If Styles hadn’t yet adapted to global social-media attention, he was tested in 2012, when he met Taylor Swift at an awards show. Their second date, a walk in Central Park, was caught by paparazzi. Suddenly the couple were global news. They broke up the next month, reportedly after a rocky Caribbean vacation; the romance was said to have ended with at least one broken heart.

The relationship is a subject he’s famously avoided discussing. “I gotta pee first. This might be a long one,” he says. He rises to head to the bathroom, then adds, “Actually, you can say, ‘He went for a pee and never came back.‘ ”

He returns a couple of minutes later. “Thought I’d let you stew for a while,” he says, laughing, then takes a gulp of green juice. He was surprised, he says, when photos from Central Park rocketed around the world. “When I see photos from that day,” he says, “I think: Relationships are hard, at any age. And adding in that you don’t really understand exactly how it works when you’re 18, trying to navigate all that stuff didn’t make it easier. I mean, you’re a little bit awkward to begin with. You’re on a date with someone you really like. It should be that simple, right? It was a learning experience for sure. But at the heart of it – I just wanted it to be a normal date.”

He’s well aware that at least two of Swift’s songs – “Out of the Woods” and “Style” – are considered to be about their romance. (“You’ve got that long hair slicked back, white T-shirt,” she sang in “Style.”) “I mean, I don’t know if they’re about me or not …” he says, attempting gallant discretion, “but the issue is, she’s so good, they’re bloody everywhere.” He smiles. “I write from my experiences; everyone does that. I’m lucky if everything [we went through] helped create those songs. That’s what hits your heart. That’s the stuff that’s hardest to say, and it’s the stuff I talk least about. That’s the part that’s about the two people. I’m never going to tell anybody everything.” (Fans wondered whether “Perfect,” a song Styles co-wrote for One Direction, might have been about Swift: “And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out/And if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about/Baby, I’m perfect.”)

Was he able to tell her that he admired the songs? “Yes and no,” he says after a long pause. “She doesn’t need me to tell her they’re great. They’re great songs … It’s the most amazing unspoken dialogue ever.”

Is there anything he’d want to say to Swift today? “Maybe this is where you write down that I left!” He laughs, and looks off. “I don’t know,” he finally says. “Certain things don’t work out. There’s a lot of things that can be right, and it’s still wrong. In writing songs about stuff like that, I like tipping a hat to the time together. You’re celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than ‘this didn’t work out, and that’s bad.’ And if you run into that person, maybe it’s awkward, maybe you have to get drunk … but you shared something. Meeting someone new, sharing those experiences, it’s the best shit ever. So thank you.”

—  Harry Styles talking about Taylor Swift - Rolling Stone May 2017 (x)

On the night of the 4th of May, 1984, three teenagers stumbled across a body of a female near Westby, Wisconsin. The scene was a gruesome one. The woman’s face was bludgeoned beyond recognition. She suffered a broken jaw, a broken eye socket, and her dentures had been smashed inside her mouth. A model of her likeness could only be created after mortuary personnel reconstructed her face.

She became known as the Vernon County Jane Doe and was described as a caucasian woman between 50 and 65 years old. She had greying brown hair which was worn in a perm. She was approximately 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 6 inches and weighed around 150 pounds. She was wearing a black dress with a paisley print, a blue turtleneck sweater, a multicoloured coat, and nylon stockings. The labels of the clothing has been removed, presumably to prevent identification. Even more gruesome, her hands had also been chopped off. Again, this would have been to prevent identification via fingerprints.

After the case was published in local news, a couple came forward to tell police that they had seen a suspicious man climbing into the driver’s seat of a yellow Datsun at the crime scene. When they directed police to where the car was parked, they found a broken denture, blood, and a man’s watch. Despite the fact that over 4,000 leads were logged over the forthcoming years, her identity still remains unknown along with the identity of her killer.

Nct as things my co-workers say~

I did this with svt so I thought why not with nct. I work with some weird people so I get a lot of good material lol

Anyways, enjoy!


