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Yours Truly III [j.j.]

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a lil birthday post now that I finally replaced my phone based on “Adored by Him” by dodie. also, I think this will be the last part.


Dear Jughead,

Don’t you just hate it when your crush likes someone who’s prettier, smarter, and all around better than you? Yeah, me too.

I know you guys are both taking that advanced class. I know because you were so nervous when you signed up, convinced that you weren’t going to get in.

Of course you got in. You became even more excited when the teacher called me into her office, claiming that she needed me to be in her “prestigious program”. I declined. You were upset with my choice and spent the rest of the semester trying to take it.

I didnt.

If I had know that this class would take up so much of your time, I might’ve changed my mind…OK I wouldn’t have, but I don’t know anymore. Now, I see you together nearly all the time. I think what sucks the most is that all of my friends know that I like you. And they think you like me too.

But why would you? You spend a lot more time with Betty, you talk so much, work so well together. I see the way she looks at you. The way she acts. She’s just as far gone as I am. They told me she liked you and my heart broke. They told me to tell you how I feel, before she could do the same.

But I haven’t done that. I’ve stepped back and I’d rather wait for her to confess to you. Everyone’s surprised, thinking that I would’ve already said something, whether it be to you or about her.

But I won’t talk about her. My friends thought that I’d dislike her but why would I? She’s an amazingly talented, sweet, intelligent girl who deserves nothing but good things in her life.

You are a good thing.

I gave up on those cheesy pick-up line notes after a week. What’s the point? I’m a mess and honestly, she’s so much better for you than I am. I don’t care that our friends say we’re perfect for each other. The truth is that we’re not.

I’m bitchy and mean and way too self absorbed for my own good. So I guess this is just me letting it all out.

I hope you like her, I truly do but I don’t wanna know. You’re good for each other. Healthy. The perfect couple.

And so my confession will go unspoken.


You looked up at the clock on the wall of the diner, glancing at Jughead as you began packing you things.

“Leaving already?” He asked.

You nodded as you stood up. “Yep. Gotta help out with chores. See you later.”

Jughead barely acknowledged your departure, lazily waving as you walked out the door. His eyes focused on a small black object that was next to your seat, gasping a bit when he realized it was your journal.

“(Y/N/N) wait! You left your…” Jughead trailed off as he realized you were long gone, and smiled when a small Polaroid picture slipped out from the journal.

It was the two of you at Archie’s birthday party a while back. You had been leaning on his shoulder, laughing at some lame joke, while he had his arm around you, looking down fondly at you.

Jughead found himself smiling fondly as he looked at the picture before opening your journal to put the picture back. He froze as he read the top of the page. ‘Dear Jughead’ was messing scrawled on it and even though he knew better, he began to read.

A few minutes later, Betty slid into the booth across from him, wide smile and a blush placed across her face. Her smile faltered as she saw Jughead’s face twisted up in disbelief.

“Juggie, are you okay?” she asked.

Jughead shook his head slowly, still reeling from what he had just read in your journal. “Do you know where (Y/N) is right now?”

Betty’s eyes widened. “She should be at home right now but-”

“I gotta go, I’ll see you tomorrow Betts,” Jughead said as he rushed out of the diner.

He had finally seen what was inside your journal, and he was completely speechless.

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Hi Charlie! I know you're busy, but I hope you'll maybe possibly pretty please draw the characters from Six of Crows? I'm black and Lebanese and I feel like I never get to see characters like Inej (she and Kaz give me life!!!) and Jesper in fantasy. It would mean so much to see them in your beautiful style. Like they'd be more real somehow? Idk that sounds stupid, but I love you. Hope you have a good day!

Aw, thank you! I won’t be drawing all of the characters but would like to draw a couple of them when I can, at least. I’m flattered you’d like me to, and I hope lots more artists draw them too! It doesn’t sound stupid at all, and wider representation is something I’m trying to better in my own work :)

I can’t make anything yet but this is one of my favourite versions of the gang by Kevin Wada

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!!!! Can you talk about Fire by Kristen Cashore? You've called it perfection before and i really want to know all the things you loved about it~

oh my god i sat up straight when i read this i’m so happy. anyway this is a lot of incoherent gushing but you asked for it

  • fire herself: so fire’s the main character of the book, and probably my favourite female character in the world. fire’s a human-monster, she’s incredibly beautiful, and her beauty is this huge burden to her. and she spends most her time trying to make herself less and has a really hard time coming to terms with her power and the good she can do with it. also, fire has been dealt a difficult hand of cards in her life and yet, she’s so kind and good and she wants to be better than she is, always. she’s just so loving and caring and when the people around her hurt, she hurts. she just has so much love to give and in a world that hates her or wants to use her, she could have turned out so differently and yet she still prioritises love. 
  • the other characters: i love pretty much every single character in this story! there’s such a great cast of secondary characters, all fleshed out w/ their own motives and beliefs and ideals. i love the character development, like nash’s character arc is so good, oh my god. he stays away from fire until he learns how to control himself because he wants to be better than this, because his brother asks him too, because he himself eventually comes to love fire in a healthy way. it just makes my heart swell. fire and brigan are also one of the few straight couples i ship to the death, they just compliment each other so well. clara! garan! hanna! mila! everyone is wonderful!
  • the worldbuilding: i really really love the dells, i love the geography described within it, and how the colourful the land was. i love king’s city, and how it’s situated on the waterfall’s edge. i love the concept of monsters, esp the human monsters, whenever cansrel was described i was always !!! also, don’t forget that the dells is primarily made up of people of colour, and that the most beautiful person in existence is a dark skinned women of colour.
  • the writing and the pace: my friend sophie @beyoncepatronus pointed out to me after she read it that the pace was really slow and odd, there wasn’t enough drive to the story and it felt like a series of events or a biography rather than a story. after she said this, i realised that this was something i really loved about it. i get quite daunted by fantasy novels and this one felt like it took its time. and no, the plot wasn’t flawless, but it didn’t have to be. also, the writing itself i find so wonderful, there are some beautiful turns of phrase, most of which come from how fire sees the world in relation to how fire sees herself.
  • to follow up on that, there is a quote from fire which had a lot of impact on me from the moment i read it. and i think about it when i think about how hard it is to be alive, and how much i love my friends, and how they make that easier sometimes. and it’s “She had thought she’d already reached her capacity for pain and had no room inside her for more. But she remembered having told Archer once that you could not measure love on a scale of degrees, and now she understood it was the same with pain. Pain might escalate upward and, just when you thought you’d reached your limit, begin to spread sideways, and spill out, and touch other people, and mix with their pain. And grow larger, but somehow less oppressive. She had thought herself trapped in a place outside the ordinary feeling lives of people; she had not noticed how many other people were trapped in that place with her.”

Super proud of moose face today. I rode like a potato but he was fabby. Finally feel like he’s really taking me to the fences (probably a bit too much now 😂 ). I love that he’s happy and excited. Jumped a couple of “bigger”fences, probably about 80/85cm, which is not so much a big deal for him as it is for me, but that’s my own anxiety/issues coming in. I feel like when I’m ready to step it up, he’ll respond. Actually I think a few bigger fences would be good for him, these aren’t really big enough for him to be making a proper effort… Had a few little spooks, but kept going through them which was a big improvement. Had one big baby moment where everything got a bit much (people walking, dogs running around, being alone in one field while the other horses were in the other one…) but after a minute to chill out and gather himself, we worked through it. He does currently have a tendency to use his hulking great shoulders against me if he doesn’t want to do something, which is something I need to stop him doing, but overall a positive day I think. 

