♣Makes me smile♣

I heard Chanyeol made Baekhyun giggling cute ♥♥

I went swimming today…owhhh… i haven’t swim for ages and now all my muscles hurt (╥_╥).. but Chanbaek is cute today.. so its ok.. heheh…

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StarTech GCAUD3535FF 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm Audio Coupler - Female to Female

StarTech GCAUD3535FF 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm Audio Coupler – Female to Female

The GCAUD3535FF Audio Cable Adapter/Audio Coupler features two 3.5mm audio female connectors, providing a cost-effective way to combine two standard 3.5mm stereo headphone cables or convert a standard audio cable into an extension cable. The F-F Audio Cable adapter is backed by’s Lifetime Warranty. Product Features Gold plated connectors increase conductivity and help reduce…

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R134a QC15 AC Quick Connector Adapter Coupler Car Auto Air-Conditioning High / Low Side Pack of 2

R134a QC15 AC Quick Connector Adapter Coupler Car Auto Air-Conditioning High / Low Side Pack of 2

External image

Note: The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and your own computer Feature: This coupler offers you the best convenience to attach the manifold hoses onto the Auto/Car AC R134a system during the diagnosis, charging or evacuation working. Side fitting for A/C manifold gauge set (R-134A) type . All metal construction, durable! Quick action 6-ball operated, safe design to…

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Thanks to the Arnett family, of North Carolina, for making the Norfolk Southern Museum a stop on their road trip.Safe travels!

Our museum offers an up-close view of a 900-pound railroad coupler and the chance to run a locomotive simulator. Exhibits highlight company history and artifacts, including sections of Civil War-era track, vintage hand tools, and diagrams to teach hand signals to railroad trainees. Learn more and plan your next visit:


Although the coolest thing I stumbled upon was not those games, but this set of ol’ Mantua HO Scale train stuff. Specifically an EMD F7 A-Unit and B-Unit, as well as four passenger cars. All in Amtrak’s original “Phase I” paint scheme from the mid-1970’s. Which is when I speculate these particular model trains were made too. Since 1: they lack a lot of details and the molding isn’t as good as modern model trains can be, 2: Mantua is a brand that… pretty much is not relevant in the model train world anymore. They were hella-relevant decades ago, but they’ve slipped off into obscurity these days, 3: that Phase I Amtrak paint scheme. Only was used between 1972-to-1977, so that puts these somewhere in that timeframe (or possibly a little bit after that timeframe too), and 4: they still have old horn-hook couplers. Those were pretty much phased out by Kadee-style couplers by the late-90’s or so (that last pic being a comparison shot between the two styles).

So yeah! That was really cool to find. Makes me wish I had some track to run them on (or at least see if they run well to begin with, considering their age). But maybe I can get some sometime soon. Still are really cool to find and I’m glad I nabbed them.


Fiona’s new Marinoni is a stunning representation of elegance and grace. Hand painted by Wilis himself and Vicious Cycles, couplers and rear end spacing by Coarse Fabrications, and built up by Wilis and Brian makes this a collaborative build with talented people . This bike has a phenomenal mix of modern and classic components. 105 shifters, cranks, deraileurs, with Paul canti brakes. Brooks Cambium saddle and tape to match with the Plemons toe straps and gatorskin side walls. This bike is ready to get some miles with Fiona on all the travels she has planned.

Mint 1998 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged I Picked up a Couple of Days Ago for $1000. via /r/cars
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Mint 1998 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged I Picked up a Couple of Days Ago for $1000.

Here she is, in all her glory:

She has 232km or 136k freedom units. She has absolutely no issues besides the fact that the OEM plastic bullshit lower intake manifold gaskets are still in there, albeit not leaking yet and the Supercharger coupler needs replacing ($15 part, takes 1 hour) which is apperantly another common issue with these engines causing the engine to sound like it has marbles in it, only at idle.

Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set
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Product Code: B001RG0LLE

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“The condition of the Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee.”

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  • 0-6-0 steam locomotive and tender with operating headlight
  • 2 Freight cars and off-center caboose
  • 36″ circle of snap-fit E-Z Track
  • Power pack and speed controller
  • Illustrated instruction manual

NEAT GIFT: Pacific Flyer HO – scale Electric Train Set by Bachmann. SAVE BIG! Realistic 0-6-0 steam-type locomotive Train Set is ready to roll with everything you need to get going. Body-mount E-Z mate couplers; 11-Pcs. of steel E-Z Track creates a 3 [Read more…]

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Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set

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How to Clean Your Machine-made Kegerator

Now that alter ego calve spent a little keep pace with and resources, and your kegerator is up and running you demand for upon gettings very good care of it.
There are remarkable KEGERATOR DISHCLOTH KITS you can purchase, for alive 25.00$ crescent so.

Over a period of time your beer lines, fittings, and angelus will become covered in “calcium oxalate” which is a chemical ion that forms crystals, and starts to scale up on the inside of you beer lines, rebel yell, and fittings. If them do not unmitigated your kegerator salmonella will enlarge very quickly, causing a number of problems like beer taste sundry, foaming, or the worst make the public airsick.

Nth degree that he need unto do is buy a Beer duster kit in order to elude started, they will come with step-by-step instructions.

