living together kinda early on in the relationship just because she wants to share as much as possible with you
  • she gets incredibly touched and flustered at random acts of affection because she is just not used to them and it means so much to her, even or actually, especially the little things : you made her breakfast? she’ll give you the brightest sleepy smile you’ve ever seen first thing in the morning. You saw something in a shop and it reminded you of her so you just bought it? doesn’t matter what it is, she’ll keep it with her at all times and smile every time she looks at it. You tell her how proud you are of her for following her dreams? she’ll be in tears in less than two seconds


  • you’d think this man would be proper and distinguished and what not but no. When he’s with you, he’s like a giddy teenager who just looks at you with so much love in his eyes that it terrifies anyone who knows Jumin Han the Robot Man.
  • you’ve got him wrapped around your finger and you don’t even need to do anything about it. You just have to exist and bam, he’s 100% smitten with you. You can ask him anything and he’ll get/do it for you. Ofc, it makes more sense for him to show you his love through material stuff like expensive clothes, jewelry and fancy trips to the best spa in the world; if you didn’t want him to spend his money on you then too bad because he’ll buy you stuff anyways, he just can’t help it, it makes him so happy to buy you stuff – but with time, he’ll learn how words alone can affect him and you. 
  • He’ll feel so wonderful when you tell him that you love him and just if you tell him your feelings - it won’t take long for him to do the same bc he wants you to feel as happy as him - and he has a way with words + no shame so good luck trying to survive this combo bc the fluff this man brings will be the death of you
  • he loves to show you off, he just needs the whole world to know how perfect you are and he’s pretty handsy too - he’s never felt the need to be so close to someone both physically and in a relationship so it’s pretty overwhelming for him and if you give him the okay then he won’t see the point in holding back - he doesn’t care about what the others say, as long as you’re fine with him holding you, kissing you, nuzzling into your neck and resting his forehead against yours in front of everybody (be it at the office, in the street or in a super important party with fancy people from all over the world) that’s all he needs
  • you know, he’s kinda rivaling with Yoosung on the #1 RFA’s cuddle bug bc he absolutely loves holding you and there’s nothing better in the world for him than waking up with you in his arms, still sleeping with your face hiding in his chest
  • he’s still shit with taking pictures and it’s a shame bc he’s become a selfie slut (watch out Zen, a new challenger has arrived) but, he only takes selfies with you
  • and he download more or less every single app that lets him add stupid filters to your faces so you can have kitty whiskers or flower crowns and what not
  • despite how busy he always is, he always tries to see you in the morning and makes it a point to come home for dinner - doesn’t matter if he has to bring home five full folders from the office and work at home - dinner time with his love is important and he won’t miss it

707 (i don’t know how to write him so it’s gonna be bad sorry)

  • it’s gonna be a rollercoaster of emotions with him so I hope you’re patient with his shit bc he’ll still have his emo days where he just wants to be alone with his deep dark edgy feelings so yeah you deal with that 
  • most of the time though, he’ll just goof around, prank you H24, try to make you two become a meme
  • he has 0 domestic skills so hahhh I hope you do. either that or you’re fine with living in a constant mess and eating junk food all the time - you’ll either have to be like his caretaker or his partner in crime (or both if you can manage)
  • he doesn’t take most things very seriously though and making you smile and laugh is his number one priority so there’s that
  • he’s more or less a walking wikipedia + urban dictionary so if you need anything for an essay you’re writing just ask him - he’s full of knowledge - both accurate infos and random useless trivia
  • he’ll take you on every single date possible and once he’s done them all, he’ll invent new ones. The classics will be going to the arcade and getting the highest score on every single game or going to a lasertag or paintball and teaming up to be the winning team every time. He always gets so into it and you’ll both have code names like 'God 1, this is God 2, I have the enemy team in my sight do you copy?’ and if it’s a game where only one person can win, he’ll make you shoot him and be all dramatic about it 
  • for the more original ones, he’ll make the both of you dress up and wear wigs and pretend to be other people with other identities; like you’ll slip in weddings and pretend to be distant family of the bride while you stuff your face with the food there
  • he’ll make a bunch of stuff for you like he’ll make an app where there’s a 2D version of him and you can poke him to get voice lines, pet him and he’ll say “nya”, you can dress him up and you have interactions with him with dialogues choices (like in MM, how meta)

