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I just want to be with Daddy already.

I wanna sit in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms squeezing him into the tightest hug he’s ever had. I want him to hug me back tightly, but then softly lay his palms on my shoulders and grip lightly to peel me away from him, but just for a moment– just long enough for him to look me in the eyes and tell me how much he loves me. Then he’d pull me back into his embrace, and as he did he’d give me a kiss on my forehead. His lips would linger for a moment, then he’d continue pulling me into his chest. He’d gently twirl his fingers through my hair and tell me stories. And I’d feel safer than ever before.

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Hi! Your writing is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for running this blog! Can I please request RFA+V helping MC prepare for an important exam? Mine are coming up soon and I am Stressed ;_;


  • he recalls his high school days
  • when he, like, actually studied for days before and was just a responsible student who was considered to be a role model
  • sure, he hasn’t quite retained his old habits, but he remembers a thing or two
  • he encourages MC all day while they study
  • he’ll quiz MC on the subject (while looking at their notes- he’ll be damned if his already busy brain has to learn even more outside of his classes) and see if they’ve memorised what they need
  • it’s amazing all the tips and techniques he has for effective studying?? if he applied those to his normal studying, MC’s sure he’d be the top of his class even now


  • an actual hero bless her
  • she’s reminded of her days studying day in and day out for university, and can’t help but feel even more fired up to help MC
  • she’s so enthusiastic? MC is almost confused at why she’s so happy to help them study, but there’s no complaining about that
  • she’s more than glad to supply caffeine while MC studies, but she’s gently reminding them to maybe not drink too much of it if they don’t want to have a hell-day tomorrow
  • stays by MC’s side for the most part, seeing in what she can help them or where they might be able to ask her for assistance


  • he’s there cheering MC on
  • he knows MC is going to do amazingly and reminds them of so multiple times
  • probably buys some takeout so MC can snack. also he buys some goldfish bread for MC and him
  • when it comes to studying he’s not… sure enough he can help
  • sure, it’s not that he’s dumb, he just understands that this test is highly important and seeing his school experience he feels like he just might not be the very best study buddy
  • still a hella good support and brings good snacks


  • he’s actually a bit sad he can’t be more of help
  • as much as he wishes he could sit down and help MC study for the test all day, he knows he can’t, and it makes him feel like he’s not helping as much as he could
  • but he knows that not only his schedule wouldn’t allow it, but also that he might distract MC
  • still, he hires an interior decorator and rearranges the room in order to fit the scientifically proven ways in which a room can improve the studying experience
  • hopefully that will make up a bit for his not being there that much?
  • he worries when he sees MC sleeping late due to exams, but instead of egging on them to sleep he tries to clear their schedule as much as possible for the next morning


  • he’s there, laying down next to MC, in his laptop per usual
  • he likes to keep MC company, especially seeing since they become stressed by all the studying and he can try to calm them down a bit with hugs and kisses
  • still, he doesn’t go overboard (it’s hard but he manages) so MC can concentrate
  • once in awhile he’ll ask MC to take a small break to look at a vine or something on his screen to make sure they won’t get too tense
  • he brings out a whole box of chips and Dr. Pepper for the studying. If MC doesn’t hurry, though, he’ll probably end up eating it all without noticing??


  • he’s almost a living studyblr
  • by that I mean he just, cleans the whole room and when he helps MC he uses lots of highlighter colors and codes it
  • so pretty??
  • the only problem is that MC really can’t read what he’s writing at all???
  • when he realizes that his writing looks like chicken scratch even to MC, he starts trying even harder than before
  • MC finds out that even if he’s not familiar with the subject, he can make some really good summaries using the textbooks
  • it’s really helpful, once they’re used to reading his somewhat convoluted handwriting
Surprise? (Lewis Redman x Reader)

Request: Lewis imagine where y/n and Lewis try to hide their relationship from the boys but accidentally kiss in front of them x miss your writings!!

“We’re in Vegas!!” Simon said vlogging and spinning around as we walked through the airport to the car rental. “Here’s the airport. In all it’s beauty. Here’s the squad. We got Tobi, Freezy, Freya, Josh, JJ, Callux, (y/n), and Lewis. It’s gonna be mad.” Simon said getting close to everyone’s face as he said their names.

