Reasons shadowhunters is great

if you reply to this with complaints about the acting i will cut you

  • magical, diverse and GAyy
  • everyone is nice to look at
  • tol and salty Alec Lightwood is done with The Straights™ (as am I)
  • the only canon relationship at present is an interracial m/m couple
  • the cheesiest cliche romantic storyline was given to said couple
  • girls supporting girls
  • 4/7 mains are poc
  • jewish latino vampire
  • accurate potrayal of relationship between child and his abuser
  • 0 painful stereotypes 
  • the old spice guy is there and is the sweetest man on the planet
  • All positions of power are filled by women
  • pan simon lewis
  • normalising of non-monogomous relationships and girls who love sex and are confident in their body and sexuality
  • Simon moving into a vampire hotel where he shares clothes with his vampire boyfriend and tells everyone what to do
  • Magnus bane who is quite magical and quite bisexual and extremely powerful and wears makeup and knows hes hot as does everyone else
  • Isabelle lightwood 
  • Clary fray 
  • isabelle lightwood and clary fray holding hands and sharing clothes   
  • its just such a nice cheesy unproblematic show and i love it