Taeil: *looking at a box of fat free cheez-its* “yea right, these are about as fat free as me”

Johnny: “a kid just called me a tree and like I get it, I’m tall but I still have feelings”

Taeyong: “you cleaned that so good; its so spotless I might cry”

Yuta: “bad news: a couple of old spice bottles just busted all over me. Good news: I smell extremely manly and tough”

doyoung: “if I punch a customer and the manager isn’t around, do you think I’ll get fired?”

Jaehyun: *spills his drink on the floor*
another co-worker: “dude you got the floor wet”

“That’s not the only thing I can make wet~”

Win win: assistant manager: “you’re so sweet and nice”

“That’s what everyone keeps saying but I’ve already planned on how to murder three of you without a trace of blood on my hands”

Mark: “I’m such a nice guy why don’t girls like me? Like I’m such a nice guy that I can’t even bring myself to be a douche and actually get a girl”

Haechan: “why do people shop at grocery stores don’t they have anything better to do?”

Alabama signs law allowing adoption agencies to refuse gay couples

  • Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill allowing adoption agencies throughout the state to reject gay couples looking to adopt a child, and, more generally, reject any applying parents who conflict with their stated religious beliefs, reported Wednesday.
  • The law disallows the state from “refusing to license or renew the license” of any adoption agencies which cite religious beliefs when refusing child placements. 
  • While it does not actually prevent gay couples or other LGBTQ individuals from adopting a child in the state, it does protect faith-based groups from retaliation for discriminating against them when choosing prospecting parents. Read more (5/3/17 11:30 PM)
Queer Eye for the “Straight” Guy

FINALLY, six months after I was commissioned, this thing is done.

I’m truly sorry to my donation winner, Cindy. Lord knows you never asked to put up with my procrastinating ass.

But I’m truly happy with how this turned out! And I hope you, Cindy, and the rest of y'all are too! This work is a part of the Fandom Trumps Hate auction. Check out some other cool works and support these charities this movement helps!

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Never had Castiel been checked out with such scrutiny.

The man walked around him, eyes slowly dragging over his body, just on this side of appreciative. They were green and critical under contemplative eyebrows, pushed together to form a crease in the middle that Castiel kind of wanted to poke. The man’s arms were crossed over his chest, his thumb playing with his lower lip as he circled.

Castiel just stood, arms loose at his sides, posture normal which was to say terrible. He watched the man watching him.

“Well,” the man said, facing Castiel but also kind of facing the large camera he’d brought with him. “The suit is awful but we can work with it. Are you sure I can’t talk you out of the trench coat?”

Castiel shook his head, his mouth grim.

The man sighed. “Well, I’ll figure something out.”

He then explained to Castiel some of what he was going to be doing. Usually the exposition would take place among the five men who hosted, but Castiel understood this was a special case. The usual five men to do the job was now one.

“Hi, and welcome to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy : celebrity edition. Where instead of the Fab Five, who are all experts in their fields, you have me, Dean Winchester, a bisexual hockey player who is slightly above average at these things.”

Castiel was, in this scenario, ‘the straight guy.’ He supposed that description fit simply by process of elimination. He knew he wasn’t gay because he did not wish to have sex with men. He didn’t particularly want to have sex with women but he liked them well enough: enjoyed the softness of their lips when they’d kissed him and liked their smell and general company.

So yes, Castiel could be the straight guy.

Although Dean Winchester’s shoulders looked very nice…

“Today’s victim is Castiel Novak: world renowned entymologist specializing in honey bees. His latest research publication is receiving all kinds of awards so he’s going to have a little celebration tonight. That’s where I’m here to help.”

“Okay, Cas, it may only be me, but I’ve still got some hired guns to help me move shit – er – junk around your apartment.” Dean turned to a woman wearing headphones. “Do I have to say that again?”

She smiled and rolled her eyes. “If you would, please.”

Dean sighed and repeated himself, this time leaving out the swear word.

This was all far too much production for Castiel. He preferred quiet libraries or the gentle hum of apiaries to the clapboards and shouted instructions of a television set.

“A necessary evil “his agent had called it. “ How do you expect to get more funding, Castiel, if no one cares about your research?”

