couple: jaechunsu

Eldest son Jaejoong… Middle son Yoochun… Youngest child Junsu…

When I met Junsu, he was a bit different from the image I had had. On the previous day I had seen such an amazing performance so I thought he would be hard to get close to and cheeky too because of his inherent talent but then…he was super honeset and pure, like a cute little brother (sorry, don’t get angry lol)
You just can’t hate him.

Jaejoong was right in front of me and Yoochun was sitting to the left of him. It felt like Yoochun was the staff officer for leader Jaejoong? (It doesn’t necessarily match the image. This was my first impression)

Junsu was sitting by himself on a sofa on the left, he had his legs up on the sofa and was very relaxed.

Then since the theme for this time is Tokyo, we started discussing where they wanted to go, who they wanted to meet, what kind of memories would be there… etc etc and the our conversation continued to get heated.

Glancing at the left I see Junsu sulking, “I’m all alone…” Jaejoong and Yoochun are going to Japan together but due to Junsu’s schedule he will go alone.

“I want to go hot springs! I want to go to the haunted house in Fuji Q Highlands! And Okinawa! And Egypt! Don’t leave me all alone…” Junsu sulked. At that Jaejoong got up, walked over to Junsu, and gave him a hug.

How gentle of Jaejoong….even by acting like a spoiled child just a little, Junsu trusts Jaejoong with his all. As this was going on, Yoochun sat smiling watching over.

It was this moment when I felt like they were innocent cute puppies playing around. Jaejoong, who amuses himself by teasing around with Junsu, is something he probably does as an older brother. This was when I felt a brotherly love. Thinking about it now, Yoochun is very much like the middle child, Junsu being the youngest.

In other words, a strong solidarity…the three are linked by a strong bond of trust…this relationship is unbreakable…They each have different characters but when you put them together they are JYJ. They definitely show a tremendous power.

This is why I wanted to join the 3 of them yesterday…the aura emanating from them was amazing.

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yunjae! jae's birthday surprise ^^! and thank you

Wrong blog, buddy, sorry.

Okay, for the rest of these, ‘three sentences’ is more of a general guideline than an actual rule, oops.

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changmin’s friend drags him to meet her boyfriend yunho “you’re gonna fall in love with him!” homin au \o/

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I often wondered what if JaeChunSu had debuted as solo artistes in SM or debuted in other agencies. Then HoMin wouldn’t be unwillingly dragged into the whole controversy of the split. Changmin could have been so happy in Suju now. Yunho would still shine brightly in whatever group he is in & excel in anything he does.

Wouldn’t it be nice without all the hostilities between fans now. *sigh*

What is the point of creating “legendary” DBSK only for it to go bust later. But mostl of all it’s the hostilities i am sad about.

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