“My legs are so stiff…” (Y/n) said to Lewis once Simon was out of earshot.

“Same.” Lewis said taking longer strides to try and stretch out his legs some. “But we’re here now!” He said smiling.

“That’s true!”

“How are you guys feeling?” Tobi asked bringing his camera up to their faces as they dragged their luggage through the long, open hall.

“Tired but excited.” Lewis said speaking for the both of them.

“I feel it. I feel it.” Tobi said before moving on to the next person. (Y/n) forgot that this was how almost every vacation was with the boys. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but it sure was different.


A thought crossed through Lewis’s head as the group started loading into cars. “What are we going to do about rooms?” He asked (y/n) before they both got into a car with Simon and Tobi.

“I can text someone about it.” She whispered back, “Same or separate?” Lewis crossed two of his fingers to tell her that he wanted the same room.

“You’re texting Freya right?” He asked, still in a hushed tone. The other two boys were too busy talking and vlogging to pay attention to what they were saying.

“Yeah. She’s the only one who knows.”


“What are you guys talking about?” Tobi asked.

“Nothing. Talking about the flight.” Lewis said as (y/n) pulled out her phone.


“Alright. What are we doing with the room situation?” Calfreezy asked setting his suitcase down in the the entryway of the penthouse. “I’m assuming you want to be with Freya.” Cal said pointing to Josh. He nodded. “Who is (y/n) going to be with. She’s probably going to end up rooming with a guy. I mean if you’re fine with it.”

“I’m fine with it. It’s really not that big a deal.” (Y/n) said.

“Have any preferences?” Cal nudged at her.

“After that, definitely not you!” She said laughing. Lewis made eye contact with Freya to tell her to help them out. She nodded before speaking up.

“What if she went with Lewis?”

“Any objections with that?” Cal asked.

“No. That’s fine. Fine with you?” (Y/n) asked turning to Lewis, trying to suppress a smile.

“Fine with me.” Lewis said doing the same. Callux squinted his eyes.

“You two…” Callux said as they split up to find their rooms.


The secret couple lay together on the bed. It was 2 in the morning but most of the others were still awake, including them. Lewis traced his fingers over (y/n)’s skin, playing connect the dots with the so-called blemishes. “You know I love you right?” Lewis said in a low voice.

“I love you too.”

“Every inch of you.” His voice took on a sultry tone.

“You too.” (Y/n) said returning the tone as his hands moved down to her hips. They stopped suddenly as footsteps could be heard outside their closed door. “Why can’t we tell them? They’re bound to find out sooner or later…”

“I know.” Lewis said as the footsteps passed, “I just don’t know if now is the right time.”

“Okay, I see your point but can we also consider that we’re missing out on a great opportunity to have a ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ moment?” (Y/n) said lacing her fingers with Lewis’s.


“Hey!” A voice outside their room yelled, causing the two to jump apart. “We’re going out and gamble some. Freya’s staying here. You wanna come or no?” Simon asked still through the closed door.

“You know you can come in, right?” (Y/n) said grabbing her phone. Simon opened the door.

“Oh.” Simon said, his face appearing in the entryway. “So you wanna go?”

“I’ll pass. You go on ahead though.” Lewis said propping himself up.

“(Y/n)?” Simon asked.

“Same. I’ll go next time.” She said.

“Suit yourselves.” Simon said closing the door again and walking away. The couple sighed and lay back down.


(Y/n) sat on the counter playing on her phone as Lewis walked up and stood in front of her. “What’s up?” She asked without looking at him.

“We need to tell them.”

“And what changed your mind?” (Y/n) asked putting her phone down, smiling.

“Couple things…” He said smirking, trailing his hands down her back.

“Mhmm.” (Y/n) said leaning down so she could reach Lewis’s lips. They could hear footsteps but didn’t think much of it until a gasp reached their ears. Lewis turned around suddenly, his back against the counter between (y/n)’s legs.

“I knew it, oh my God.” Callux said, “I told you guys!” He said pointing accusingly to the guys behind him.

“Surprise?” Lewis said nervously, fixing his messed up hair.

“What a small world.”

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Can you please reblog that gif where the couple are chilling and laying down. But the girl is smoking and the guy is rubbing her hair? Pleaseeee

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