Castiel had thought this quite unfair and demonstratively untrue. Plenty of people cared about his research! Students and… kindergarten teachers…

Castiel supposed those groups didn’t pay very much. He may have seen Meg’s point.

He didn’t know why that meant he had to be involved with a reality show, though. He glowered at the camera.

Dean smiled at him, unaffected. “I have given the crew my instructions so now I can whisk you away for a fun makeover montage.”

Castiel turned his glower on Dean.

He winked. “Yes, you’re very scary. Let’s go.”

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imlovedavepeta  asked:

Okay I might just be a dummy buuut, didn't Honerva go bonkers because of quintessence poisoning??? We never see her actually touch it until Zarkon and her in the rift. Keith literally got *covered* in quintessence, why isn't he nuts???

So I’m gonna put out a pretty long post here on what I think quintessence is and does, but first I’m gonna link this interview and quote a relevant section of it that sums things up for me really effectively:

Dos Santos: I think Quintessence, if anything, it sort of grabs on to the worst of us and accentuates those elements. Like anything, it corrupts.

Montgomery: Anything at all, even, whether it’s good or evil. Medicine in large doses can kill you. So that’s really what Quintessence is. It’s not innately good or innately bad. It’s a power source, and if you misuse it, it can be very disastrous.

Quintessence is not a “touch it and you’re evil.” I would argue I don’t even think just touching or interacting with quintessence has a specific evil effect, because Allura back in s1e1 also says “the quintessence of the Lion is mirrored in its pilot.”

Quintessence, in Voltron, depending on what shape it’s in, seems to be used to describe either a soul, or life energy. The discrepancy, in my mind, is roughly that everybody has that vital energy, or they’d be dead, but, the ‘soul’ is roughly the pattern in which this energy moves which seems to be determined simply by who you are as a person.

Quintessence as a fuel source is basically raw vital energy tapped from the veins of whoever or whatever entity contributed it, voluntarily or involuntarily- or, in an unusual case, the rifts, which raises some big questions of what exactly that was a rift to.

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unrequited - pt. 2

pairing: peter parker x reader 

words: 2135

part one

a/n: here is the highly requested second part of unrequited! i hope you guys enjoy it (and let me know if you want part 3!) also, don’t be shy with requests or suggestions! i love doing them. enjoy :) 


You couldn’t help but feel as though things had changed between you and Peter since he had asked your opinion on taking Liz Allan to homecoming.

Lunch was mostly silent, the only words exchanged being the progress of your chemistry homework and the quality of today's meatloaf. It was torture for you, as you had spent almost every single day of your life for the past 5 years talking to Peter about whatever your minds could muster. 

It felt as though you had let your feelings for him get the best of your friendship.

Half of you wondered if he knew. The tension between you was mutual, the lack of conversation a result of the both of you being reserved. Did he know, and did it make him uncomfortable?

The possibility of Peter knowing about your feelings nauseated you, so you quickly pushed the thoughts out of your head as you two began your lab in chemistry, building a micro mole rocket and testing out which ratios of hydrogen and oxygen work best in launching it. 

One thing about you and Peter was that you both loved science, and easily got really into it. While working on your experiment, any tension between you two washed away. You found yourself lost in the project, not even remembering why you were upset before once you successfully launched your mini rocket. 

“Wow,” your teacher said while examining the distance your rocket flew. “Seems like you generated the most precise optimum ratio of hydrogen and oxygen. Nice work.”

He scribbled a few things down on a rubric before handing it to you. 100%. Peter looked at you, his smirk immediately mirroring yours. “Nice work, Ms. Y/L/N,” he laughed. 

“You as well, Mr. Parker.“ 

You both took your seats and began packing up your stuff. You looked at Peter, and felt an immense obligation to break the silence. "Come over tonight,” you blurted. 

He looked at you like a dear in headlights, your sudden command startling him.

“To watch a movie. After the internship, if you have it,” you said, finishing your proposal. “I.. I miss you.”