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What I would like to know: are there any operas you could recommend? :)

*cracks fingers*

I’m SO glad you asked :D

Some boring disclaimers first:

Obviously not everything works for everybody and this is a list of personal favorites or operas that are usually recommended for getting started to the opera world.

Be aware that some of these might have trigger warnings but I haven’t been able to find a list and I don’t feel comfortable trying to label the warnings myself. They also depend a lot on the scenes and direction used in any particular production. So if you’re afraid of a particular trigger being present in one of the operas I list here, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll try to answer you.

I honestly can’t write much about every single rec I write here as far as plot and music goes. I’ll include YouTube links to the full opera if I can find it - some of them won’t have English subtitles but I tried my best. Google has all the translated librettos anyway so a quick search should do. Also, I haven’t seen some of versions I’m linking so I can’t always guarantee that they’re the best ones but often it’s just the best I could find. (Also let me know if the links don’t work because every country has different copyright laws)

And let me just say that regardless of what you want to see, the best thing for starting out would probably be find a theater next to you and go see something live.

Let’s start wit my personal Holy Trinity brought to you by the amazing duo Mozart - Da Ponte. Basically what you need to know about these three operas is that they’re the best in the whole world. They’re all in Italian and Da Ponte was the best librettista ever and a really interesting person, but I digress.

From the French play La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro by Pierre Beaumarchais (I read it a bit in French and the opera’s libretto seems very similar). It’s clever and funny and the music is obviously glorious, but that goes for everything that comes out of Mozart (and Da Ponte). 

This is my most favorite opera and composition forever and ever. The protagonist is amazing and is one of the best and most iconic anti-heroes of the whole literature and everyone should watch it at least once in their life. The version I linked was the best one I could find in video even though I think some of the tempo is weird (too slow at times and too fast at other times :/), but here’s my favorite recording of it.

Contrary to the other two above, this is an original story by Da Ponte and it Does Not Disappoint. The plot is so modern and you wouldn’t think it was written in 1789.

Let’s move on to my second favorite opera composer: Gioachino Rossini. He’s done both opere buffe (funny) and dramatic ones. He’s done operas both in Italian and in French but the ones I’m linking are all in Italian. I’m more into his comedies than the tragic ones and I also think they’re a better rec for someone who’s just starting out, but anyway here’s a short list in popularity order:

The plot is actually a prequel to Le Nozze di Figaro, so some of the characters are the same. There’s a couple popular pieces that everyone has heard at some point in their lives.

Literally “Cinderella”. There’s a few differences from the original story and the Disney one that everyone knows (even though this one by Rossini has been my “original” Cinderella since I never watched that cartoon as a kid lmao).

This opera is so funny and so underrated but it has some of the best comical situations in the whole history of opera.

This one is really funny too -it has a couple more serious parts but overall it’s just pure fun from start to finish. 

Let’s move on to my third fave, Gaetano Donizetti. He’s done so many but to start out I’m only going to rec two:

This is a dramatic one but it’s one the best and most popular ones from its time period. It has one of the most iconic examples of belcanto and even if you don’t want to see the whole opera you should just listen to this scene followed by this one because boy can the human voice do some amazing things!

Probably his most famous opera buffa, it’s really popular and for a good reason. I personally love some parts but I’ve seen it too many times to really want to listen to it on my own again, but it’s a really good choice for starting out.

I noticed my favorites also follow a chronological order, so I’ll just continue following the same order with a couple more recs from popular composers:

Georges Bizet:

The only French opera from this list lol, I love it so freaking much and it might not be the easiest opera to start with but there’s at least a couple of pieces that you should definitely listen to.

Giuseppe Verdi:

Probably one of the most popular dramatic operas out there. Not my favorite, but a really good start if you’re new to this world.

Yep, like the Shakespeare one. It’s actually my favorite opera by Verdi even though it’s not his most popular one. It’s dark and Lady Macbeth is a fucking badass.

Inspired by Le Roi s'amuse by Hugo but eh, not really my favorite one either, but also a really popular and “easy one” to listen to. The female main character pisses me off but whatever.

This is one of my favorites by Verdi together with Macbeth. Not only is the music wonderful but the story has one of the best female characters imo (not the protagonist but her rival actually).

Moving on to Puccini:

They’re all sad and dramatic (only Turandot has a somewhat happy ending). The music is more modern (we’re in the late 1800s - early 1900s) and my personal favorite is la Bohéme because it portrays some realistic situations that were unseen until that point in an opera (like a group of friends living together and joking with each other, couples fighting, people just hanging out at a café and so on). Madama Butterfly is my second favorite and it always makes me cry so much.

I could mention many more but I’m just dropping a final one by Leonard Bernstein:

Obviously inspired by Voltaire’s Candide, ou l'Optimisme. It’s in English and it’s everything you might expect from something inspired by Voltaire’s work. Even if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing please listen to this aria called Glitter and be gay because it’s hilarious and just…yeah listen to it. (And here’s a shameless promotion of a fandom-related post that I did a while back and that nobody saw lmao)

Anyway, I could go on and on but if you or anyone has more questions I’m always happy to help if you DM me or send me an ask!

(I didn’t even begin to talk about all the possible AUs that one could make out of any of these operas because I want to keep this post relatively clean but I already have a couple in mind - one of which I already outlined actually - but again, if anyone’s interested feel free to send me an ask.)

Pride & Prejudice AU || Ignis x Reader

So basically I’m a slut for Pride and Prejudice and when I was watching it the other night I was like….bruh Iggy would be Mr. Darcy and so this happened. Also listen to this if ya wanna while reading

Taggin my baes: @paopuicecream@fieryfantasy @me-yasato @ultimoogle 

The rain poured from the heavens like a sheet.  You could scarcely see what was in front of you, though you had been around this way before so many times previously.  You were aiming for the stone house that was just up ahead, though at this point you were so thoroughly soaked you were sure your ancestors could feel it.  Nevertheless, while walking through the rain helped to cool your burning skin you wanted to stop being assaulted by the raindrops that seemed never ending.  How could he?  You would have spat the words had someone been around to listen to the reason behind your fury.  There were these moments, with Mr. Scientia where you thought perhaps he was not as terrible as you first thought, but then things like this would come up and you’d laugh at yourself for thinking any differently.  Mr. Scientia had sent away the one man your sister truly loved.  A man that was perfect for her in mind, body, and soul.  And he sent him away.  You dear sister hadn’t left the room in days after the letter came that Mr. Argentum, a man you were quite certain was the sun incarnate, had left to go back to his home city.  You shook your head again.  How could he?

Keep reading

Reveling In Richonne

Ok so Richonne is pretty much a masterpiece. 

I am the last person you’d think would become a “shipper” and only this healthy, strong, grown, deep, cute, fun, passionate, strangers turned best friends turned soul mates relationship of Rick and Michonne could completely capture my heart. They have me mesmerized cuz it’s one of the most authentic, meaningful, significant and just straight up beautiful depictions of a couple on television to date. 

 I feel like everyone who loves Richonne has an interesting story about their journey of falling in love with this TV couple. They also have some amazing analysis of this couple and their scenes. I figured, with about 8 weeks until season 8 returns to serve up more Richonne goodness, that each day I’d post my own thoughts and break downs of every significant moment that I loved and noticed from their relationship leading up to TWD’s 100th episode. Could be a fun way to close out the hiatus.