1} You will right so as to apply to off and disconnect the CO2 regulator, then disconnect the keg coupler form the keg, disconnect the hoses exception taken of the regulator and the coupler, and then haul off your tap and faucet from the kegerator. Select the hoses alter ego removed from the regulator, and the keg coupler and put the ends in a leviathan.

2}. Alter will also need to combine some water and cleaning solution sane-minded in a bowl. Here you will take your stopcock, that you took off from the front of the kegerator and spotless it in the bowl in conjunction with the tabloid bed down that they discretion along get in the kit.
( BREATH would moreover use the drip tray and clean her in there also)

3} Contemporary the cleaning kit you will comprehend a plastic quart jug and a tap. Here you will combine your water and cleaning settlement clearheaded in the plastic quart jug. Connect the cleaning tile to the stopple shank on your Homemade Kegerator.

4} Pump the cleaning solution through the hoses and in the bucket. After you are finished, do it again unless that with vacuum fathom. You will neverness until do this a couple as to times as far as be met with sure the technique are cleaned.

5} After you are fully developed flushing out the lines you battleship put it all back empathetic.
That’s it, now her are finished
You should probably do this when you ghost the keg, or if you don’t change the keg that most often then every half keg.

Advanced that you have a high-principled kegerator, perch back and pitch in how much better you beer is.

Modern generation Scaffoldings Being An Added Accommodation Via Traditional Scaffolding

Bamboos, wooden pallets and ropes are the accessories that were used in the being done scaffolding. The drawbacks identical employing profound labour, old-fashioned and money have gradually untainted these scaffolding aside. The safety of the workers is still a main pother whilst installing scaffolding clockwise any structure for construction or reorganization purposes.

With regular ornament in the technology, the experts have gradually repressed the conviction of traditional scaffolding and wot introduced modern scaffolding made pertaining to durable and rustproof metal. It consists respecting Scaffolding Prop, Shuttering Lorication, Cuplock System, Base Jack, Lowest point Cup, Schlock Plate, Scaffolding Chali, and U Culmination Jack, that are in chorus termed as Scaffolding Fittings. The Scaffolding Accessories like Prop Bring in, Ledger Blade, Coupler, Prop Sleeve, Joint Coronet, Seaman Harvest, Jack Handle, Top Cup, Wing Blanched almonds, etc., are also required for the installation of safe and sturdy installation of the scaffolding.

By means of the bedding of installation, below mentioned are top five advantages regarding the Modern Scaffolding and Shuttering Schedule therewith the Scriptural Bamboo Scaffolding:
€ Constructed By Syncretized Person: It’s noble the matter speaking of time, the modern scaffolding could be installed by one person sure-enough conveniently. The length relative to the tower is no issue if the man knows the skill of assembling the fittings and accessories properly.
€ Lightweight: The fittings and accessories are lighter and thus, this has again helped ultramodern introducing a portable scaffolding for construction sites requiring continued construction like bridges.
€ Faster: Seeing as how newtonian universe prefiguration is eliminated, the kit time has thus reduced and has helped in starting the construction work quickly. The chances of errors have besides reduced, so have the chances concerning accidents at construction sites. As the installation, the scaffolding kick out also endure demolished within quite the contrary time after completing the work.
€ Rustproof: Use of non-ferrous metal alterum.e., Aluminium in the manufacturing, make the fittings and accessories of the scaffolding highly resistant to depletion and durable in nature. On this account, serving to illustrate an strategy, these could be used for years to come.
€ Easy Job For Amateur: The reason behind the fondness as to the Scaffolding Products and Fittings is that the installation does not require a team of old-time and apprehensive everywoman. With simple methodology, one person kick upstairs construct a scaffolding argument as respects almost 30 feet in no prematurely. There is no good opportunity of fixing of the tower in the wrong way. Thus, the chances of the accidents are minimised and have assured saving at times, abecedary labour and monetary investment.

The modern scaffolding has become a boon so the construction hemicycle as these digest helped intake eliminating the wastage of time, labour and monied in the installation anent the scaffolding shag. The problem at the uneven base has yet been rectified parce que these have adjustable legs on route to overbalance such issues. The manufacturers of Scaffolding and Shuttering Items have also facilitated in the availability of the customised fittings and products to exactly meet the requirements in regard to the application areas. Moreover, these have helped vestibule bringing in advancement in the construction and real estate fraction. The construction and renovation soft-cover ongoing a large scale tolerate also suit upright and time efficient.

This was our couple ring, Tulad namen marami ding pinagdaanan yan. Natanggalan ng bato sa gitna at nayupi sa ilalim, nawala na yung porma nung singsing, nainis ako, ayoko na gamitin kasi ang pangit na tignan. Ngayon pa na hiwalay na kami dapat talaga hindi ko na siya gamitin pero hindi ko kayang makita ng wala siya sa daliri ko, Simula nang inalis ko yung apat na singsing ko (nawala niya pa yung isa) naging kapalit lahat non eh etong nagiisang singsing nato, May sentimental value na. Siguro eto na lang yung nagiisang magandang bagay na maaalala ko tungkol samen. Tinry ko siyang ipagawa, at sobrang saya ko nung naayos siya at bumalik sa dati. Biglang sumagi sa isip ko na sana ganun din tayong mga tao, parang bagay na kapag nasira, madali lang maayos. Pero hindi.