Peter’s expression softened, and he smiled almost immediately. “Sure. Force Awakens kind of night or Deathly Hallows kind of night?”

You laughed at Peter’s question. “That was the nerdiest thing you’ve ever said.”

“But you love it,” he replied.

I do, you thought to yourself.

“I think it’s a Breakfast Club kind of night,” you finally responded with a smile.

“Now that you say it.. I agree completely,” he said, smiling back at you.

The light and easy conversation between you and Peter allowed an enormous weight lift off your shoulder. You knew that no matter what happened between you, silly crush and all, you’d always be best friends.

If only it were just  a silly crush.

“8 o'clock. Be there or be square,” you warned, pointing a finger his way. Soon after, the bell rang and Peter bolted out the door before you could even process that it was dismissal time. ‘


7:45. Peter was always early to everything. You half expected him to be here already, but you said 8, so you couldn’t really be mad at him.

8:00. He should be here.. why isn’t he here? Weird.

8:30. “Peter, where the hell are you? You’re never late, I’m starting to worry,” you spoke into your phone, pacing around the living room. You had gotten his voicemail for the third time, and decided to actually leave him a message. “Please call me.”

9:00. “Peter, I’m getting mad. Who the hell do you think you are? You better have a damn good excuse for not ONLY standing me up but then proceeding to not answer your phone,” you spat. You weren’t sure if your words were too harsh, so you added a quick love you at the end before hanging up.

9:30. You weren’t sure whether to be worried or mad at this point. It was just so unlike for him to do something like this.. he was never late for plans, never mind completely absent. 

You picked up your phone again and dialed Peter’s number for what felt like the millionth time. You were ready to hang up on the fourth ring, when you heard an exasperated Peter. “Y/N?”

“Peter..” you whispered. “Peter, are you okay? Are you in trouble?”

“Yes, I’m okay. No, I’m not in trouble.”

Knowing that he was okay allowed for you to fill with rage. “What the hell Peter?”

“I know,” he sighed on the other end. “I’m on my way. It’s a really.. really long story.”

“Don’t,” you managed, your voice wavering. “I’ve been sitting here for an hour and a half, I’m done waiting for you. I’m going to bed.”

“Hold on,” he said. “Please, just hear me out.”

You hung up the phone and plopped down on your couch, unsure what to do. You felt a lump in your throat and a sting in your eyes, but tried desperately not to let yourself cry. You didn’t want Peter to be the cause of your tears. 

It was so unlike him to do something like that, to just blow you off without any warning. If Peter knew he wasn’t going to be able to make it, then he would have at least texted you and told you something came up. 

You turned your phone off, as you were sick of seeing Peter’s missed calls and messages. You knew that you would feel tempted to answer him, but also knew that he deserved the silent treatment.

You were ready to get in bed when you heard a knock on your window. Your first instinct was to grab the bat that you had on the side of your bed. It was New York, and anything could happen. You had to be prepared.

You picked up your phone and began to dial the cops, when the mystery person outside your window spoke. “Y/N, it’s Peter!” He yelled, knocking again. “Open up. I have to talk to you.”

You groaned and dropped your bat, walking over to your window and opening the curtains. There stood Peter on your fire escape in red and blue spandex. His hair was disheveled, and quite frankly, he looked rough. 

“Go away,” you spat, closing the curtains. You heard him groan on the other end of the window.

“Y/N, please..” he begged. 

“Peter, I said-”

“I’m Spider-Man.”

You paused, unsure what to do next. Peter? Spider-man?

You remembered first hearing about the blue and red crime stopper from YouTube videos that Ned had showed you. He even appeared on the news a couple times, being titled as the superhero of Queens. There was even rumors that he was an Avenger, and helped Iron Man in attempting to police Captain America.

You walked over to your window, opened the curtains, then lifted the window. You stared Peter up and down, getting a better look at the suit he was wearing. In his hand was a mask. Your eyes finally made its way to his face, and he silently stared back at you with a desperate expression.

“I didn’t want you to find out like this,” he finally said.

“How long..” you began, not knowing where to start.

“A little over 6 months,” he replied. “Can I please come inside?”