i hope this wasn’t too awful rip



  • Laughing 24/7 because this boy loves the sound of your laugh.
  • So many kisses, on your hands, thighs, cheeks, neck, collarbone, ect.
  • Skinship.
  • Him singing to your when cuddling.
  • Rubbing circles on your hip bone.
  • Playing with Snow/Snapchat filters.
  • Karaoke dates.
  • “You’re aren’t getting out of bed until i do so lay back down.”
  • Going on double dates with Chanyeol and his partner.
  • Beak being so excited to show you off to the world.
  • “This is my Jagi and i love them very much, i hope you will too.”
  • Him hiding his face in your neck when he’s upset or sad.
  • Petting his hair and telling him that everything will be alright.
  • Running around the house because Baekhyung wants  kiss but you wanna play hard to get.
  • Stupid arguments about small things.
  • “Jagi you’re doing it wrong.”
  • Loud ass sighing coming from him because you are mad at him and ignoring him, but then you’ll get annoyed and forgive him.
  • Him looking at you with the biggest heart eyes ever.
  • You memorizing all of EXO’s songs and him being so proud of you.
  • Singing with him all the time.
  • Silly snapchats.
  • Him calling you and the two of you ending up falling asleep on the phone.
  • His family loving you more than him.
  • Purposely making him jealous because you love the cute little pouts he flashes you.
  • Him wanting you to go to the gym with him as “motivation” but really just uses that time to show off his strength to you.
  • Asking him to taste things you have cooked and him saying it’s the best thing he’s eaten even though you know it’s pretty bad.
  • Matching EVERYTHING.
  •  Him waking you up early because he got up early and gets bored when alone.
  • Having to try on a whole bunch of lingerie because he buys them for you.
  • Him letting you braid his hair and do his make up.
  • “Don’t i look pretty jagi?”
  • Owning a couple pets together and end up calling them “kids”.
  • Playing so much video games together and trying anything to win them.
  • Having a score board in your living room recording everything you had won and everything he had won, because he’s competitive.
  • Hiding the hickies he leaves all over.
  • So much teasing.
  • Forcing Baek to wipe off his makeup when tired. 
  • Going on cheesy cute romantic dates.
  • Him going on and on about his day before going to sleep knowing that used probably go to sleep mid conversation.
  • Smiley Baekhyung.
  • The other members loving ho nice you are to them.
  • Over all a sweet little (kinky) fluff ball that must be protected 100% of the time.

Don’t you just love Baek :’)


You Made Flowers Grow in My Lungs, but I Couldn’t Breathe

A/N: hey guys, once again I’m sorry for lack of content. This is really mediocre, but like… Here it is ig. This is based off of a fictional disease called the Hanahaki Disease, where a person will cough up petals and flowers due to unrequited love causing flowers to bloom in that person’s lungs (yeah I dunno but I like the idea okay it’s my blog I do what I please). It’s also loosely based off of some fanart I saw. Anyways, please enjoy, this is my first bmc fanfic, I hope it’s good :)

Pairing: Boyf riends

Word count: 4105 (jesus fuck im so sorry im jst emo abt the musical/book also michael)

Warnings: uhh lots of angst, sad michael, drugs, spoilers from the book ending, like literally almost all the dialogue here is pulled directly from or references something in the book, i think that’s everything?

(also, side note: Even though I’m using events and dialogue from the book, the characters look like how they are in the musical, i.e michael isn’t a white-bread motherfucker, neither is christine)

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How do they procrastinate?

Noctis: A “productive” procrastinator. Instead of doing work he’s supposed to do, he spends hours organizing his closet or cleaning his room. This is the only time he’d actually voluntarily clean his room.

Prompto: The exact opposite of Noctis in that he doesn’t get anything done while procrastinating. He plays video games for a couple hours, then gets on the computer at 10 pm ready to start whatever he was putting off but ends up on the weird side of Youtube watching conspiracy videos.

Gladio: Underestimates how much effort his work will require and puts it off to the last minute because he works well under pressure. Gladio usually can get a lot done with “due the next day” adrenaline but now and then he gets too much on his plate.