During my free time, I’ve been writing out all my thoughts on their scenes and moments and analyzing the living daylights out of them. I know how much I love reading others analysis and reactions to this amazing couple so I thought maybe I can share mine too. And if this brings a smile to at least one other person then it will have been worth it. 

Y’all we have been blessed by the union of these two beautiful characters and they are a gift that keeps on giving, so let’s talk Rick and Michonne.

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50 for the prompt thing. Whatever ship you like!

I’m gonna do Madilton for this one bc I love that rarepair too much for my own good (also this is p long bc I got inspired… either that or I started to ramble bc it’s gone midnight and I’m tired af)

50: “We’d make such a cute couple.”

Warnings: alcohol mention, strong language, anxiety mention

James finished his first - and most likely only - drink of the night and began his favourite pastime of peoplewatching from his secluded booth in the corner of the bar. He often came here to watch the other patrons drown their sorrows in alcohol, attempt to chat up the staff or succeed in picking up a date for the night, wishing that he could be confident enough to join in the chaos. James liked to be alone most of the time, but he didn’t like feeling lonely. One of the problems that came with being an introvert.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a familiar figure at the bar, penned in uncomfortably by a large man who was leaning on the counter with his face way too close for the rules of personal space to allow. James frowned as Hamilton tried to lean away from the man without appearing rude, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the little immigrant. True, Hamilton was a dick, and they weren’t exactly what one would call “friends” any more, but James still had a basic sense of compassion. Plus there was the fact that Hamilton was pretty damn cute and James had had a small crush on the guy for several years.

He would later blame those two reasons for causing him to leave the safety of his booth and march up to Hamilton. “Alexander!” he called. Hamilton whirled around to stare at James as he arrived at the bar and threw his arms around him. “Saw you were having some trouble,” he whispered into Hamilton’s ear.

“Thank you,” Hamilton whispered in reply, clearly sounding relieved. They pulled apart, but Hamilton kept one arm around James’ shoulders. “You took your time, Jem,” he said. “You get lost on the way out here or something?”

“I’m simply fashionably late, Alexander,” James replied, trying to sound confident over the ball of anxiety that was building in his chest from having so much attention focused on him. He could feel the other man’s eyes on him as he cleared his throat, making sure that James and Hamilton were still aware of his presence.

“I’m John Jay, by the way,” he said, extending a hand expectantly towards James.

James took it and gulped as his hand was almost swallowed in the grip of Jay’s. “I’m James Madison,” he replied, “Alexander’s-”

“Boyfriend!” Hamilton cut in, moving his arm from James’ shoulders and wrapping it around his waist instead. James’ stomach flipped at both the contact and the word. He was originally going to say that he was Hamilton’s friend and bluntly tell the man to fuck off, but “boyfriend” also worked.

“I thought you said you came alone tonight,’ Jay asked Hamilton.

Hamilton pulled James closer to him, so that their sides were pressed together, and took hold of James’ hand. “I did,” he said. “I came by myself, in my own car, Jemmy here came in his own car, and we decided to meet here.”

James, meanwhile, was trying not to swoon.

“Oh!” Jay exclaimed, leaning back and giving Hamilton room to breathe. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were taken. It was nice meeting you anyway, Alexander.” He stood up and, with a polite nod of the head, disappeared into the chaos of other patrons.

Hamilton grinned at James. Their hands remained intertwined. “Thanks for that,” he said. “I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”

“Remember this next time I need you to sign something for me,” James teased. After all those years, it was so easy to fall back into teasing Hamilton as if they had always been friends.

“Do you need a lift back?” Hamilton asked. “I’ve just had soda tonight, so I can drive.”

“That would be great, thanks.”

They left the bar, and James felt like his hand was on fire where it was in contact with Hamilton’s skin. Hamilton swung their hands back and forth. “Y'know, we’d make such a cute couple. In real life,” he said.

James’ heart skipped a beat. “I agree,” he said before he could think twice about it.

Hamilton glanced at him. “Why don’t we try it, then?”

James smiled shyly and pulled Hamilton to him, leaning forward to press a kiss to Hamilton’s lips. They were warm, slightly chapped and tasting of lemonade. Hamilton let out a surprised noise and kissed back, licking into James’ mouth. James’ hands found Hamilton’s long hair and ran through the soft strands, and Hamilton wrapped his arms around James’ waist.

Eventually they had to come up for air, and Hamilton chuckled. “So I’m guessing that’s a yes?”

James nodded, grinning back at him. “Yes. I would like to be a real life couple,” he replied. He wasn’t sure if he had ever been more certain of anything else.

Nothing Like The Rain

Summary: “And I know that I’m drunk but I’ll say the words and she’ll listen this time even though they’re slurred so I, dialed her number and confessed to her I’m still in love but all I heard was nothing”

A/N: I haven’t written in forever! But I’m back and here’s this! Pretty angsty if I’m honest, but I hope you guys like it. Contains frequent flashbacks which are marked with italics. You know the drill, if you want a part two pls request. Thanks dolls:)

Approx. 3.4k words


The burning liquid went down his throat easier than it ever had before, the frosted glass icy to his fingers but he couldn’t feel a thing. The numbness had long since taken over and the alcohol helped blur his memories of days he wished more than anything he could go back to. But those days were over now and he had no one to blame but himself. He had wanted the fame so bad; the fame and everything that came with it in all of its bright and shining glory. But if he had known what he would be losing, if he had known what the emptiness would feel like without the one person in the world who could turn his dark days into a summer’s dream then he would have turned his back on all of it.

“Another one.” He waved his empty glass at the bartender, but his bloodshot eyes and his slurred speech gave him away.

“I think you’ve had enough tonight son.”

Calum scoffed. “I’ve had enough when I can’t see her face and I can’t hear her laugh anymore and unfortunately for the both of us I still can so pour me another fucking drink.”

He was angry when he got drunk now. He used to be fun and cuddly, or at least that’s what you would tell him when he stumbled home after midnight and wrapped his arms around you, snuggling his face into the crook of your neck. But not anymore. Now the memories of you had hardened him, the good with the bad blending together so that it was hard to determine which was which anymore. But he knew one thing. He was still in love with you, just like he had been the first time he saw you and no amount of burning alcohol tainting his system could change that.


“Just go talk to her mate. It’s not like she hasn’t seen you staring at her for the last hour and a half. At least if you talk to her it might make up for all the creepy.” Michael snickered as he took a sip of his beer.

“No way man. A guy like me does not just go up and talk to a girl like that. Snagging a girl like that require a six step plan and I am not fully prepared to-”

“Oh shut up you moron and go talk to her before I do.” Michael gave Calum’s shoulder a little shove, pushing him off the wall he was previously leaning on. Calum strutted over to where you were leaning against the bar, your bright eyes surveying the dimly lit nightclub but your posture straightened the moment you saw the tall, dark skinned boy walking towards you.

He stood next to you for a few moments, silently joining you in the onlooking before speaking.

“So how well do pickup lines work on a girl like you?”

“A girl like me?”

“A girl who’s clearly the most beautiful in the room.” He smiled, the crinkles by his eyes melting your heart.

“Oh well in that case I don’t know if they’ll work at all.” You teased.

“Good, because I prefer getting straight to the point. Do you wanna get out of here?”

“With you?” I don’t know, I was looking forward to a pick up line.”

“Well I was looking forward to telling you that this shirt is made of boyfriend material, but if the most beautiful woman here says I can’t then I guess I’ll just have to settle with taking you to dinner.”

“I can live with that.”