You back away from the window and began pacing in your room. “I.. I don’t believe this.. there’s no way..”

You turned around to face Peter who looked at you with an amused expression. 

“If this is some sick excuse..” you started.

“No, no no no..” he said immediately. “God, why would I lie about this?”

You stared at him, unsure what to say. You couldn’t imagine Peter being a superhero, let alone Spider-man. He was just a kid who loved science, who had dreams and aspirations and goals like every other kid your age. You examined the suit, wondering if it was just a cheap replica he made.

“You don’t believe me.”

Your eyes met his, and you were amazed at how easily he could read you. You and Peter were always good like that, able to tell what the other was thinking without words.

“Fine, I’ll just have to show you.”

Peter grabbed your hand and dragged you onto the fire escape. He glanced at the building across from yours, then smiled down at you, slipping on his mask and hooking one arm around your waist. He pulled your body into his and your stomach couldn’t help but flip at the feeling of Peter’s body against yours.

“Hold on,” he said while shooting a web from his hand onto the top of the building and jumping off the fire escape, taking you with him. You squealed and buried your head into his chest, holding onto his body for dear life. 

Within seconds, you landed on your feet with a thud.

“You can open your eyes now,” he chucked.

You lifted your head from his chest and looked around you at the rooftop. “Oh my..” you whispered, glancing down at the street below. “How the hell did you do that?”

He shrugged, showing you his web shooters. “These may have something to do with it.”

You grabbed his hand and inspected the gadget attached to his wrist. “So THIS is the webby shit you’re always making in chemistry..”

He laughed again. “Yup.”

You sighed and looked up at him, crossing your arms. “Just cause you’re some cool superhero doesn’t mean you get to be a bad friend. Explain.”

“I was on my way to your house when I saw this guy getting jumped in an alley. It ended up tuning into a wild goose chase..” he mumbled, glancing down at his hands. “I really didn’t mean to stand you up. You know I wouldn’t ever do that to you purposefully.”

You were silent for a few seconds, before asking, “Well, did you at least catch the bad guys?”

He smirked down at you before nodding. “Of course I did. If I was gonna miss movie night, you bet your ass I had to catch them.”

You couldn’t help but stare at him. His hair was messy, pointing in every direction. His cheeks were red and flushed, and his eyes had bags under them. They bore into your own like they were searching for something, desperately trying to crack a code within you. It was then that you realized you were still pressed up against him.

You cleared your throat and stepped away from him, letting his arm fall from your waist. Once standing alone, you missed the warmth and comfort of his body.

“I’m really sorry,” he said again.

“Don’t be,” you reassured him. “And uh.. don’t check your voicemail. I may have said some nasty things to you in the heat of the moment.”

You both sat on the edge of the building, kicking your feet and talking about Peter’s secret alias. He told you that the “Stark internship” was just another name for him swinging around Queen’s in a suit and stopping any potential dangers. 

Knowing his secret gave you some reassurance. You now knew why he was so shady sometimes, why he would show up to school with bruises under his eyes, nearly falling asleep in class cause he only got two hours of sleep. A lot of your worries and questions that had accumulated over the past few months were finally answered.

With the reassurance, came the worry. 

You were afraid that Peter was biting off more than he could chew. You had the utmost trust in him, but he was just a kid with a big heart and some enhanced senses. You know deep down that he is capable of a lot more than you give him credit for, but there’s just so many scary, inhumane things that are out there, always going after the good guy. 

“Just.. don’t get yourself killed, okay?” You said following Peter’s Spider-man spiel. “I.. don’t know how I would survive without you.”

You looked down at your hands and toyed with the hem of your shirt, becoming suddenly shy following your confession.

“Remember, I’m the one that worries about you,” he said, nudging your shoulder with his own.

“Cut that shit, Peter,” you said, looking at him. “You’re messing with really dangerous stuff here. I’m serious.”

“I know,” he reassured. “I know. But I’m really okay. If I didn’t think I could handle this, I wouldn’t have taken it on. I wouldn’t do that to you, or Ned.. or May. Not after everything.”