Ignis: Doesn’t procrastinate in the usual sense that he puts off what he’s doing, but Ignis gets so caught up in perfecting his work that he never finishes. Just when he moves on to the next step Ignis thinks of a way to improve the previous work and gets caught up in an endless cycle.

you know what we haven’t seen in achievement hunter history? a gavin and lindsay video. like michael and gavin have play pals, a couple ragequit videos (qwop, surgeon simulator), and the telltale game of thrones, michael and ryan have the star trek videos, gavin and geoff have a few videos together if i recall. but there has never been just a lindsay and gavin gameplay and while i absolutely love it when lindsay is in a video, there has never been just a team losers let’s play. have them play something, anything, just can we please get these two in a video please?

tbh i’m always thinking about neil and matts friendship but here i am at 12:30 getting too emotional

☆ matt is a year younger than the girls but a year older than the monsters
☆this means there is a year where the girls are gone but matt is still playing
☆ and it’s his last year with the foxes so he really wants to make it count
☆ not only is he going to be done playing with his family, he still has to be working hard to get scouted by a pro team
☆ but the foxes aren’t great, they aren’t the fantastic winners they used to be
☆ (thanks to the newbies that don’t have the murder and kidnapping as a shared life experience with the rest of the team)
☆ it’s safe to say matts stressed
☆ he wants to win to secure a good team but more so that he wants to win because it’s his last year
☆ all the stress he’s felt is built up into their games and explodes on the court
☆ he’s being reckless and jittery but managing to channel his energy and be and amazing player
☆ (it’s one of the only times kevin will admit to his face that he is deserving of court)
☆ but it isn’t enough
☆ the foxes lose and matt is devastated
☆ they didn’t even make it to the final showdown
☆ and no one seems to notice the spiral he goes into
☆ he doesn’t turn back to drugs but he stops reaching out to dan for small things
☆ he stops trying to see if nicky wants to take a break from studying and play some mario kart
☆ he stops asking neil to meet up for lunch
☆ in a move reminiscent of andrew minyard, matt find himself on the roof
☆ he doesn’t have a mob boss looming over his head demanding he play exy like kevin or neil
☆ he doesn’t need to play to make his livelihood, dans salary will eventually provide for the both of them
☆ so he sits on the roof and looks out over the smallish campus he’s know for the past 5 years
☆ and wonders how things could have gone differently
☆ he sneaks away when he knows no one will follow him
☆ when he knows he won’t be a bother to anyone
☆ but neil isn’t harry potter, he’s actually perceptive and uses his observations to help
☆ he noticed matt withdrawing himself from his friends
☆ initially, neil was too caught up in his on worry from losing to notice what was happening
☆ it was his first year as full captain, and he wasn’t taking care of his team
☆ he wasn’t sure how he knew where matt would be, but he felt drawn to the roof
☆ when he showed up, matt was immodestly shutting down
☆"ah, hey neil! how are you doing?“
☆"just checking in. seeing what you’re up to.”
☆"just enjoying the weather, hah. didn’t mean to pull you away"
☆"what’s going on, matt?“
☆ he tried to keep it in, he really did
☆ but there was something about neil that just made matt spill everything that had been going on
☆ all of his nerves and stress was laid out onto the table for neil to see
☆ he didn’t want to burden neil with his problems but once he started he couldn’t stop
☆ he talked in circles until he felt there was not more that could be said
☆"so that’s where i’m at.”
☆ neil didn’t laugh at him
☆ or tell him his problems were inconsequential
☆ he wrapped his arms around matt and pulled him back down to matt’s suite
☆ he rounded up the remaining original foxes
☆ (including aaron to everyone’s surprise)
☆ together they watched exy highlights (for kevin), some movies (for andrew), played some video games (for nicky), and spent a couple hours in each other’s company
☆ in the morning matt called dan and talked to her about all the things he was going through
☆ as they headed back to practice the next week, matt stopped neil with a hand on his shoulder
☆ neil motioned andrew to head out without him
☆"neil, i just want to say thank you for everything you did. for listening to my problems and not laughing at me.“
☆"of course, matt. you’re my best friend, i’ll always be here for you.”
☆"same goes for you man.“
☆they were silent for a moment that was slightly awkward as they shared small smiles
☆ matt clasped his hand on neil’s shoulder
☆"lets go play some exy”

Helping Hand (Sean x Fem!reader)

Description: Sean can hear the girl next door crying…again.
Word count: 575


I could here her crying through the wall, as I did more and more nights. The girl next door would spend hours sobbing and screaming into her pillow, night after night.

The girl who I’d pass in the hallway to get the mail, or who would occasionally come over to ask why I was yelling; sometimes it was obvious I’d woken her while making a video, her hair surrounding her face like a curtain. She’d always smile at me or tell me to have a good morning or tell me how to work the washing machine in the basement when I’d thought it was broken.

When I’d first moved in, she was the first to introduce me to the neighborhood and even helped me move in. She’d come over a couple times to play some video games or I’d go over there to help her with some of her college school work.

