couple y shit

Dan and Phil are doing so much couple-y shit that pretty soon no fanfiction will be considered unrealistic

σ(≧ε≦o) If I’m to be completely honest, I don’t know a thing about this guy, other than his name is Ghoul, he’s from Batman Beyond, he has the voice of a Christopher Walken, and that he can’t fight for shit in the videos I’ve seen of him lmao. But I love his design, and he acts pretty cool too


pavlovspinetrees  asked:

Can I have some suga or hanamatsu headcanons pls?

I’ll do HanaMatsu, if that’s okay!

HanaMatsu Headcanons:

  • Hanamaki is the most ticklish person on the face of the planet and Mattsun considers it a gift from god
  • Despite being a little shorter, Hanamaki is 100% capable of picking Mattsun up and carrying him around. 
  • They are the kind of couple that goes on romantic walks in the park so they can laugh at all the dumb couple-y shit that other couples are doing
  • they do that nasty gum swapping bit when they kiss just because they know it grosses out Oikawa
  • Obnoxious couples costumes every halloween