You weren’t sure what to say, but knew that you didn’t need to say anything. Being there was enough for the both of you.

Instead of words, you rested your head on Peter’s shoulder and hummed, comforted by the silence. 

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summary: yoongi remembers the only woman he had ever loved
pairing: yoongi / ♀ reader
word count:
genre: angst
warnings: implied smut / cheating 

playlist: congratulations / mac miller 

next (somebody else) 



It’s another one of those nights Yoongi feels like he’s at the bottom when he’s at the top. He’s looking out the big window in his penthouses living room feeling the same self loathing he has become familiar with. The skyline looks beautiful from there, so beautiful that it almost takes away from the ache he feels down to the bones. He never imagined he’d get that type of view, especially not without her presence there. He remembers just three years ago, wishing he’d be able to provide more for her. But she never cared for the materialistic things, just wanted him to live his dream. Yoongi was now doing so, but he had lost the most important person to him along the way.

Yoongi placed his palm on the glass. He watched as the sun rolled down on another day that didn’t seem to have any meaning anymore.


Y/n was there before the fancy cars and fancy homes. She’d get up early, go to their small kitchen, cook up breakfast for the both of them, and wake him up. “Yoongi! Get up! Your manager is going to be mad if you’re late!” Her words have been engraved into his mind, and he still smiles when he remembers her giving him a good morning kiss every morning. Yoongi was just starting off as a professional rapper, finally landing a record deal. It took him years of hard work to get where he was, but he was happy that y/n was by his side. There were times where both of them didn’t have enough money to eat anything but eggs, but they were still happy and content.

They were highschool sweethearts. They were polar opposites and he still remembers everyone being shocked when the Min Yoongi nervously asked out y/n after school one day. Yoongi was always cool and collected, but he was practically shaking when he asked y/n if she wanted to go out on a date with him. He thought he was going to throw up when her eyes turned to him and it seemed like she was about to reject him, but she smiled at him. The most genuine smile. That’s what Yoongi loved about y/n. She was the definition of kindness and acceptance. Yoongi knew he had a reputation, being an underground rapper, but she never once judged him. Yoongi took her to a small diner outside their town, wanting to just get away from everyone else. He felt ashamed that he couldn’t afford a fancy meal, but y/n enjoyed every bit of the date. She even held hands with him when they drove back into their town. They ended up graduating together as a couple and Yoongi thought he was going to lose her when she went off to college. They fought often about the distance because Yoongi was still a jealous and insecure teenager.

Don’t you want me to be happy?”  She asked him one time over the phone. There was a pause- Yoongi never hesitated- but he was finally able to tell her that yes, her happiness was all he wanted. When Yoongi was discovered and officially became AgustD things started to get difficult again. He quit his job to focus on his music and hardly got anytime to talk on the phone with y/n. It was getting difficult without her, to the point where he called her crying one day. “I miss you so fucking much.”  Y/n dropped out of school, took a job at an office, and decided to moved in with Yoongi the next day. She did everything to support him and be there for him. She went to all his performances and was there for him when he’d get bad critique. She was there when he’d get praised and they would celebrate with a long night of pure love and wine.

Everyone knew that y/n would do anything for Yoongi. She gave up everything for his happiness. When his career took off and he was performing in bigger arenas was when things became more apparent. She didn’t complain about Yoongi’s busy schedule or how their daily calls were starting to become less and less frequent. All she cared about was the fact that he was finally living his dream and was happy. She’d attend every concert and when he asked her to quit her job so she’d go on the road with him she did so. There wasn’t any choice that she made that she didn’t consider Yoongi in.

