Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Sarah Snyder Acquitted in Hermès Theft, Celebrates at Yeezy Season 3

Sarah Snyder and Jaden Smith at Yeezy Season 3. (Photo: Getty Images)

After being found not guilty of stealing a $15,995 Hermès Birkin bag from a consignment store in Bedford, New York, Sarah Snyder celebrated her legal victory with a trip to the fashion event of the season, Yeezy Season 3, on the arm of Jaden Smith.

On Wednesday, a judge confirmed that Snyder was in Florida visiting her father at the time of the theft and the charges against her were dropped. Snyder carried a blue Birkin bag to the hearing, because that’s just what badasses do. (Snyder rocked a T-shirt with her mugshot on it at a previous hearing.)

Sarah Snyder attends her final court hearing in Bedford. (Photo: Instagram)

Harper’s Bazaar has published Snyder’s firsthand account of the whole ordeal.

“I have been to court four times for this case. There was a lot of proof I didn’t do it. There was a time-stamped plane ticket, my dad’s affidavit, my phone records, my credit card statement, and there are pictures of me in my dad’s house in Florida on the same day they claim I stole the purse,” she said. “My reputation is so bad now. I know a lot of companies haven’t worked with me because of this situation. I lost a recent fashion magazine editorial. The bigger companies are like, ‘No, that’s going to make us look bad.’ I have been through so much for something I didn’t do.”

Thursday night, nearly a year after the whole ordeal began, Snyder and Jaden Smith celebrated her legal victory at Yeezy Season 3.

George Lucas & Reylo

I just realized something. George Lucas has already been part of two films that have the heroine/villain couples. 

1.) Labyrinth- Sarah Williams/Jareth the Goblin King

2.) Strange Magic- Marianne/Bog King

So the idea of a hero/villain couple isn’t bizarre news in a George Lucas Films or him being part of a film. Quite honestly it seems like a normal attribute. 

Labyrinth was produced by George Lucas, while the story for Strange Magic was by him. He had much to do with both Labyrinth and Strange Magic. I know the knew Star Wars: TFA isn’t directed by George Lucas, but it is still under his company. 


Within the story of Labyrinth we see young Sarah Williams embark on her adventure to save her baby brother from the Goblin King. But all the fans of this movie know the ship of Sarah/Jareth. The film establishes the fantasy lover Jareth is for Sarah. While also showcasing the interest Jareth has for Sarah. 

‘Just Fear me, Love me, do as I say. And I will be your slave.’ -Jareth

‘ Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. I move the stars for no one. .’ -Jareth //That quote already establishes that the treatment Sarah was given wasn’t normal to other ‘runners of the Labyrinth’. //  

Everything! Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations. Isn’t that generous? -Jareth

Even the Manga talks about the obsession Jareth has built around Sarah after she has beaten him. While also kidnapping her to start a new kingdom with her. While Sarah accepts the idea at first, she does put the safety of her friends before Jareth, but she also understands the emotions Jareth has for her. 

No the movie nor the manga imply that they do become a couple, because they don’t. But they imply the heavy element of Love between them. Sarah always looks intrigued by Jareth’s presence, while Jareth always seems smitten.  //Yes the age difference is a huge deal, but as the manga shows. Jareth ‘makes his move’ when she is far older, as does all the fanfics.// 

Strange Magic

 Throughout this film, the hero and villain is shown a lot, as is the whole idea of Love // main theme duh// In this film the ship is canon and the heroine/villain do get together. 

At the start they hate each other, it is shown. it is implied and established heavily. Marianne shows this far more than Bog does. He shows ‘love’ first of course. Both these characters fight, threaten and hate on each other at the start. Marianne punches Bog in the face their first meeting. And at the start of the film Bog King is known for his temper and characteristics of a villain // tho downplayed// 

Even at the start these two are aggressive towards eachother, the first meeting Bog threatens and taunts Marianne about kidnapping her sister. Their second meeting is Marianne and him fighting. They didn’t start out as sunshine and rainbows. And even after that, there is the lingering tension that Marianne would betray Bog King. And at the end they do get together, they express feelings of love for each other and kiss.

