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The Applegate Legacy: Generation III

Generation III Heir: Aspen Applegate

marital status: couple

number of children: 2

career: astronaut (space ranger)

secondary career: freelance author

generation goals: change of scenery (relocate once during the heir’s lifetime)

misc: runs in the family (children must have (the same) 1 trait inherited from heir)

15 Day Sim Couples Challenge

Alright gonna post my little list since I see some may want to do it. Only rule is one picture per post for more of a challenge. :)

  1. A picture of your main couple together
  2. A picture of your couple in the season they met for the first time
  3. A picture of your couple in each other’s favorite color
  4. A picture of your couple in each other’s career uniform
  5. A picture of your couple eating together
  6. A picture of your couple relaxed at home
  7. A picture of your couple somewhere out in town
  8. A picture of your couple at a festival ground lot
  9. A picture of your couple arguing
  10. A picture of your couple where one is consoling the other
  11. A picture of your couple moving into a new home
  12. A picture of your couple doing an hobby together
  13. A picture of your couple celebrating a job promotion
  14. A picture of your couple celebrating St. Valentine’s Day
  15. A picture of your couple celebrating an anniversary

BONUS: A picture of your couple getting married or having their first child.

The Romanian who acts in Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters. An exclusive interview with Sebastian Stan on ProTV on 1st of December.

From Constanta to Hollywood, from Romania the country of all possibilities, Sebastian Stan is the most wanted and popular actor of Romanian origins from Hollywood.
In just a couple of years, his career had a fulminant ascension, culminating with one of the most profitable film series in history – Captain America.
Rares Nastase, ProTv correspondent, talked with Sebastian Stan in New York, in one of the best cafes from Manhattan. The exclusive interview will be broadcasted on ProTv for the 1st of December special edition.

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Is There Somewhere Part 2 - Requested (Luke)

This was requested by itsdwarfkoala ENJOY!!!

Part 1

‘We need to nip this rumour in the bud, its causing a lot of stories to start popping up since the pictures got out’ Matthew explains, looking you in the eye from across the table. ‘I know you and Luke are both happy to go public but honestly it’s not the right time for either of you’ he continues.

‘(Y/N) your aware more than most that one of your main topics is you’re a strong women in a huge world that’s not depending on a guy and getting into this lovely dovey couple point in your career just isn’t on the cards right now’ Cole explains to you, she smiles slightly, trying to keep you happy as she delivers more rules.

‘Also’ your head snaps to Willison, here to represent 5 Seconds of Summer or in this case Luke. ‘The bands main selling point is young girls and however crazy it may sound they like to know they are single, releasing news of Luke being in a relationship could cause effects to the bands popularity or in fact yours’ he nods before tapping away on his IPad.

‘(Y/N) do you have anything to add?’ Alison your main manager asks, you shake your head slowly releasing a slow breath. ‘Well, from the seriousness of a meeting in the office I’m guessing you’re not really asking me, you guys are telling me not to go public’ you look from Alison’s exhausted face to Matthew who looks slightly uncomfortable. ‘Don’t worry, you guys have jobs to do, I get it’ you nod before pushing up from the chair. You turn as you reach the door.

‘Another album and then if we are still going strong I’m going public, no questions’ you tell them seriously before leaving and closing the door behind you. You pull out your phone as you step into the elevator and head down to your car.

‘How did it go?’ Luke asks as soon as he answers, ‘Oh you know, same old, not the right time, affect your popularity’ you roll your eyes hearing Luke sighing. ‘Luke I know this bothers you but it’s really not a huge deal’ you explain to him. ‘The guys need me see you tonight’ he rushes before hanging up. You huff out a breath as you fall into your car, placing your head on the steering wheel for a moment.


‘LUKE STOP!’ You scream as another load of freezing water comes flying over the top of the shower, Luke’s giggle been heard over the showers water hitting the floor as you try to cower in the corner out of reach of the water he continues to throw over. 'I swear one more time and….AND NO SEX’ you scream knowing you might have a chance of talking him round.

He goes quite for a second; you squint in the steam to see if he is still outside the shower. When his hand comes over the shower, the coke bottle half full of water. He slowly starts to tip it. 'LUKE’ you scream, 'I HATE YOU’ the water catches you and you scream.