A year into his fame things were starting to become different. Y/n noted changes in Yoongi. Got into a different crowd that she didn’t like. The only person she liked in the group was another rapper that was called Rap Monster, but that was it. There was a female rapper in the group, that y/n tried her hardest to respect, that seemed to have a strong distaste for her. When they would go out to the club to celebrate y/n caught her rolling her eyes at her. Yoongi never said anything, but sometimes Rap Monster told her to chill. Y/n assumed that the woman had some sort of feelings for Yoongi. They were linked as a couple in the news sometimes, and she knew that Yoongi’s manager didn’t quite like her, but the eumours got Yoongi more media coverage. Y/n noted that Yoongi spend a lot of time with the woman, even more time than he spend with her. But she never questioned it. She didn’t want to bring problems when she knew Yoongi was nervous about the upcoming award show that Yoongi was nominated for. There was a lot of pressure on Yoongi, she knew. His manager was always on his case about their relationship and not letting it slip that he was on one. Y/n knew that the only reason that his manager didn’t want Yoongi in a relationship with her was because y/n brought nothing to the table to boost his fame. But Yoongi, she had thought, didn’t care. He told her that he’d take her as his date to the award show.

But when the time rolled around Yoongi told her last minute that she wouldn’t be his date. “My manager thinks it’s a good idea that I bring a famous female rapper to get more coverage.” Y/n knew who he meant even though he didn’t state her name. Y/n didn’t say anything, she just put back her dress in the closet and slid into bed. She watched the award show live on her laptop instead. There was an ache that was forming in her chest, but she ignored it. When Yoongi won the award every single one of her worries flew out the window.

She got up from bed, changed, and got their favorite champagne from their stock and headed out. She knew what hotel he was staying at and couldn’t wait to surprise him.

It took her a while to convince the front desk person to let her pass, even had to show her proof that she knew Yoongi. “Who are you?” The person had asked. Y/n hesitated, knowing that she wasn’t allowed to say that they were in a relationship. “We’re childhood friends.” She responded, smiling that genuine smile of hers.

She didn’t bother to knock on the door, noting that there was a “don’t disturb” sign. Yoongi was probably sleeping. She smiled to herself as she opened the door slightly only to stop when she heard voices inside. Her heart stopped, recognizing the voices and noises coming from the room.

I miss you so fucking much. I miss you so fucking much. I miss you so fucking much.” The words that he had said to her all that time ago over the phone, crying like a baby, suddenly filled her thoughts as she stepped into the door, heart racing and tears prickling her eyes.

She stopped when she saw the man she had been with for years doing something she never expected him to be doing.

She must have made a noise, probably let out a whimper or a sob, because Yoongi’s head snapped up and he started at her, jaw dropped and eyes wide.

Congratulations.” Y/n heard herself say, throwing the wine bottle on the floor. She turned on her heels and ran out, ignoring him screaming after her.

Yoongi stared out the window as the once vibrant hues that made up the sky meshed into dark blue. There was complete silence in his home, there was always complete silence now. But he had brought that on upon himself.

He removed his hand from the window and moved to go up to his room where he’d slide into an empty bed and wait for another day to start alone.

Also, whenever I get even the slightest bit worried about Finn’s future due to the way this racist fandom treats him, I remember how most of the guys I’ve spoken to in real life who considered Finn their TFA favorite and who believed in FinnRey were white men, and how warmly Finn and John were received by the critics and general public, and how that one FinnRey cosplay couple made national news and was adored by everyone, and how Finn merchandise as well as Rey was in higher demand than expected after TFA came out, and how basically, the general audience is made up of good eggs who Lucasfilm is going to cater to, which means lots and lots of Finn kicking ass and doing great things in future films! 

unrequited pt. 2

pairing: peter parker x reader

words: 2135

part one

a/n: here is the highly requested second part of unrequited! i hope you guys enjoy it (and let me know if you want part 3!) also, don’t be shy with requests or suggestions! i love doing them.


You couldn’t help but feel as though things had changed between you and Peter since he had asked your opinion on taking Liz Allan to homecoming.

Lunch was mostly silent, the only words exchanged being the progress of your chemistry homework and the quality of today’s meatloaf. It was torture for you, as you had spent almost every single day of your life for the past 5 years talking to Peter about whatever your minds could muster.

It felt as though you had let your feelings for him get the best of your friendship.

Half of you wondered if he knew. The tension between you was mutual, the lack of conversation a result of the both of you being reserved. Did he know, and did it make him uncomfortable?

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