Fantasy!Au ; Past the black where sirens sing

for @yoongihime 

So, Yoongi repeats himself and “what are you?” he utters more sternly, curiosity now just a bit noisier at the back of his mind for this bizarre creature ogling him from the open window. She’s still quiet, with a peculiar mixture in between interest and disappointment tinging her elegant features as her bare legs swing back and forward from under the big, old, black t-shirt she’s wearing.  

Maybe she doesn’t know his language, the man wonders. And he’s already turning his body over the leather stool, lips parting and thighs crossing over each other when the girl finally decides to speak up.

“I’m a siren, of course.”

At her words, surprisingly not very melodious, Yoongi rises an eyebrow. “I thought sirens had, you know, a tail. Or something.”

The creature then grins, expression shifting from curios to smug in a matter of seconds as she stops the movements of her legs and “you definitely read too many tales, human,” she states, mocking clear and keen within her voice.

Oh, Yoongi is definitely taking this on a personal level now.

Coming soon