It took six phone calls for Calum to be able to drag Ashton out of bed to pick him up. Ever since that night, he had unofficially moved back in with Ash who had unofficially been tasked with keeping Calum out of the bars, a task in which he had obviously been slacking in recently. With a scowl and a shaking head, Ashton dragged Calum into his flat.

“This needs to stop Cal. You’re going to drink yourself to death and I am not going to let that happen. It’s not fair to yourself and it’s not fair to the band.”

“The band is what got me into this mess in the first place.”

“Jesus Cal, you’re so ready to blame everyone but yourself. Maybe that’s why she’s gone.” Calum was silent, clutching a pillow from the couch and trying not to throw up. “You’re better off without her anyway. Now you can go on tour without needing to take a skype break every forty five minutes. Maybe you can pick a girl from the crowd, help you forget or something.” He chuckled. Ashton was trying to make light of the situation, but Calum was in too much pain for any of his attempts at cheering him up to have an affect.

“You also thought taking me to a bar to forget her would work too and look where we are now.” Calum growled, standing up from the couch and heading to the liquor cabinet. He grabbed the first bottle he saw and went to take a drink, but not before Ashton could snatch it right back from him.

“You’re spiraling out of control Calum. You need help.”

“I need her!” He shouted, his hands gripping his hair and tugging at the roots as he slid down the wall and landed in a pile on the floor. “I need her.” His last statement came out in a whimper, your name a ghost across his lips as he whispered it to himself.

Ashton sighed, unable to come up with the right words to comfort his heartbroken friend. “Get some sleep mate, you need it.” He mumbled before turning back and heading to his room.

The flat was silent, before the buzz in his pocket jolted him. He fumbled for his phone, squinting to read the notification.


He remembered when you had stolen his phone to write that message in his calendar so that he would never forget your birthday. Ironic how now the idea of forgetting you seemed absurd to him, like the possibility of ever being able to forget was lost on him. He was stuck with you, the memory of the night everything went wrong permanently stamped on his brain.

With a soft smile, he remembered the day just one year ago when he had thrown you a surprise party, the look of joy on your face as your closest friends yelled your name. You had rushed into his arms, thanking him profusely with kisses and giggles exclaiming how you were the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like him. He would give anything to hear you say that now. To even hear you speak his name would be better than the silence. He needed to hear you. With the alcohol clouding his brain, he scrolled down to your contact and clicked.

It felt like it was ringing forever. Maybe you were already asleep, or maybe you had already deleted his number. If he was you he would have. Or maybe you just wouldn’t pick up at all. He was wrong on all accounts.

The ringing stopped, but your voice did not greet him.

He could hear the faint sound of your breathing on the other line and if he was sober maybe he would have hung up, but drunk Calum had no filter and he was going to say whatever he had to.

“Hey baby.”


“God I miss you so much. I was a fool. An absolute fool baby and I want you back. I need you back in my life Y/N. It’s only been a couple months but it feels like a lifetime and I’m going crazy without you. I still love you and I always will, I just need you to know that; you have to know that. I can’t bear the idea of you thinking those things I said were true. You’re perfect and you’re too fucking good for me. I love you. I love you so much.” His words were slurred, almost incoherent to his own ears as he babbled into the speaker. He could have sworn he heard you hold back a sniffle, but still your voice did not grace him.


The line went dead before he could even get a syllable of your name out of his mouth.


“I can’t believe you didn’t even think to bring an umbrella!” You whined, clutching onto your boyfriend’s arm as cold rain poured down on the two of you.

“I did bring an umbrella. It’s locked in the car just like everything else.”

“You really test my love for you when you do dumb shit like this Cal.” You laughed, giving his bicep a loving squeeze.

“Everyone has to lock their keys in their car at least once Y/N.”

“And you had to do it during a downpour didn’t you babe.” You shook your head. You should be annoyed that he had made a stupid mistake like this, especially when he had not only locked the keys in, but locked in both your cellphones, the umbrella, your coat, and the picnic basket on what was supposed to be your one year anniversary date. But that was just Calum and you loved him no matter what. Besides, you could make the best of getting caught in the rain with your overtly sexy boyfriend. Especially when he looked this good in his singlet and wet hair that was sticking to his forehead.

“At least I did it in summer and not in the dead of winter though right? I mean, you like the summer rain, I sing about liking the summer rain, so this really isn’t as bad as it could be right?” He leaned his head down to kiss you on the cheek, water droplets from his hair falling down onto your face. You reached around his neck, pulling him down to you again and attaching your lips to his. Every time you kissed him you felt the same butterflies in your stomach as the first time he had kissed you.

The two of you continued walking down the sidewalk, his arm protectively wrapped around your shoulders. He was silent for a while, his face telling you he was deep in thought. The rain had died down, a few stray droplets falling from the trees and landing on the pavement the only evidence of the previous showers.

“Can I ask you something?” Calum’s soft voice broke the silence, his eyes were shining as he smiled sheepishly at you.

“Of course Cal.” You nudged his shoulder.

He was quiet for a second more before blurting out, “I think we should move into together.”

“Move in?”

He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “Yeah, I mean I just think it would be a good idea and stuff I guess because I just want to be able to wake up next to you in the morning and come home after a long day and crash on the couch with the woman I love more than anything. I just think that would be great.” His brown eyes were filled with adoration as he stared at you, awaiting your answer.


“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea.”

“Do you know how much I love you right now?”

“Yeah I think I do.”


“Maybe if go I over there right now, then she’ll take me back!” Calum stumbled getting up from his spot on the floor.

“Cal, don’t. This is just hurting both of you.” Ashton groaned. This is how it was every night. Calum would make an elaborate plan to get you back after a few too many drinks and then Ashton would calm him down and bring him to his senses. But tonight he was serious. Tonight was going to be the night he finally got off his ass and did something to get you back instead of bitching to the boys about what an idiot he was.

“No I have to see her. Maybe if she knows how sorry I am and how much this is hurting me too then she’ll take me back.” He mumbled, mainly to himself. He wasn’t thinking straight. How could he, when the love of his life hated him. And how could he blame you? He was the sole cause of this. He was the one who had said all those things, the one who rashly jumped to conclusions. You were the one that walked away, but he was the one that let you go.

He was out the door in a flash, hailing a cab and repeating your address to the driver. He needed you to take him back. You were the best part about him, the part that made him happy. And without you in his life he wasn’t sure how to be happy anymore.

The taxi rolled to a stop in front of your house and slowly he got out of the car, a flood of memories rushing in. The last time he had been here was the night everything fell apart. Oh, how he would give anything to go back and fix it.


The moment he walked through the door you were on your feet, a large smile plastered on your face as he strolled into the kitchen to grab a can of beer. You followed him to the refrigerator, unable to contain your excitement.

“Calum I have something amazing to tell you.” You gushed, stepping closer to him.

“Can it wait babe? I’ve had a long day at the studio and I really just need to take a shower and go to bed.” He brushed you off but you ignored his flippant tone, too excited for what you had to say to sense his readiness to pick a fight.

“Trust me, you’ll want to hear this.” You grinned but he only sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose as he took a long swig from his drink.

“Alright shoot.”

“James and Callie are getting married, and guess where they’re having their wedding?” You didn’t wait for him to guess before continuing. “Maui! And she asked me to be maid of honor which means that me and my lovely boyfriend of course get to accompany her to the beautiful Hawaiian island no expense to us! Her dad’s paying for the whole thing! We’d get a suite to ourselves for a whole week! A week, me and you in Hawaii together! We leave in six days.” You shouted gleefully, grabbing his hands in excitement. You practically already had your bags packed and you had been searching online for the perfect swimsuit to bring along with you. Now all you needed was for him to be excited as you.

