couples halloween costume

Acotar couples in the modern world.


  • That one couple who sits at the back corner in the cinema to make out for half of the film.
  • Might seem as though they act sexy around each other 24/7, but theyre actually up till 1am having Just Dance battles because Rhys wont allow Feyre to keep letting him win. ( Shes adamant she isn’t.) 
  • Rhys loves to read to Feyre while curled up next to the window, as she sits in front of him looking outside and smiling.
  • Shopping at Victorias Secret for sexy underwear where Feyre sends snapchats from the fitting room as Rhys cant come in. 
  • Highkey KINKY AF. Love playing games where they have to remove clothes e.g. strip poker, naked twister etc.
  • When they move in to their first house together, Rhys lets Feyre paint all the rooms in the house.
  • When they have their first child, she paints glow in the dark stars on the ceiling to help the baby sleep.
  • Oh and of course Feyre is the one to teach her children to read. 


  • Cassian loves going to the gym and drags Nesta along who claims to hate the place but secretly loves going to check him out while hes exercising.
  • Angsty sex. Every argument leads to them having sex.
  • Cassian loves taking pictures of Nesta while shes not looking and when she notices, she tries to grab the phone off him but at the same time is laughing and smiling.
  • Multiple camping trips throughout the year ( sometimes with the gang)
  • Goes ALL OUT on Halloween couples costumes. ( One time they made the gang dress as the whole Scooby Doo characters)
  • Dirty af snapchats to each other while they’re at work.
  • Constantly sending memes as a form of communication.


  • Been in love with each other for years and while everyone else knows it, they act clueless to it. 
  • When they finally get together, Rhys slaps Cassian on the back saying “pay up bro”. (They all made bets on how long it would take them to get together and obviously Rhys won.)
  • Az loves making Mor watch the James Bonds movies with him as his dream job is to work for MI5. 
  • Not fussy about PDA in public, just hands touching sometimes or a leg squeeze and just as a reassurance that they’re there.
  • But when in private, they’re very intimate and sensitive.
  • That couple that match their clothes, sometimes accidentally but Rhys and Cassian dont believe Az when he tells them.
  • Az is a hopeless romantic so for every anniversary they go to Disneyland which is where they met as kids.
  • When they have to babysit for Feysand, it usually ends up with the whole house being made into forts using all the blankets.


  • Whole weekends where they bake cakes, cookies, brownies and everything sugary.
  • Lucien wears glasses which will sometimes go missing as Elain is constantly trying them on.
  • Lucien had a greenhouse built for Elain to grow plants.
  • That couple who is renowned for being super adorable.
  • Dates that include bowling or ice skating.
  • Love taking trips to the countryside.
  • Lucien asks Rhys to be the best man at his wedding and Feyre + the girls are bridesmaids. Their speeches have everyone laughing.
  • Lucien cries while making his wedding speech.
  • Names all their daughters after flowers. 

As of 2/19/17. Link here (x) to Masterlist Tab on my blog for most updated version. 

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50 More Things Couples Can Do Together
  • 1. Studying
  • 2. Go to classes
  • 3. Play with Snapchat filters
  • 4. Make plans to travel the world
  • 5. Make dinner for friends
  • 6. Host a party
  • 7. Have a candle lit dinner
  • 8. Watch the scariest horror films
  • 9. Speak in silly accents until the other laughs
  • 10. Get a dog or a cat... or 5
  • 11. Do each other's make up
  • 12. Put love locks on the fence in Paris
  • 13. Have a pamper night
  • 14. Have a competition to see who can find the most silly hats in the mall
  • 15. Dress up in a couples costume on Halloween
  • 16. Remodel a room in the house
  • 17. Draw/paint each other
  • 18. Spend a whole day in bed
  • 19. Spend a whole day naked
  • 20. Sleep on the balcony
  • 21. Collect stupid internet jokes and do stand up for each other
  • 22. Tweet for each other
  • 23. Build something from IKEA
  • 25. Sit in silence and see where it goes
  • 26. Get caught in the rain
  • 27. Help with each other's hobbies
  • 28. Read to each other
  • 29. See a play
  • 30. Explore a (safe) unknown neighbourhood
  • 31. Go to the Gym
  • 32. Go to a museum
  • 33. Have a two member book club
  • 34. Give each other massages
  • 35. Make out a little
  • 36. Make fun drinks
  • 37. Play drinking games
  • 38. Make a bucket list of things you want to do together
  • 39. Try a new restaurant
  • 40. Google each other
  • 41. Make funny versions of each other's resumés
  • 42. Go wine tasting
  • 43. Go in a hot air balloon
  • 44. Play strip poker
  • 45. Babysit together
  • 46. Go through old yearbooks
  • 47. Write fanfiction about each other
  • 48. Wash the car
  • 49. Make wishes in a fountain
  • 50. Complain to each other

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Oh yeah, Lopi and I dressed up as the most dysfunctional couple ever for Halloween! :3

For those that haven’t heard, we are making a comic together…as humans, not religious icons. Our fist come “CHIARA” is soon to be in the works in the sense that I’ll be able to actually start creating some serious art for it. Feel free to follow along on the comic’s blog here:

theblackandviolet  asked:

Swan Queen prompt : At a costume party Regine comes as a pirate !