'Right seriously now, fuck off’ you warn him, stepping back under the warm water and sighing. 'Your such a girl’ he chuckles as he opens the shower door, you step back against the wall. 'No babe please’ you beg holding out your hands and expecting the worst. 'Begging now are we?’ He teases, he steps under the water and it’s now you realise he is naked. You let your eyes wander over his chest humming in appreciation.

'You look cold sweetheart’ he teases causing you to glare, you hit his chest and he chuckles, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to him, your chests together, one of his hands trail down your curves while the over holds your neck. 'So no sex then?’ He questions raising an eyebrow. You hum, glancing at his lips before flicking back to his eyes. 'Yep, none’ you tell him. He smirks at your words 'We’ll see’ he presses his lips to you, pushing you back into the wall and crashing himself into you.


Luke holds up his hand, elbow still pressed into the mattress between you, you smile lifting your hand to his, watching your fingers slide together in a perfect fit,  rolling your head on the pillow to look at him, the light stubble covering his jaw as he smiles sweetly. ‘Babe’ he speaks, you hum, closing your eyes and rolling your head straight again. ‘How come you’re not all that bothered about them saying no?’ he asks softly, as though worried you will blow up at him.

You let go of his hand and push yourself up in the bed, pulling your legs up to cross them under you as you look down to him, he frowns a little but follows your lead, sitting against your head board and watching you waiting for you to speak.

‘It’s not that I’m not bothered I just get it’ you shrug, ‘I mean from our point of view we know we are solid, but we can’t blame them for doing their jobs, they have to be sceptical about this kinda shit you know?’ you ask but don’t wait for a reply, ‘They have to protect us, if we fuck up we lose them money as well as our dreams’ you sigh, clearly Luke wasn’t really understanding you.

‘You don’t think we’re gonna last’ he speaks, but it’s not a question more like a statement and you shake your head. ‘No, no, I didn’t say that, I’m just saying that if I had their job then I would agree with them, I wouldn’t let a couple go public after only a few months. We just gotta wait it out Lu, eventually they will know we are solid and won’t be able to hide it any more’ you nod hoping he is with you. He nods slowly, biting down on his lip.

‘I know, I know your right. It’s just…it’s hard not to….fucking hell I don’t even know it’s just hard’ he shrugs with a heavy sigh; you reach out and grab his hand, pulling yourself into him until your straddling him. ‘I love you, we gotta just wait it out’ you reassure him, he hums, smiling a little before pressing his face into your neck a line of kisses and you moan in appreciation.

From Chelsea

New Patch Today!

Update: 04/13/2015 – PC Version Mac Version

Howdy Simmers,

While everybody else has been trying to “Get to Work”, SimGuruGnome has been trying to “Get Some Time Off” for a while now. We took pity on him and let him out of his cave temporarily.

Here’s a small round of fixes to rein in a few pesky problems…

Issues Fixed

  • Our overly-friendly visitors from Sixam were a bit too amorous. We’ve reduced the frequency of alien abductions and further reduced the frequency of male pregnancy thereafter. We know our men are good looking but that’s no excuse!
  • We’ve fixed a couple issues in the Medical career that could cause problems for actions around repairing broken medical equipment or transferring a patient case. A career in medicine can be grueling for anybody, but nobody wants to be given an impossible task.
  • We’ve upgraded the firmware on our cameras to prevent larger photos from appearing too dark. We’ve also fixed an issue that was causing screenshots to come out blurry.
  • So what did five say to three about… you know what? I don’t have a joke for this. Save Error 531 is bad and we fixed a couple situations that would cause it to occur.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a crash when doing sciencey stuff during the Scientist career.
  • Is your Sim unsatisfied with their love life? Maybe it’s all that alien affection they’ve been getting, or maybe it’s the stress from their new careers, but our Sims have been leaving their partners with an unsatisfied moodlet. We’ve conducted some remedial WooHoo education and Sims should now be better about taking care of their partner’s needs.
  • Fixed an issue where children and teens weren’t getting school credit if they were coming home in a mood not explicitly approved by their school. Harsh!
  • A recent update mistakenly removed some items from teens, but they’re back now. Teens can wear heels again! Fashionable teen Sims can once again experience unnecessary foot pain in the name of looking good.
  • We fixed a few unintended issues on our side that caused problems with certain types of CAS Custom Content.

That’s all for this quick update. Most of these fixes started as feedback from the community and we couldn’t do it without your help and support.

-SimGuruGnome’s Understudy