“The AMA’s are next week I can’t go.” He deadpanned and just like that your once joyous smile faded.

“But you do those every year, you can’t skip it this year?” You asked hopefully.

Calum snorted, “5 Seconds of Summer isn’t 5 Seconds of Summer without a bass player Y/N. I have to go.”

“Artists back out of award shows all the time, you couldn’t maybe just do that once for me?”

“I am not backing out of the AMA’s Y/N.”

“Calum please, this really means a lot to me. I have to sacrifice things for your music career all the time and you can’t sacrifice this for me?”

Calum glared at you. “My music career is what’s paying for this nice apartment you live in. My fucking music career is what lets you live the lifestyle you live, don’t pretend like you would be anything without it. You do not get to tell me what to do when you don’t know anything about the life I’m living.” He growled, slamming his beer can on the countertop.

“Is that what you think of me? You think I’m some gold digger who’s just in this for your money? Jesus Cal, is that what you really think?” You sniffled, shocked at his sudden outburst.

“You said it not me.”

“Calum what’s gotten into you?” You furrowed your brows. This was not where you thought this conversation would go. There had to be something else bothering him, because he rarely picked a fight with you unless something big was eating at him. “What’s going on Cal? Just tell me what your problem is and we can talk this out.”

“What am I to you Y/N? A fling on the other side that you can gossip with your friends about, maybe sell a couple stories to the tabloids once you’ve had your fun?” He shouted, his face red with this rage that took you so off guard.

You were silent, unable to process what was happening. Sure you didn’t have a whole lot of money. You were still in school, struggling to get by when you had met him. But it wasn’t his status that had attracted you to him that’s for sure and it wasn’t his money that made you stay. You were in love with him and right now he was breaking your heart.

“I saw the pictures.” He growled. “You and that guy, yeah I saw the pictures. I guess being with a famous person isn’t as great when you have paparazzi stalking your every move. Or maybe you love it, I don’t know. All I know is that we are done.”

“Show me the picture.”


“Show me the fucking picture Calum.”

He pulled out his phone, flicking through the pictures before he landed on one of you sitting on another boy’s lap in a dim night club. You recognized it immediately.

“That’s not what you think it is.” You said calmly.

“Oh really? It’s not my whore of an ex girlfriend cheating on me with another fucking guy?

“No Calum. It’s your ex girlfriend hanging out with her cousin who she is very close with and hasn’t seen in awhile which you would know maybe if you asked about my life a little more often!” You yelled at him, your voice cracking as you watched your relationship crumble before your very eyes. “How do you want me to prove it to you? I’ll call my fucking aunt and have her fax over a birth certificate. Fuck you.” You turned to leave, ready to be anywhere but with him.

“Baby, c’mon how was I supposed to know.”

“BY ASKING ME!” Jesus christ Calum, you could’ve just asked me! Or trusted that I would never, ever in a million years cheat on you. Anything other than assuming I was sleeping with him. How many girls are you photographed with every day Cal? And how many times do I sit here wondering if you’re fucking any of them? Never, because I trust that you wouldn’t do that.” Tears flooded your eyes and ran down your cheeks like two rivers polluted with mascara.

He reached for your hand but you pulled away. “No you don’t get to touch me anymore. We’re done remember?”

“Y/N don’t be like that, it was a mistake anyone would have made!” He protested.

“Not anyone. Not me.”

“This is stupid, let’s just go get in our comfy clothes and watch movies and forget this ever happened.”

“A gold digger, a whore, and now I’m stupid. Nice.”

“Babe that’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“No, I don’t know Cal. But I do know that you just fucked up one of the best things you’ve ever had.”

“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes in an attempt to save his ego.

“Whatever.” You echoed quietly. You stared at him for a moment, as if you were expecting to wake up from this nightmare. But you didn’t. And those brown eyes that once felt like home now felt more like a warzone than anything else and you weren’t going to fight anymore. Without a word you turned and walked out of the apartment and out of his life for good. And he let you.


He didn’t know what made him act that way. Maybe it was the stress of the new album, or the couple drinks he had had earlier to offset the idea of you with another man. Whatever it was, it the cost was more than he could bear.

His shaking hand formed a fist, his knuckles wrapping on the door. He could hear you roaming around inside. The love of his life was so close to him but you had never felt so far away. The door creaked open.


“Hi baby.”


Part 2


Olicity Moments of Truth (Part 2): When Anyone With Eyes Realizes Olicity is Endgame

As Olicity fans, we’ve all experienced a moment while watching Arrow in which a scene between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak just clicked.  It’s the “aha” moment when we realize there is so much more going on between the tortured hero and quirky IT girl than what’s on the surface.

Even more interesting than our own moments of truth is watching other characters in the show realize it, too. In my last post, “Olicity Moments of Truth: When Love Interests Realize They Don’t Stand a Chance,” I focused on when the Olicity love interests first realized that our favorite couple had a deeper connection. This follow-up post will highlight moments that the rest of the characters on Arrow, both good and bad, came to the same realization.

John Diggle

As I mentioned in my first post, John Diggle was shipping Olicity right from the start. The moment he saw an adorably nerdy and quirky Felicity Smoak stand up to a growly, adrenaline-fueled Oliver Queen without batting an eyelash, he knew there was something special there.

Originally posted by oliversbow

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An Honest Man

Summary: The reader is one-hundred-percent sure Jensen is out of her league, but that’s not stopping him. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 995
Warnings: None. 

This is for my 2222 follower mini-celebration! @katnharper requested a fluffy Jensen one-shot so … here it is! It’s written in first person, but intended to be a reader-insert. Hope you enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

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anonymous asked:

Hux headcanons where he falls in love with you, but used to hate you until millicent and your cat started playing together?

I love this headcanon too much for my own good. -Zoe

  • You and Hux begrudgingly got along at first because your cats were the best of friends. The two of you weren’t doing it for yourselves, oh no. You were spending time together for the sake of your ‘children.’

  • You both finally got to know eachother, moving less towards hatred and more towards a couple single parents finally getting out there and meeting people. Even Millicent took a liking to you, and your cat took a liking to Hux. That had to be some kind of sign.

  • The two of you would never admit it, but when you started sharing quarters, it was for the sake of your cats, not because the both of you had some form of mutual attraction. However, one night, Hux turned over from his side of the bed, wrapping an arm around your waist as you tried to figure out how to leave. When you started getting up, he only gripped you tighter, a small murmur from him, “Don’t leave. Not when I finally have you.” And you obeyed.

  • That comment would go unspoken for a few weeks, both of you just pretending it never happened. It’s not until Millicent was seen curling up with your cat, himself burrowing into her cheek, tails intertwined together in the cat bed that feelings were finally revealed. “They look cute together.” You noted. He simply replied, “It’s like us, isn’t it?” When you turn to face him, he shows no regret for the words he blurted, simply sliding an arm around your shoulders, realizing what had happened. “I love you.” You whispered, as his gloved hand shook, turning to face you. “Thank the Maker.” He’d sigh, finally capturing your lips in his own as your cats simply drew closer, purrs spilling from their throats as you both pulled apart, Hux finally removing himself from his stoic nature to hold you in his embrace.


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concept: yuuri and viktor, at their home, being a happy couple that they are while drinking wine and listening to their spotify playlist called ‘Wine and Chill’.