She never seemed sad, but here in my bedroom, the moon high in the sky, I could here her soft whimpers through the thin walls. I caught her saying how stupid she was and how much she hated being weak. She tried to stop, I could tell by the sudden intakes of breath, but tonight was bad. Worse than any other night.

I couldn’t take it anymore; knowing the sweet girl next door was breaking down. I walked out of my apartment, straight to her door. I tapped my knuckles softly on her door three times. Sniffles came from the other side and I could hear her unlocking the door.

She opened the door and my heart broke. Her eyes were puffing, a single tear still staining her cheek. Her arms were bare and there slight marks where she had had her arms clasped tightly around herself. The shirt she wore had wet spots on it. “Oh, hi Sean.” She said, wiping her nose. “What can I do for you?”

“I heard you crying.” I said before I could stop myself. Her eyes became wide, fear and embarrassment spreading across her features.

“Oh goodnes-” She began. “I, I didn’t, I mean, I’m sorry-” But I didn’t let her finish.

I pulled her into my arms; she was a head shorter than me, so I put my chin on the top of her head. She tensed for a second, but relaxed into my embrace. “You’re not stupid or weak Y/N,” I began quietly. “You’re a lovely person.”

She looked up at me with those e/c orbs which still shone from the recent tears and I saw how broken she was. “Sean, you don’t know-”

“Don’t know what?” I said. “Don’t know how sweet you are? Don’t know how beautiful you are? Don’t know how patient you are to deal with my yelling every day?”

She cracked a smile and I knew immediately I made the right decision coming over here. “Sorry if I woke you.” She said softly.

I swiped my thumb across her cheekbone, wiping away the last tear. “Please, I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon.” Then I added. “Why don’t you come over and watch a movie with me? I have some pretty good comedies.”

A wide smile spread across her, lighting up her features in a way comparable to the sunrise. “I’d like that.”

I kept my arm around her as I led her into my apartment; I don’t think she noticed the wide smile on my face.


{A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed this! This is the first Sean fic I’ve done and I kinda just had the idea out of the blue. Sorry if it was a little sad.}

RFA + Minor Trio: Video Games

So I got bored, and being the Mystic Messenger obsessed game addict that I am, my mind wandered to wondering what sorts of video games the RFA would play, like types or genres and some examples (aside from LOLOL in Yoosung’s case of course lol), which led to making this headcanon post. Of course, these are all just my personal headcanons, and I would love to hear what thoughts you guys have for this subject! Sharing headcanons is fun~!! Sorry this got kinda long tho lol I guess I got carried away ^^;;;

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  • Well we all know that he’s addicted to LOLOL, and probably plays or has tried other MMOs. As perfect as those are for him, I’m looking at other types of games for this. Otherwise it’s too easy lol
  • Plays RPGs and adventure games the most
  • When he can make a custom character, his preferred classes are knight or warrior classes, but he’s also open to playing as mages
  • Definitely the kind of player that picks up every. Single. Side quest. Because he wants to help everyone
  • Need a certain number of rarely dropped items? No problem!
  • Want to deliver an item to someone who’s not even a two minute walk away? He’s on it!
  • Got a super difficult optional boss that you want dead that can–and will–display the Game Over screen multiple times, and you’re offering a class-specific item he can’t use as a reward? Sign him the fuck up!
  • Unless they want something he doesn’t agree with… -gives Skyrim’s Blades the side-eye-
  • No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t bring himself to play the “asshole/aggressive character” style
  • “Sure, this assassin was hired by that one traitor who wants us dead, my party is totally against letting him live since he might try to kill us again, and we have absolutely no reason to trust him aside from his seemingly honest answers which he could have just fabricated to save himself, so logic seems to point at killing him to be safe…………buuuuuuuuuut he could be a helpful party member and then no one has to die!”
  • Also, he loves games that encourage interaction with other players!
  • “People think that you don’t get any friends if you play games… but you get tons!” TRUTH!!!
  • So yeah, games with interaction are great!
  • Honestly MMORPGs are fucking perfect for him and and that’s why he’s addicted to LOLOL! lol seriously dude game with me plz
  • Really likes Pokemon for the sense of community with trades and battles and such
  • Totally attempted to make a competitive team at some point
  • Whenever new games are announced, he and Seven figure out who gets what version so they can trade version exclusives and such
  • Can never beat Seven in a battle tho… The one rival battle he can never win T^T
  • Also this guy is a Kirby fan fight me on this

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Do you have any headcanons for Makoann or Ann x Shiho?

DO I EVER!!! I love these pairings omg!!! they’re so cute!!

