[ENG TRANS] IU & Lee JoonGi 2016 SBS Drama Awards Red Carpet Interview

(Interview starts around 2:16)

MC: First of all say a few words towards the viewers, Lee JoonGi-ssi.

LJG: It’s been a long time since I’ve greeted everyone. I’m actor Lee JoonGi. It’s an honor to be together with the viewers and my cast here tonight. I’m really happy. 

IU: Hello, I’m IU who played the character Haesoo in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It’s nice to meet you.

MC: Yout two were a couple in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Do you expect the best couple award? 

LJG: More than any other award, we want the best couple award. What do you think? (towards IU)

IU: I want it too.

MC: A lot of people want the best couple award. Yoo Yeon Seok and Lee Minho also expressed that they want it. So what is you charm? Why do you think you’ll win?

LJG: In order to receive the best couplee award we came from Goryeo. I’ve met Hesoo in Goryeo. Shouldn’t this effort be enough to receive the award?That’s what I think.

MC: Alright, so to show that you’re the best couple. Please show us your best pose (as a couple) .. Oh, they are holding hands. Ah~, it’s the best of the best.

(note that this is a rough translation! may contain mistakes!)

Trans by meaningofiu