couple riding a motorcycle

okay but imagine punk!seungcheol and pastel!jeonghan together as a couple….


like seungcheol look all tough and probably ride a motorcycle around the bad areas of towns, hang out with the ‘bad boys’/’troublemakers’ of the town. tattoos with his muscles and he like the to rap and is an underground rapper. but like one day he show up with jeonghan on his side smiling like the angel that he is. and everyone is like ‘wait?’ wtf?’ jeonghan with that guy…???. jeonghan will be all nice and kind in his cardigans and hair tied, looking all soft and cute. then you see seungcheol with his leather jacket and hair in boom boom(that one scene) holding his hands walking around the town or market HOW CUTE IM EMO NOW


Requested by 14readwritedraw96

“What are you doing?”  You laughed as Craig squealed to a stop in front of you.  The smell of burning rubber wafted to your nose as his tires squealed from him hitting the break fast.

“Hop on.  We’re taking a ride.”  He grinned, handing you an extra helmet he had picked up for you.  Slowly you picked it up and put it on, tightening the strap under your chin.

“Where are we going?”  You questioned, swinging your leg over the back of his bike and wrapping your arms around his chest.

“Anywhere you want.”