 So my main point for this long ( sorry) text was to establish that in Lucas Films, it isn’t a surprise if a Hero and a villain get together or at least have feelings for one another. So Reylo isn’t as far fetched as it seems. Yes I know, different film and different Universe, But so is Strange Magic and Labyrinth

//Just my thoughts on this ^^, //. 

Couple In Long Distance Relationship Found The Cutest Way To Make It Work

Mikki Miller, graphic designer from Minnesota, literally attempted to seal the gap between her long distance boyfriend, Tyson Noël, who lives a country away in British Columbia, Canada. She sealed a briefcase of full of letters and hid it under his table on a New Year’s visit. Several days later, back in Minnesota, she messaged him revealing the surprise, “You know how I wish I could be there for days like today? Like when you come home tired from work and I want to give you a hug?…Go move your tripods and look under your side table.”

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Candice Bergen Once Had a ‘Very Short’ Date With Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Candice Bergen. (Photo: Getty Images)

As it turns out, Donald Trump’s dating tactics have about as much elegance as his campaigning tactics.

Candice Bergen spoke with People about her “very short evening” with the presidential candidate. She said the two went out on a blind date when they were both attending the Wharton School of Business at UPenn.

“I just remember that he was wearing a three-piece burgundy suit, and burgundy boots, and a burgundy limousine,” she said. “He was very coordinated.”

She added, “It was a very short evening.”

Had things worked out between the two, they’d have given James Carville and Mary Matalin a run for their money. Bergen is a lifelong Democrat and, in the late ’60s, was an active protester with the Yippies. Trump’s political savvy amounts to calling other candidates “p***ies” and mocking their faces. (It should be noted, however, that until very recently Trump was a Democrat himself.)

In the years since, Bergen has built herself a legacy, which includes winning five Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Murphy Brown. The show’s most lasting impact is its nuanced and groundbreaking depiction of then-taboo issues like single motherhood, alcoholism, and cancer. Trump’s legacy is that, well, he doesn’t like people of color very much.


Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin Hit The Promo Trail

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin are on a press tour to promote their upcoming book “The Wait.

One of our fave couples is making media rounds to promote their new relationship book.

New “Code Black” star Meagan Good and her filmmaker/preacher husband DeVon Franklin are in NYC to talk about their upcoming book they co-wrote titled The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love, which is expected to hit newsstands tomorrow (Feb. 2nd).

The twosome first hit up “CBS This Morning” to explain why they think abstaining from sex is the key to a successful relationship. DeVon broke down the difference between celibacy and abstinence. He explains celibacy as having a purpose, abstaining from sex with a purpose. Abstinence is just not having sex.

The former “Minority Report” star also addressed those who judged her when she revealed she was waiting to have sex with DeVon until they were married.

So was it worth it? “Yes! It was worth the wait,” said Meagan today on the morning show.

Check it:

As they continued their rounds…

The cute couple hit up Sirius XM to chop it up with Sway Calloway. Love them.

anonymous asked:

Hey I just have a great idea! You know about the 13th zodiac sign ophiuchus. The new planet might rule this sigh. But what that does mean?

it wont because Ophiuchus is not an astrology sign, it is a constellation

signs in astrology were named after some constellations, but they aren’t constellations

the Zodiac Signs are 12 perfectly equal divided square sections of the year based on seasonal points, and they will never change because they are based on what part of the season it is, not based on where the stars appear to be, even if they take their names from the stars, for instance the first day of Aries is always the first day of Spring, thats how they calculate it

and for instance there is no such constellation called Scorpio, instead the actual constellation of stars is called Scorpius, likewise with Capricorn the Sign, and Capricornus the constellation

and Ophiuchus wasn’t included because the signs were made to be twelve equal sections for the year and 4 seasons and the twelve closest signs (at the time they were originally created) that were closest to the equator were chosen to represent the circle of the year

heres a constellation map for reference:

all the white signs are zodiac signs, and they are the twelve closest signs to the equator, or ecliptic line. they specifically chose 12, not 13 because 12 is divisible by 4, for 4 seasons, and each season has three parts, a beginning, middle and an end, each represented by a different Zodiac

you can see Ophiucus isn’t actually part of the procession, but is above Scorpius

now when people say Ophiucus has become the 13th sign theyre completely wrong, one because theyre will never be 13 signs and they wont change their names and two because Ophiucus isn’t even the 13th anything because there are 88 constellations as you can see