They’re just snuggling and smooching like two teenagers in love until the song called Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now starts to play and they just have to do it. Get up of the couch to turn the volume up, and

“🎶Lookin’ in your eyes, I see a paradise, this world that i found is too good to be true 🎶” Viktor sings to Yuuri, looking him in the eyes “🎶Standing here beside you, want so much to give you, this love in my heart-“ grabs his own shirt “- that i’m feeling for you🎶”

Yuuri then grabs his phone, pretending it’s a microphone “🎶Let ‘em say we’re crazy-“ smiles “- i don’t care ‘bout that, put your hand in my hand -“ intertwined fingers “- baby don’t ever look back🎶”

Viktor then “🎶let the world around us just fall apart, baby we can make it if we’re heart to heart 🎶” And suddenly there’s nothing besides them, in their own world, singing that they can build this dream together, that they’ll stay strong forever, that nothing is gonna stop them now. And if the world runs out of lovers, they’ll still have each other, because nothing’s gonna stop them now.

An Angel Stuck in Hell (read: High School)

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Zhang Yixing (Lay) x Reader

Genre: Fluffiest FLUFFING FLUFF YOU WILL EVER READ!!!…hopefully

Summary: “Hey, so I noticed you had forgotten your workbook at school and I had some time after classes so I did your homework” AU 

Word Count: 1k

School. The building filled with misery and desperation. Hell on Earth to any child or teen that has hobbies other than forcing information into their brain cells. It’s almost your second home, without your consent of course. What’s better than going to school on usual weekdays?

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I'm learning German and I find that I learn better by watching movies and hearing music. I was trying to look up any good recent movies or shows to watch but the overall response was "yeah Germany doesn't have good stuff lol" do you have any you'd recommend? As well as music if you know anything slow...

Music, I listen to little German stuff I’ll admit, but Nevio Passaro has a couple of good German songs (I love Vorbei though it’s half in Italian haha), I really like Juli (Die Perfekte Welle was a song we were made to listen to in school) and Enno Bunger’s pretty sweet, sings slowly and clearly.

As for movies, the vast majority of the foreign language films I’ve seen have been gay themed so… I mean, I’d still recommend them but I certainly have my own vested personal interest haha

Freier Fall was fairly good, I remember watching Sasha but I remember nothing about how much I enjoyed it haha, Romeos… Anders als du denkst! I enjoyed too… Sommersturm… Cibrail was kinda eh I think… going away from the gay, Goodbye Lenin remains one of my favourite films ever (not just German ones)… I’m sure there are more that are just not coming to me atm but I’ll admit I don’t really watch that many films

Your Best Chance

Tittle: Your Best Chance

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Rating: M for Mature

Warning: Smut lies ahead. Read at your own desertion


   Emma`s P.O.V

  When I had first started being in Henry`s life, I was determined to never tell him about the fact that he had a twin sister. When I found out just how much danger he was in all the time, my determination grew. One of my children were in constant danger, I was not going to put another one of my children at risk. I had planned on keeping it that way until I saw how hurt he was about my not telling him about Neal, I started to re think it. Just because I told him, doesn’t mean that my little girl would be at risk.

 So after months of talking myself into it I was finally getting ready to sit down and tell Henry about it all. About how he had a sister and how despite my best efforts, the adoption agency failed to listen to my only request and home the two of them together. How from the moment I had met him I had done nothing but wish that they two of them were together, that they had never been separated. It was my their best chance that I had given them up, but it was never their best chance to be separated.

 I was so caught up in my thoughts that I had barely notice Henry walking into the small apartment I still shared with my parents, until he was standing across from me, throwing his coat over the nearest chair before he sat down across from me. “So what is it you wanted to tell me mum?” He asked, giving me a wide smile. I stared at him before taking a deep breath, knowing that his carefree, happy look was about to whipped away. That he would soon be so caught up in trying to find her. To find his sister.

  “Before I tell you, I want you to remember that I had given you up for your best chance.” I said, waiting until he nodded, promising me that he would in fact keep that in mind. Once he had, I gave him a soft smile before starting. As I explained everything he broke down, tears filling his eyes as I spoke.

  “I have a twin sister and they failed to keep us together, despite that being the only thing you asked for when you signed the adoption papers.” He said slowly, his hand reaching over to grasp mine. I nodded, my own eyes filling with tears.

  “I am so sorry Henry.”

  “It`s not your fault mum.” He assured me, his hand gripping tightly onto mine. “You may not be able to track her down, but I can. I will find her mum, I promise.” He added, voicing my worse fears. I only nodded, knowing that it was what he needed. That despite everything, he needed to find his sister.

  “I know you will kid.” I said with a chuckle, giving him a teary eyed smile. “I know you`ll find her and bring her home.”

  “I will mum. No matter the cost.”

  In Neverland

   “Peter put me down!” I squealed as my boyfriend spun me around in circles on the rocky Neverland shore. Despite my cries, he only chuckled, ignoring my pleas to be let down. It was only until Felix had entered the small clearing we were messing around in that he finally put me down.

  “Pan can we talk.” He asked, giving me a smile and nod before turning to look at Peter again. Peter groaned, pulling me closer to press a kiss to my lips before walking off towards Felix, sending me a wink as the two walked into the forest. The moment they were out of sight Slightly was walking to my side, sending me an easy smile.

  “Why don`t we head back to the camp, get something to eat.” Slightly suggested, carefully ushering me towards camp, taking the suggestion right out of it.

  “You know I would love to.” I giggled, shaking my head at the eagerness and pushiness of my lost boys. Without him really saying much, I knew that my heading back to the camp was not a suggestion. It was an order. When it came to me I had very little say in such things. It got annoying at times, but I knew that my lost boys meant well. I was, in their eyes, fragile and needed to be cared for. It didn’t matter how many times I proved to them I was anything but, they still treated me like glass. 

  “So are you looking forward to our guests?”

  “Guests?” I asked, cocking my head to the side. I have never once seen guests on the island, the entire time I have been on the island. Peter was so careful to keep guests away from the island. He viewed guests as a threat, viewed them as a danger to me and the lost boys. To our way of life. 

  “Yeah, he is bringing some new lost boy. Apparently he comes with some added people.” Slightly said, shrugging his shoulders as if the mention of having guests on the island was no big deal.

   “Why am I just hearing about this now?” I asked. As Peter`s girlfriend I am usually in on the loop. I more often than not, knew just what was going on around Neverland, so my not knowing what was going on right now, was something that scared me more than anything.

  “I don`t know. But that is where Felix and Peter ran off to.” Slightly answered, a red tint covering his cheeks.

 “You were not suppose to tell me where you.” I chuckled, shaking my head as I stared at the boy. My question was answer by the deeper shade of crimson covering his cheeks.

   “No, it was suppose to be a secret.” Peter sighed as he came out of the wood to our side. He glared at him, but said nothing, knowing that I would object.

   “Who is the new Lost Boy?”

   “His name is Henry and I`m going to ask for you to stay away from him.” I raised and eye brow wanting to object but I knew it would do no good. Instead I just planned on sneaking over and meeting the boy. Peter of course should know this, when I`m told not to do something I do it anyway.

   Emma`s P.O.V

 From the moment I stepped foot onto Neverland soil something felt different, like something was about to happen. Something good. That feeling is what kept me going. It had to mean that I would find my son, find Henry. The deeper we got into the dense trees around Neverland, the more confident I was that this was going to turn out okay. Or it would the moment I figured out how to make this damn map work.

 “Any luck Emma?” Mary Marget asked as she sat down on the log beside me, looking over my shoulder at the old parchment that was still clasped tightly in my grip.