Thanks for the prompt!

Halloween in Storybrooke is always a wild ride. That’s something Emma had learned her very first year here. She’d only been in town for a week, and she was not expecting the dose of wackiness she got that night. People were pulling the usual pranks, shaving cream and toilet paper shenanigans. But then there were the costumes. They were on a whole different level. It was as if every member of town had access to professional movie make up artists. Monsters and creatures and fairy tales everywhere.

At first Emma thought it was ironic that so many townsfolk decided to dress as characters from fairytales, given what she had thought at the time to be Henry’s wild theory. When he proved to her it was true, Emma just sighed and accepted the fact that it was just part of Storybrooke’s zaniness.

What really blew her mind that first year was just how invested everyone was in the holiday. It was serious business. Every house was decorated festively, with what was probably hundreds of dollars of tacky plastic decorations. Trick or treaters were out until almost midnight. The high school threw a party in the auditorium each year, and Granny had her own party for the more adult crowd. And she served punch. Punch that only added to the trip that is Halloween in Storybrooke.

This year, Emma is attending the annual party at Granny’s, and she’s not ashamed to say that she’s enjoyed two glasses of punch so far. She’s off duty tonight and tomorrow, so she’s free to enjoy a few drinks. She’s spent the night hanging out with Ruby mostly. The woman dressed as Cat Woman this year. She’s decked out in black leather and it’s been a big hit at the party. Emma herself dressed as Princess Leia. She couldn’t resist the not so subtle nod to her time in the past of the Enchanted Forest spent in Regina’s company.

Emma has been thinking a lot about time spent with Regina lately. Especially since she broke up with Hook. She can’t help it; the dark woman just won’t leave her mind. So when she sees Regina herself walk into the party dressed as a pirate, she thinks she must be hallucinating.

She immediately excuses herself from her conversation with Ruby and walks over to Regina, taking it all in as she goes. Regina is wearing a deep blue buccaneer jacket and a white button up beneath it. She has two fake cutlasses hanging from the belt attached to her hips. Cinched around the white button up is a black leather corset. There are deep black leather pants to match, and black knee high boots with a four inch heel. The jacket is left unbuttoned, and so are quite a few of the top buttons of her shirt, drawing even more attention to her breasts that are pushed up and perked by the corset.

Emma is obviously gaping and when she finally reaches the woman, she’s at a loss for words. Regina is smirking victoriously at the admiration, and she tugs a little smugly on the collar of her jacket. Regina then reaches out and tucks a finger under Emma’s chin and closes her mouth.

“Charming as always dear, but do try to keep your jaw off the floor.” She rumbles out in her deep voice.

Emma shakes her head to clear it, to be able to respond. “Sorry, Regina. You just look so amazing. What are you doing here though? I thought you hated Halloween.”

Regina’s smirk grows sharper, looking almost predatory and she leans in towards Emma. With a conspiratorial whisper, she purrs, “Let’s just say there was a particular treat I set my eyes on this year. And besides, I heard a certain savior has a thing for pirates.” She winks then, and lets her eyes drag up and down Emma’s body. After all, she was never known for her subtlety.

Emma is taken aback for a moment. It feels like her brain is melting into pudding at the very clear come on. But she has never been one to back down from a challenge, and she certainly isn’t going to miss an opportunity to flirt with Regina and maybe more. So she gathers her wits and her expression becomes lustful to match Regina’s.

“Oh, that’s where you’re mistaken.” Emma gets a small satisfaction out of riling Regina up with that one, then she continues, “I never cared much for the pirate motif.” She drops the game then, eyes shining with sincerity as she says, “But I will say a certain savior definitely has a thing for a certain queen.”

Moreid headcannons
  •  Flirting during cases and Reid getting flustered. 
  •  Prank wars that lead to sex 
  • Morgan reading to Reid on bad days  
  • Reid lying in Morgan’s lap and Morgan stroking his hair. 
  •  Morgan teaching Reid how to play softball or some other sport and wrapping his arms around him to ‘help' 
  •  Dates involving drinks at bars, walks in parks , Museums, libraries and baby sitting Henry 
  •  Low key PDA - side hugs, hair ruffling and shoulder squeezes 
  •  Morgan being even more over protective than usual when partnered with Reid . 
  •  Sitting together on plane rides and sharing headphones 
  • When Reid rambles for too long Morgan kisses him to shut him up. 
  • Forcing Morgan to dress up for Halloween and couple costumes like Spider-Man and Deadpool or Robin and Batman 
  • When they get married Garcia becomes the surrogate mother 
  •  And she uses this as an excuse to spoil the kid 
  •  Reid loves leaving hickeys and biting during sex and making out and Morgan loves pulling Reid’s hair. 
  •  Overall they would be the softest most adorable relationship ever