Thank you for the ask!! ^-^

MakoAnn - Makoto/Ann Headcanons:

  • They didn’t start crushing on each other until the fireworks festival that got rained on

  • Before that though, they’re actually incredibly good friends

  • Ann teaches Makoto all about makeup - Makoto studies with Ann. 

  • Once they both realize it, they both go to Akira - who sets them up. 

  • She confesses to Makoto shortly after Okumura’s palace - it’s incredibly sweet

  • They both come out to the group as bi shortly before the confession, and everyone seems pretty comfortable with it

  • after futaba joined the team and the two interacted, she always, always says “get sooooome” 

  • she continues doing it after makoto and ann become a couple

  • as for makoto and ann

  • they play video games together, and do a lot of visual novels - makoto likes those. 

  • they’re both absolutely in LOVE with the Danganronpa series - Makoto likes trying to figure it out; and ann likes watching makoto

  • they have friendly debates

  • ann initiates most of the kissing - or at least until makoto gets comfortable enough to do it first

  • they absolutely make out in the student council room 

  • makoto likes leaving hickeys on ann’s thighs, usually lower on them so she’ll have to wear longer shorts/wear her tights 

  • ann leaves hickeys on makoto’s neck - usually lower, near her collarbone

  • stolen kisses during lunch hour are a must, no PDA for a while. 

  • “i was um, doing paperwork for student council.” 

  • “wooow makoto, ann’s just ‘paperwork’ now?” 

  • sae’s actually pretty cool about it - as long as ann makes makoto happy then she’s good with it 

  • also - once, they fell asleep ontop of each other while watching a youtube stream - and sae caught them

  • she snapped a pic and sent it to every one of the phantom thieves 

  • they had a field day with it 

  • coffee dates? yep, and akira tends the bar while they shamelessly flirt

  • dinner dates? uh-huh

  • movie dates? oh yes please

  • ann drags makoto everywhere on dates - makoto retaliates with thoughtful dates that are absoultely wonderful

  • makoto proposes, despite ann being more dominate.

  • they immigrate to a country where they can get married/get married abroad (if they can’t in japan - i’m pretty sure that’s illegal there) 

  • wedding theme is black and white - it makes ann and makoto stand out all the more. (there may be a little red in there - ann insisted)

  • okay, but they so have a chocolate water fountain at their wedding - ann loves it and asks makoto if they can buy one for the house

  • flirts, flirts, and more flirts

  • matching dresses - ann forces makoto into flower crowns 

  • they adopt so many kids - it’s at least 3+ kids. 

  • they’re both softies for kids 

  • Makoto melts at the sight of ann with a baby

  • very flirty around the kids 

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Ann/Shiho (annho? Shiann?) Headcanons:

  • ann stays with her in the hospital 
  • she realizes it just before shiho jumps - blames herself for being so dense 
  • “maybe she wouldn’t have jumped if she knew” 
  • shiho’s known since middle school. she’s very, very perceptive
  • ryuji knows about it - has tried to give them little nudges
  • They make it so glaringly obvious 
  • Ann’s with shiho through her physical rehab 
  • it’s the reason shiho had the determination to make it through 
  • for her. 
  • ann confesses to her just before she leaves - and shiho accepts happily 
  • they skype so much
  • and text - the phantom thieves have a chat that’s not for phantom thief buisness - they happily include shiho. 
  • she comes back over her breaks/ the phantom thieves come to her small town (whether or not that’s inaba is up to you)  
  • ann takes her to destinyland once her legs are good enough to go
  • pda is an absolute yes - ann doesn’t care. 
  • coffee dates are a must
  • they get crepes all of the time - it’s so cute
  • they’ll drag each other everywhere on dates 
  • you can bet they feed each other
  • hickeys? yeppers
  • ann does most of the hickeys, but sometimes shiho gets in a flirty mood and gives her most of the hickeys
  • the dark haired girl wants to go to school to be a nurse 
  • fun fact: she meets sayoko uehara whilte in training ;)
  • she’s so proud of ann being the top model - you have no idea 
  • shiho encourages ann to branch out with what she’s doing - enough so that ann considers becoming an idol or an actress 
  • ann proposes - it’s in the spring, and she takes her out to a clearing 
  • it’s an extremely elaborate set up
  • shiho cries when she proposes
  • ann cries when shiho accepts
  • their wedding is all light colors - ann made it so that she doesn’t stand out, but her lovely bride does
  • again, they go abroad/immigrate to get married and stuff if they need to
  • kids? so many kids. at least 2
  • flirty mommas 
  • kids are spoiled rotten - but also extremely caring + loving 