But in recent years Ophiucus the constellation has dipped lower, but its too little two late because the divisions of the year based on seasons already have names and theyre not gonna change

not to mention you can see here clearly that the constellations themselves are not 12 equal sizes, constellation virgo is almost twice the size of libra, meanwhile the 12 divisive sections of the year are all equal lengths of time

so basically your sun sign hasn’t changed and won’t change, not unless one day we decide that the seasons start and end on different days, and Ophiuchus will never have anything to do with astrology, because its never been part of the zodiac

if your using the western zodiac anyway, the sidereal zodiac used in eastern countries does in fact base itself off of the stars and the actual sizes of the constellations, but that is an entirely different system thats almost nothing like the western system so they cant even be compared much really

so it sounded like a good idea lol but isn’t actually realistic lol

My New Favorite Couple: Janet Jackson And Wissam Al Mana!

September 30, 2010

They just look rich!

Janet Jackson and her new billionaire man Wissam Al Man werespotted at Roberto Cavalli’s 40th Anniversary in Fashion event in Paris last night.

She looks happy! Good for her!

I see Wissam likes the laid back causal look and again, Janet that hair is EVERYTHING!


[NEWS] 160130 Joy Confesses Her Feelings to Yook Sungjae on “We Got Married”

On the January 30 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Red Velvet’s Joy and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae are seen having a heart-to-heart talk by the night beach in Hainan, China.

Joy reveals her true feelings to Yook Sungjae, saying, “Ever since I met you last year, everything has worked out wonderfully for me. Red Velvet ranked number one on the music charts. I feel like you’re such a gift to me.”

Yook Sungjae told Joy that he felt bad for not expressing himself well. Hearing this, Joy responded by saying, “I’ve been good to you because that’s what my heart tells me to do,” and touched Yook Sungjae with her mature words.

© Nate via Soompi

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Miguel’s Fiancee Nazanin Mandi Has Been Showing Off Her Stunning Engagement Ring On The ‘Gram

Miguel’s fiancee Nazanin Mandi has been busy showing off her engagement ring on the ‘gram. And she’s totally glowing.

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported Miguel finally popped the question to his longtime girlfriend (of 10 years) Nazanin Mandi. And now, Nazanin is flossing her stunning engagement ring on the ‘gram.

After a luxurious #BAEcation in the Dominican Republic to celebrate the New Year, there was talk that the Wildheart singer had popped the question to his lady. Neither of the two has confirmed the news, but Nazanin has been posting up Instagram shots showing off her fabulous new rock:

Not mad.

Before he popped the question, the R&B crooner opened up in an interview with Hot 97 last year on why he hadn’t asked Nazanin’s hand in marriage. He said, “I think I’ve come so far as a man and I’m just starting to feel solid where I can be like, ‘You know what? I think I can hold this down legitimately.’ I think now people throw things around like marriage. I just wasn’t raised like that.”

He continued, “I just follow my instincts. I think she’s learned that and she’s had to adjust and had to learn and also embrace. And I love her more for that.“

Looks like he’s ready to commit to her for life now.

The happy couple was spotted for the first time since news of their engagement leaving Bardot nightclub in Hollywood earlier this week. Cute.

Congrats to the couple!

Janet Jackson Hits The Street With Her New Billionaire Boyfriend!

September 24, 2010

Superstar Janet Jackson and her boyfriend Wissam al Mana were spotted in NYC yesterday.

If you don’t know, Wissam al Mana is a billionaire from Qatar, and a leading investor. They make a dope looking couple! This is the ultimate upgrade from Jermaine Dupri’s short ass! Wissam has stacks of money taller than JD!

P.S. Janet this short hair cut is EVERYTHING TO ME!


Zoe Dating Bradley? I Approve!

Although reps for Zoe Saldana & Bradley Cooper denied that the couple were dating a few months ago after being spotted in a club together, a source confirmed to E! news that they are indeed seeing one another. 

Bradley Cooper’s sexy French speaking ass has been linked to just about every woman in Hollywood including Cameron Diaz, Olivia Wilde, and just recently Jennifer Lopez

I hope this is true because I love this pairing. How cute would the be together? And Zoe definitely needs a pick me up after being spotted crying with ex-fiance Keith Britton.

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