Couple Bucket List-

- Carve our initials in a tree
(X) Kiss on New Years
- Go to a fancy restaurant
(X) Drive around and look at Christmas Lights
(X) Travel to another state
- Skinny Dip
- Go camping
- Have a picnic
- Go mini golfing
(X) Get married
(X) Start a family
- Star gaze on the beach
- Watch a sunrise
- Go on a cruise together
- Always love each other
- Go to the lovers bridge & lock a padlock
- Get tattoos together
(X) Take a bubble bath together
- Write each other love notes
(X) Get engaged
- Go to new york city
- Move to another city
- Finish school
(X) Meet each others families
(X) Celebrate our 1 year anniversary
- & our 10th
- & our 50th
- Never forget to show each other appreciation

Couple Bucketlist

I know I’m not ready for a real relationship, but I’m still a young lady going through puberty and a bit of a romantic deep down… I can’t help but think of things I want to do with my future mate~ #WarningCornyListAhead

  • Physical (Holding hands, kissing, etc.)
  • Breakfast run after a night together. (;
  • Eat sweets @ Cafe.
  • Get FROYO together. Please~?
  • Go to a carnival and watch him fail at winning me something.
  • Go clubbing together.
  • Makeout at the movies.
  • OH. And I guess watch movies too… LOL
  • Ferris Wheel. DUH.
  • Roller coaster and laugh at him while I hold him for support.
  • “Guess the Flavor” Chapstick Challenge.
  • Roleplay :3
  • Spontaneous road trips.
  • Playing at park past midnight!
  • Die together while hiking up Griffith. (NOT LITERALLY. D:)
  • Share a “pocky” stick smooch.
  • Weird photobooth photos together.
  • Have us as my phone’s wallpaper.
  • Go to Disneyland together and get matching ears!
  • Have a photo of us kissing at Disneyland.
  • Dress each other for one day. *They choose partner’s clothes.
  • Snuggle together while drinking cocoa.
  • Make a snowman and snow angels! #Want
  • Imitate animals, like the dorks we are, at the zoo.
  • Call each other cute pet names. I have never done this before…
  • Go bowling together (and have me win. LOL)
  • Accidentally step on each other’s toes as we slow dance. <3
  • Cook and bake together… and epically fail together.
  • “Battle” each other on DDR.
  • Play on the Wii together (as I attempt to sabotage him.)
  • Go camping until I finally can’t stand it anymore.
  • Cloudwatch together. (Cloudwatching > Stargazing)
  • Take a romantic, sexy bath together.
  • Move IN together. OMFG.
  • Romantic anniversary dinner at fancy restaurant.
  • Drink until we pass out… (; Or… other stuff. LOL
  • SKINNY DIP. Seriously.
  • Make the BAE a surprise dinner. <3
  • Go to a freaking shooting range together. Seriously, yes please.
  • Skype! (Fall asleep, screenshot shnap, and use it as blackmail LOL)
  • People-watch and make up interesting stories about them.
  • Talk about life together.
  • Get a polaroid photo together? :D
  • Leave a lipstick mark on his face. (; #Marked LOL JK. Not… Maybe.
  • Workout together and then eat like fatasses afterwards.
  • Get a puppy together once we feel really…commited.
  • Push each other a bit out of our comfort zones.
  • Talk about our views on random issues together.
  • Mini prank war? :3
  • Decorate a christmas tree (and the whole place!) together!
  • ERMAHGOSH, kiss under the mistletoe, anyone?
  • Buy each other funky socks and wear them together in bed… And only that. LOL JK. Maybe… Maybe not. (;
  • Ice skating together. (: He better not make me fall. LOL
  • Take turns giving each other breakfast in bed? o:
  • Treat him like a king for one day when he gets sick. </3
  • Piggy-back ride~? Goodness, I hope I stay light! AHAHA!
  • Go to an aquariam (because I really, really want to go to one!)
  • Create silly, weirdo videos together. Hehe~
  • Picnic and relax together while listening to some music. (:
  • Have our ears bleed together @ Karaoke. LOL
  • Oh, it’s a must at ktown! KBBQ. DUH.
  • Double date? ;D I’m down, my bae. <3
  • Take a late night walk together (: In a beautiful, safe place tho.
  • Browse Chinatown and their cute, little trinkets.
  • Draw on each other while they sleeping. MWUAHAHAHA~
  • Bake a pizza together~
  • OH. Feed chocolate dipped strawberries together? LOLOL
  • Snuggle in bed with the already sleeping him. >///u///<
  • Go on a paddle-boat together @ the lake~
  • Sample sweets! :D I LOVE SWEETS.
  • Jenga punishment game! lol
  • Kiss him while I adjust his tie. #MovieWorthy
  • Do something cute and romantic on Valentine’s~
  • Watch fireworks together on the 4th of July!
  • New Year’s KISS. And drinking. And more fireworks.
  • Visit the fambams on Thanksgiving. (And worry/get nervous together!)
  • Buy a bunch of good candy for future trick-o-treaters together~
  • Lingerie store. He chooses for me. (; OHOHOHO.
  • Tell him, “I love you.”