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one of my worst fear was that one day, someone is going to tell you i’m not worth it. i am not pretty enough or smart enough for you. i am not as good as you deserve but then I realised so what. you have had that option, everyday for the last four months. you have had that choice everyday since tenth of march but you chose me every minute of every day to stay. you chose to stay with me even if I am not smart enough or pretty enough. and I love the idea that maybe you won’t realise for the next four years that i am not worth it, and just by default decide to stay with me.
—  s t a y
w i t h
m e//
dear ex-bestfriend

people say you never forget you first love, well I think you never forget you first bestfriend. I know we haven’t talked in days, actually months which is so ironical because there was a time, we couldn’t go even an hour without talking to each other. I saw your pictures the other day on some social media, you looked happy in them. I think that is all I ever wanted for you, to be happy and content with yourself, to be less judgemental and way more accepting of your flaws. and i am so glad you got that. some part of me wishes i was there to see it happen, not just in pictures but in real life. I don’t know what really happened that day, the day we stopped talking, we didn’t even fight with each other. I guess we just gave up on our friendship when we stopped getting each other and the problems we were facing. I know they save when your first love leaves you it hurts like a bitch, i think I fell in love with you, not in a romantic way but in a way friends fall for each other. I fell in love with your hugs, and the smiles we exchanged in the hallways and the brownies we shared in the lunch breaks and the way you would pick up my phone even at 3 am and cheered me up. I miss you but you taught me the most important lesson even while leaving me, to let go. You taught me how to let it be and accept some things, even if they leave you high and dry, accept the things you can’t change. you taught me how to smile when shit got hard. and I hope someday when we’re older we meet in some small bakery with perfect oreo brownies and smile at each other like nothing ever changed all those years back.

An edit from last time I cosplayed as The Spine. Actually, I think I was just relaxing, taking a break, but my Rabbit said that it was a good pose, so she snapped a couple of pictures, while she was at it. The edit was done by me, by the way. 

On the plus side, I’m feeling cute today.

I was eyeing up a pair of bright blue jeans (they’re brighter than they look in my picture) a couple months ago, but they weren’t in my size and I was very disappointed. Found some at Old Navy!

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Ok so you love tae so much that I feel like your lockscreen and homescreen are some cute pic of tae and then a couple picture (which would be really cute)

totally a cute picture of tae then a couple picture

i lowkey wanna change my homecreen to a couple picture but my homescreen is perfect tbh

my mom always told me sweetheart you can’t ever expect other people to love you as deeply as you love them. i should have listened to her. i am not saying you don’t love me but maybe you don’t love me as much as i love you. its no competition. love isn’t a competition. but i took your word for when you said you loved me. i took it by heart. i just didn’t know you didn’t love me enough to save me before you saved yourself. you just didn’t love me enough to save me from myself. you didn’t love me as much as I loved you but then again love is not a competition. if that were the case why’d you say i love you more every night before sleeping when you didn’t.
—  m o r e//nikitagupta