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Now that I’m back from doing conventions the past couple weekends, I have such a strong desire to play video games! 😆🎮 I guess I had too much fun geeking out at the shows, but I have get back to work *sobs* 😢😝 I’ll just have to live vicariously through my art instead with these two lovely ladies. 😜💕 Princess Peach and Princess Zelda are from some of my fav video games! 👑✨ It would be fun to see these cuties together don’t you think? 😊 If you think so too, I’ll be putting the original drawing up on on May 4th at 6pm PST for my next Etsy release! 😉 I’ll have a fun mix of prints, original drawings, postcard sets, tote bags and more! ☺🛍🖼 If you want to check out more information for the release you can head over to! 👉💻 Have a great day peeps! 😙💖


Warnings: none

Rating: T

Word Count: 672

Despite how the two of you were pretty much against sappy romantic trash, your relationship with Dan couldn’t have been cheesier. Your first date had, luckily, been in the summer time, and you’d met in the park and gone for a walk before going to some new age restaurant (which Dan paid for) for dinner and then walking the streets of London like some movie couple. You’d even stopped by a fountain that night and kissed each other for the first time. You’d never admit you loved the way you had risen to the tips of your toes while his hands had held your waist. It’d only gotten more sugary from there. There had been more park dates, which soon turned into picnic dates. There were the stay-in dates, where you’d drink wine and order pizza and play video games like some sort of nerdy couple you’d only find in cheap fanfiction. There were the super expensive dates for anniversaries that no normal couple would think to remember, but everything the two of you did held so much more significance for those moments most people took for granted. When the two of you went on vacation and Dan asked someone to take a picture of you two, he’d stand behind you and wrap his hands around your waist, chin plopped on her shoulder. You two were always taking pictures, actually. Your Instagram was full of those goofy pictures people took of their s/o pulling them forward while holding hands, or posed candids of you both laughing. Twitter was no better, you’d reply to each others tweets for hours sometimes, making your poor friends comment on how you two disgusted them with your antics. Now, the both of you still exchanged memes and other weird content at all times of the day, but that just didn’t make up for all the over the top shit you did as well.

Phil had it the worst, though. At home, the two of you would forget he was in the room. All three of you would be watching some anime and Phil would look over to see the two of you sharing a kiss or playing with each other’s hair, or some other romantic thing he could barely stomach. As a joke he would say “get a room,” but the two of you knew he meant it secretly. Sometimes Dan would give you playful smacks on the ass, or pull you onto his lap right in front of his best friend. Poor Phil spent most of his time in his room since you’d gotten together, though he found he could still hear the two of you, especially during one of you guys’ more…passionate nights. When Dan had gone on tour, you’d posted sad selfies nearly every day for a month, and spent the rest of the time he was gone posting many of the couply selfies you’d taken together. The things the two of you just said to each other were bad, too. You’d both given each other ridiculous nicknames, and exchanged I love yous far more than a healthy couple needed to, you complimented each other often. Whenever Dan made day in the life videos, he’d just capture moments where you were talking about random nonsense, or film himself walking behind you. He’d had you on the liveshow a couple of times, but you always ended up talking to each other more than interacting with the phans, not that they really minded. You two fell asleep tangled together all the time, drawing warmth from each other even under blankets. Contact was vital for you guys. Hand holding to making love, you needed a physical connection more than anything. Rarely did Dan go anywhere without you by his side, and the same went for you.

All in all, what you and Dan had was special, you made each other incredibly happy. Still, your friends knew it, your family knew it, and the two of you knew it. Your relationship, though sweet, was inexcusably cliche.

A/N: Hey hey guys, I’ve never really put a note after before. But anyway, I know this isn’t the soft core porn I’ve published before, but I really wanted to write about how cute a relationship would be with Dan, and I liked the idea of him having a super cliche one even though he’d probably hate other couples who were super sappy. Hope you enjoyed!

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Ok but like....what kind of videos would dark make? I'm thinking that he just vlogs and does piano covers but idk

  • he basically just vlogs how his days go
  • pesters mark at the office
  • shows off his extensive suit collection
  • vlogs dark!chica and their adventures to the dog park
  • does a makeup tutorial at least once
  • tries playing/commentating over video games a couple of times, but he ends up just in a rage fit before he can finish the game
  • i wouldn’t be surprised if anti hijacks and glitches out his camera from time to time making for a surprise visit