  “Not really. I`m still coming up on empty.” I sighed, staring down at the paper again, trying hard to figure out just what Pan had meant. How does my coming to turns with who I am, have anything to do with my son.

  “I don`t understand, you have admitted, that your an orphan, the savior, a mother, what next?” She asked, sighing as she smiled at me.

 “I was thinking about that, there is one thing I have left out.” At the everyone went nuts, demanding to know why I was holding back. “It`s the hardest to talk about.” I muttered, shaking my head to clear the tears that brimming in my eyes.

 “What could be so hard to admit.” Regina huffed, crossing her arms to stare at me. “This is Henry we are talking about.”

  “Admitting that I am the mother of twins.” As the words left my lips, a map appeared on the paper, the same time everyone around me fell silent.

  “Twins?” My father asked, his voice soft.

  “Yes a boy and girl. Henry and his sister. I wanted them to stay together, but something tell me, my little girl did`t make it. That is why it hurts to admit it. I`m admitting I lost a daughter, that I failed when I tried to give them their best chance.”


  Y/n`s P.O.V: A Few Days Later

   “You should come back with me.” Henry said with a smile as he looked over at me. Since figuring out that we were twins, that I was the sister he had been looking for, Henry was determined that I leave Neverland and go back to Storybrooke with him. I part of me, a big part, had wanted nothing more than running off with him, to go and get to know the rest of my family. A bigger part of me however, wanted, needed, to stay here with Peter. With my Lost Boys.  It was hard to make a decision, to decide to go or stay.

  “I promised you I would think about it Henry and I will. I`ll let you know if I decide to go to Storybrooke with you.” I assured him, earning a wide smile from my brother.

  “I know you said you would think about it, but really I think you should come. Emma looked so broken when she talked about you. I think she would love to meet you, and I know you would love her. I mean despite the fact that you look so much a like, personality wise your identical.”

  “I know, and I get it. It`s just Neverland is my home, Peter and the lost boys my family. Leaving them is not just something I can think of right of the bat.” I sighed.

  “I understand, but you have to remember Peter tricked you into coming here.”

  “I know that Henry, trust me I do. It was a big problem for a long time between Peter and I, but things are different now. I like it here, love it actually.”

  “Okay but don`t you think you should get to know your real family too? Just come for a year, if Peter loves you as much as you think he does he should have no problems about you leaving for a year.” Henry reasoned. He sounded so sure, so confident that he was right, that I couldn`t help but agree. Surely going away for a year wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Besides, couples need some distance.


   Peter`s P.O.V

  “Are you sure letting her talk to Henry is a good idea?” Felix asked me, his attention, like my own, glued at the twins. As I watched them talk from my end of the camp, I could only feel panic. The way Y/n light up when she talked to him, the way he could so easily make her smile, the way that despite their years apart they are suddenly inseparable scares me.

  “No.” I sighed, refusing to take my eyes off the love of my life. “But what choice do I have? She has a way of making sure she gets what she wants. And she wants to talk to Henry.”

  “That may end up costing you Pan. I know you love her, we all do, but I think this is the time to put your foot down. Henry has an advantage we don`t. Her mother. You know as well as I that the moment she became mother to the lost boys she yearned for her own. Henry can give her Emma.”

  “Yes, he may be able to give her Emma, but we, my dear Felix, can offer her so much more.”

  “And what is that?”

  “Loyalty Felix. We can show her that at the end of the day we are on her side, where Emma and the gang are on Henry`s.”

  “And how are we to do that?”

  “Easy, prove it to her. Felix I have a plan and it`s high time we put it into action.” I smirked, letting my gaze travel from Henry and Y/n to Felix.

  “Well you had better start quick because she is coming our way.” Felix hissed, his warning causing me to turn my attention back to Y/n. Sure enough she was making her way towards me, smiling and waving at the lost boys as she did. Once she was in front of me, she placed her hands on her hips and said four words that stopped my heart.

  “I`m going with Henry.”

  Y/n P.O.V

  Looking back on things, I probably should have mentioned the “only for a year” part. Because I didn’t Peter looked like I just broke his heart, which I did, and Felix looked about ready to kill me. Before I could explain myself, Peter had himself composed and on his feet, his hand shooting out to grab mine, yanking me back to the tents.

  “Felix,” He yelled over his shoulder. “You are in charge.” Felix only nodded, yelling at the lost boys to get back to what they were doing. He gave me a smirk before ordering Slightly to take care of Henry. I had just opened my mouth to tell Peter to stop him when I was thrown, none to gently, into Peter`s tent. As I stumbled towards the bed, I looked at him, watching as he waved his hand over the door way to make sure no one could enter before turning to me. The moment he did, my heart broke. His eyes were filled with unshed tears, as he let his gaze wander over my body.

  “I thought you loved me?” He whispered, his voice breaking near the end. In a heartbeat I was up and crossing the small space, pulling the green eyed boy against me.

  “I do Peter. I only want to go for a year. That`s it. Then I`ll come back. A year when we face forever together is nothing.”

  “You leave with them, they`ll never let you return. I`m a demon to them, a monster. You leave with them, they`ll make you never want to come home.” He muttered, his hands running over my body as he tugged me closer. As one hand slid under the hem of the green dress I was wearing, he started pressing open mouth kisses to my neck.

  “If you never come home, I`ll never be able to kiss you again. Do you want to never kiss me again?” He hummed against my neck, his hand slapping the flesh of my ass, before rubbing it.

  “Nooo.. I don`t want that Peter.” I hummed, letting my neck fall to the side, my eyes fluttering shut as he started to suck on my sweet spot, biting and licking the skin caught between his teeth. “But I will come back. No one can stop me from coming back to you. I love you Peter.” I moaned, my hands slipping down his chest as his free hand cupped my breast.

  “They will. They`ll make you believe I`m evil.” He whispered, kissing my sweet spot one last time before he made his way up neck, scattering kisses along my jaw bone. “They are the evil ones my baby girl. Taking you away from the boy who loves you. The boy who make you feel so good. None of the little boys in Storybrooke will know how to please you kitten. They won`t know how to make you pant with please. How to make you wet.” He purred in my ear as he walked me back towards the bed, the hand on my ass moving to my waist so he could cradle me as I feel.

  “I won`t need them to. It will just be for a year.” I panted, arching my back as his hands slip my shirt off, his mouth attaching to my left breast the moment they were free. His hand moved to work on my right breast while his hand snaked down my body to cup my heat. His fingers danced teasingly against my clit, making me moan and buck my hips.

  “A year is an awfully long time kitten.” He purred, my nipple leaving his mouth with a pop. He smirked as he looked up at me threw his eye lids, watching me gasp for breath as his mouth moved to my free breast. As he sucked, his gently shoved a finger into my core, slowly pumping it before picking up as speed. As he did I yelped, my hips bucking up to meet his finger, a whimper leaving my mouth.

  “It`s going to be a year without my fingers. Can you go that long without my fingers darling.” He purred, licking my nipple before he gently bit it. The pleasure from the small gentle bite was soon met with him adding another finger, curling both of them upwards so they hit my hit spot. He changed his thrusts from slow to fast, his eyes growing darker with each moan that fell from my lips.

  “I don`t think you can kitten. You like them to much. You love how they make you feel when they are going deep into your core, love the feeling of them stretching your walls. You need this.” He hummed. He smirked as he let my nipple go. I screamed from pleasure as he started to kiss down my stomach, smiling up at me when he reached the hem of my skirt. His smirk only grew when I let out a whimper as he took his fingers away. “You love watching me suck your juices from my fingers kitten. Can you really go a year without watching as I lick your pussy juices from my fingers?” He cooed, keeping eye contact with me as he gently began to suck his fingers, his free hand dancing across my stomach.

