couple of eternity

🐺 - Lamb, tell me a story..

🐑 - There was once a pale man with dark hair who was very lonely..

🐺 - Why was it lonely?

🐑 - All things must meet this man, so they shunned him.

🐺 - Did he chase them all?

🐑 - He took an axe, and split himself in two…

🐺 - So he will always have a friend..?

🐑 - So he will always have a friend.


KyoAni showed this beautiful Iwatobi group photo for Tanabata celebration greetings and I saw JP fans were freaking out about this on twitter :D Turned out that they were actually at Hikawa Shrine of Kawagoe City  and were visiting Two Wind Chimes Tunnel or more known as Tunnels of Love❤️ These tunnels are prepard for Tanabata days and apparently people write their wishes and prayers to be hung over there.

It is also stated that Hikawa enshrines the god of married couples, so many people go to pray for happy marriages or to find a spouse. It is also a popular choice for weddings ;)

So yep thanks for this beautiful Makoharu and Reigisa, KyoAni 💙💚  💛💜

The prints I ordered from @dement09 came yesterday and I AM LOVE THEM??? They were packaged really well and they’re all super pretty and I got a Bismuth sticker and a note and omfg -  I love you deni my sweet babu I hope you get your late ass christmas package soon <3 <3 <3

Bonus: pupper for scale, and envelope art