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It’s already the 7 of August where I am, and that means the Meihem week has officially started! :D
I’m so excited to see all of things we’ll all create!! So happy to have a meihem week! That’s what we all needed!

Have a little warm up kiss-a-doodle as a starter!

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ive been using tinder for a little while and i right swiped a girl without checking her bio, then it said we matched so i checked it and it says she's looking for a threesome with her BF and... idk should i go for it?

Omg there’s no way I could answer this for you! Nobody know but you! If you want to have a threesome with them then sure but if not, no- even if I was bi I think I’d still distrust women who make couple profiles and intentionally don’t have a man with them in their pictures. It’s super gross and intentionally manipulative imoooo so I think people like that are probably shit.

My LDS Escort

My first confession is that I sometimes hire out escorts from BP. This next confession is a little bit more juicy…

One night while I was perusing the page, I came across a sexy redhead who wouldn’t show her face in the pictures. I thought she was really cute and she was close by, so I took a closer look to see more about her. I realized that I recognized a bag in one of her pictures. I looked closer and it had a pin that a girl I know from school had. I was amazed that anyone from my school would be on this page!

I quickly zoomed over to her FB profile and sure enough, a couple of her profile pictures were the full-images of the same photos on her page (Minus the sensual ones). I compared her photos and concluded that it had to be her. 

I still haven’t got the courage to ask her for a visit…

My issues with Tom being with Taylor have NOTHING to do with her being a “whore.”

For one, Tom deserves better. He’s the most unproblematic celebrity to walk the Earth and she’s… Well not.

They have nothing in common. Like nothing.

The fact that I’m already seeing “Taylor’s New Man” and “Taylor’s Man Candy” as headlines makes me so sick. He is far too talented and far too amazing to be reduced to such trashy labels. Tom was on the track to becoming Bond, BOND, and now he’s just “Taylor Swift dating Loki?!”

And most importantly, Tom does not belong in the negativity and drama that comes with all of this. Her fans saying he’s not good enough (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA), paparazzi being on him all the time, being in some “high profile” couple that people stalk, and even worse, the way it’ll end (because I’m sorry, it’s not going to last)

Tom Hiddleston deserves better than that.

What kind of couples you are

Mark: The perfect couple. It was the way you both looked at each other, like the only reason why you were alive is to be with each other. It’s skateboarding through the streets while still managing to hold each others hands, a love sweeter than candy floss in the summer. It’s matching couple rope bracelets, worn out from the shower water and sweat but you both still keep it on even if it begins to untwine itself. It’s him lying on top of you on the sofa, his ear resting against your chest, listening to the solid beating of your heart. It’s you dashing out onto the street to hold an umbrella over his head as he walks from the bus stop to your apartment and him touching his lips against your cheek to say thank you.

JB: The low profile couple. You’ve been together for the longest time, so long that you both forget the number of days you’ve been together. He never wants you to get hurt from his fans, your couple ring always in his right pocket, your love held close to his heart. It’s dates by the river at two in the morning, or spending time in your apartment, his cheek pressing against the top of your head or the other way round. It’s inside jokes you both don’t even know where they came from, sharing gazes when you both just wake up, his eyes always finding yours during music shows. Just knowing that nothing can really tear you apart after all you’ve been through.

Jackson: The physical couple. You’re always connected to each somehow, pinkies interlocked or his hand securely placed on your waist. It was almost as if he was scared to lose you, one glance was all he needed to calm his nerves, to know that you were here to stay. It’s stealing his snapbacks which are always too big for you, wearing his tank tops and hoodies. It’s going on hour long drives, singing your favourite songs loudly. It’s him shouting your name from the other side of the street because he’s so excited to see you, not giving a shit that everyone is staring at him and that you have your face buried in your hands. And you don’t care that he sweeps you into a tight hug, because you miss him too.

Jinyoung: The emotional couple. You both felt so much that sometimes it scared the people around you, but you didn’t scare each other. It’s looking into his eyes and knowing exactly what he meant. It’s highlighted quotes in books that whispers how much you love each other. It’s holding hands under the coffee table, fingers laced tightly together. It’s kisses under the dim streetlights, as if you were in some scene of a drama and resting his forehead against yours after the kiss. You think he’s destined for great things and you tell him that, and he only colours at the thought of it. It’s taking care of him because he always takes care of the other members and he couldn’t love you any more than that.

Youngjae: The happy couple. You both are always laughing, heads tossing back as the sunlight refracts off your hair. His arm is perpetually slung around your neck as he presses light kisses against your cheek and you kiss his jawline. It’s you learning how to play the piano so that you can play duets together and also help him with composing when he needs a spark of inspiration. It’s staying in bed the whole day when he has a a day off, you curling into his warmth. You think that he’s brighter than sunshine and he thinks the exact same thing about you. It’s him using your lap as a pillow and just gazing at you while you run your fingers through his hair. And you asking what he was staring and he just shakes his head and turns back to the TV, too shy to say it was you he was staring at.

Bambam: The SNS couple. You both aren’t hesitant to show your love for each other, it didn’t matter what the fans said, you both weren’t going to let it deter you from showing your love for each other. It’s dates in crowded shopping centres, amusement park dates with both of you wearing some kind of cute headband. Staring at each other lovingly in public, every other instagram photo was of you both together. It’s him giving you all his clothes that he outgrew within three months. Once in a while, you both still hurt from the harsh comments, and you’re wrapped up in each others arms whispering ‘I love you’ against each other’s skin, knowing that everything is going to be okay so long as you have each other.

Yugyeom: The young couple. You both are each other’s first, and the only thing you know of relationships are from movies and second hand accounts from your high school friends. It’s knuckles brushing against each others, awkward laughs, not knowing whether to take each other’s hand. It’s you who take his hand, trying to not meet his eyes and he squeezes your hand. It’s him bringing flowers every time he takes you out and dates in which you’re slow dancing around in the practice room, your face buried into his chest. It’s passing out in one corner of the room and you being late for school, but you didn’t care because he was worth it.

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I did a sport which is associated with gay men. The truth is most of the men are 100% straight. I'm talking about figure skating. We had a couple of high profile gay male skaters in the past and the men do perform in a sport known for including drama and art, so everyone assumes they're gay. Not true. Male figure skaters are just like the rest of the general public. Scientists and psychologists say 10% of the total pop is gay. Straights don't feel the need to say they're straight.