  “No Peter.” I groaned. Just watching him sit there, with a smirk on his lips as he gently sucked and licked his fingers turned me on even more. The heat between legs growing to the point it was almost to much to bear.

  “I knew you would say that. But I don`t think your convinced. Do you still want to go?” He asked, cocking his head to the side playfully to watch me.

  “Yes, Peter come with me.” I moaned, my hands slowly moving to my core, desperate for some kind of relief. Before they could go to far, Peter caught them, and pinned them to my side.

  “What about the lost boys love? I leave and what will happen to them?” He hummed, smirking as I bucked my hips against his leg, moaning at the small relief that it brought.

  “A few months then.” I groaned, closing my eyes I bucked my hips harder. The small amount of relief coming from my bucking was far from enough to full fill my needs. I needed him, and badly.

  “Hmm that won`t do either Princess. I`ll have to stay here, and you can`t go a few months without me. Hell princess you need me now. You need my fingers inside of you, but you know what you need more.” He rolled his hips, his legs brushing against my core, a loud moan of pleasure leaving my lips as he did. Before I could answer, he moved away, jumping further down the bed until his face was leveled with my core. “My mouth.” He mumbled, smirking at me as he quickly attached his mouth to where I need him most.

  “Oh Peter, fuck.” I moaned, reaching down to grip his hair, tugging him close against me. He said nothing, just chuckled against me, the vibrations causing me to scream in pleasure. He winked at me before he started to kitten lick my clit, his fingers quickly pumping in and out of me as he did. With each thrust and lick I grew closer to my thigh, screaming his name as it over came me. Peter smirked, never letting his lips leave my core until I was nothing but a panting mess under him.

  “Still want to leave?” He chuckled, whipping my juices from his mouth before slamming his lips against me. His member was straining against his pants, pressing against my exposed heat. I let my hands wander down his slim chest, palming him and he deepened the kiss, his tongue moving with mine.

  “No.” I whispered as I pulled away, moving to press my own kisses to his shoulders. “I`ll stay here. Your my best chance at happiness Peter.”

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Could you do "snow" for GrayLu? I don't know if you ship it but if you don't, maybe as a brotp?

  • Snow:I’ll write a drabble of two characters building a snowman together.

I don’t ship it but oh hell yeah can you get a brotp drabble!!:) Snowman here is taken in a rough sense. This is for


. She’d usually get a nalu drabble but I wanted to go with this theme.

oneshot. post tartaros. Gray and Lucy stumble upon each other and get to see a side to the other they rarely do. They find that sometimes, a little heart to heart conversation between friends can make all the difference.

The snow was falling thickly out of the sky, covering the landscape beneath under a deep blanket that seemed to swallow up all sound. And all the moldered remains of what had once been the Fairy Tail guild. One single of the delicate crystals landed on Lucy Heartfilia’s nose. She had never been to fond of the cold, but she had always loved the snow. As the little flake melted and turned into water that dripped down the tip of her nose, she smiled melancholy. Below her feet, the surface scrunched as she walked on. Today was one of these days where she just couldn’t bear to be with other people. The pain of loosing Aquarius was still all too fresh in her heart, and every little reminder, as unintended as it was, hurt her like a dagger between her ribs. Out here, with the city behind her, she could clear her thoughts with every intake of fresh air. It stung in her lungs, and she was fairly certain her toes were starting to turn to ice, but she kept walking on, past the barn they had once called their home. That had been so long ago. Long before Tartaros. She pulled the jacket tighter around her, blowing hot breath into her scarf in the futile hope that it might linger. Maybe she should have asked Natsu to tag along after all. Still, the scarf he had given her managed to keep the cold out, in more ways than one. The forest around her grew thicker with each passing minute, but she had fallen into a trot which she could not seem to snap out of. Only when she became aware of another pair of feet close-by did she slow down. The only sound she heard was that of her breath. Everytime she exhaled, it became visible as a small cloud that drifted off into nothingness. On instinct, her hand reached for the bunch of keys in her pocket. It still felt too light. “Lucy?” The sound of his familiar voice made Lucy relax in a heartbeat. Slowly, she turned around to face her friend. “Gray? What are you doing out here? Without a jacket??” “I could ask you the same. And I’m pretty sure I’m wearing - oh.” “What do you need all that snow for?” Puzzled, she looked at the pile of snow in his hands, and suddenly he seemed unable to look her in the eyes. “Oh, just- things.” “Juvia told me you talked about what happened. With your father.” He shifted his weight from one foot to another, pondering his response. Then he seemed to surrender, dropping his defense for once. “Yeah.” he murmured. “She’s not here?” Lucy craned her neck. Through the last months, it had become a rather unusual sight, Gray being without Juvia. But lately, it seemed to happen more often. “No. I didn’t tell her. I just wanted to do something on my own here.” “…should I leave? It’s getting cold anyway.” “It’s alright. At this point, maybe a little company wouldn’t be too bad.” Now that she examined him more closely, she realized that he looked quite tired and miserable. “Did you drink?” “Not much.” Silently, she stepped closer. For a moment she wondered if she should reach out and touch his arm, but it felt strangely out of place. Everything felt strangely unreal, as if the snow had transported them to a far away land of silence and awareness. “So, what was it you were going to do with the snow?” He sighed reluctantly. Once Lucy had asked a question, it was nearly impossible for her to not find the answer she desired. The snow had dripped from his fingers as they spoke, and now he sctratched his head, making half-molten snowflakes disperse around him. “Just… kinda like a memento.” “For Silver?” “For Silver, for Ur, Ultear…” he shrugged. “I mean I can practically choose.” The resignation in his voice made her heart ache. This time, she brought her hand to his shoulder carefully. He looked at her with an unreadable expression, but the sorrow was all too obvious in his eyes. “Hey… I can only imagine what you must feel like. But when I lost my father, I found that there were always people there for me. When I lost my mother, I remembered her words and never stopped believing that one day I would find what I was looking for if I just held on. And I did. And now I have you guys, I have the guild, I have Natsu. And you do too. No matter what happened to you, we are always here for you, okay?” A small smile ghosted across his face, for only an instant, but Lucy returned it brightly. He had never told her the full story of what had happened between him and his father, not yet. He didn’t need to, either. "Hey, Lucy, do you wanna help me build… that snowman?” They smiled softly at each other, slight amusement in their eyes despite the situation. What better remedy than friends and a good laugh? Each knew that they would not bring this up anytime soon. But Lucy very much appreciated this other side to him, the one he so rarely showed. Next time she’d talk to Juvia, she would have to thank her for that. Thawing up his heart surely had not been an easy task. “Sure.” They built the little memento in comfortable silence. Lucy’s hands were shaking when she patted the last bits on top. “You should have met Ur.” Gray suddenly broke the silence. “Then you sure as hell wouldn’t be freezing now.” “Yeah. I’d have loved to.” They looked straight ahead as the setting sun cast it’s pale rays over the little snow construct in front of them. Somehow Lucy got the feeling she had not been of much help. It was not the prettiest thing, and she knew how good Gray was with sculpting, even without his magic. A small smile cemented itself on her face. She was thankful he let her share this moment with him. It felt like her own heart was healing too, little by little. “Hey, Gray?” “Hm?” “Maybe you should bring Juvia here next time. I think she’d love it.” “I think I will.”