couple nicknames

Being Little: Nicknames

These are just a couple nicknames that are not meant for a specific gender, nor are they for everyone!

~Baby Boy
~Baby Cakes
~Baby Doll
~Baby Girl
~Cuddle Bug
~Cutie Pie
~Cutie Patoot(ie)
~Fruit Loop
~Honey Bun
~Jelly Bean
~Lamb Chop
~Little Boy
~Little Girl
~Little One
~My Everything
~My One and Only
~My Love
~My World
~Num Nums
~Other Half
~Teddy Bear

Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include

(Btw I am using the Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne, y’all)

  • Not being entirely sure as to how it all even happened
    • On the off-chance that you’re one of Gotham’s minimal elite, you probably met Bruce at a charity gala and, for some reason beyond your comprehension, he picked you out of the other well-dressed women
    • In the higher likelihood that you don’t come from an affluent family, there’s a multitude of possibilities as to where you met: Maybe you were at a gala working as part of the catering company and he accidentally spilled red wine on you. Maybe you worked as an intern or temp or had a desk job somewhere in the Wayne Enterprise building in Gotham. Or maybe he just saw some assholes giving you a rough time and he stepped in and then offered to walk you home.

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The Watseka Wonder

In a rural farming town of Watseka, Illinois, something peculiar was going down in 1877 to 1878. It was here that the very first American possession was documented. 13-year-old Lurancy Vennun lived at home with her siblings and parents. One day, she started to fall into bizarre catatonic trances in which she would claim that she visited heaven where she would speak to angels and spirits of the deceased. A couple of years beforehand, Lurancy’s brother and sister perished. She saw them in heaven too, she reported. Sometimes these trances would last for hours and Lurancy would speak in a different voice than her regular voice and speak of places that were far away - places she certainly hadn’t visited.

At a time when the spiritualism movement was widely popular, many people believed that Lurancy was manifesting mediumistic abilities during these trances. She certainly was able to contact spirits and angels, many believed. While many physicians diagnosed her as being mentally ill and attempted to encourage her parents to send her to the State Insane Asylum in Peoria, they refused. Asylums in that day and age were rife with abuse and offered zero treatment. In fact, many patients would be lucky to make it out alive never mind make it out “cured.” The idea was to lock those who were deemed mentally ill away from the outside world and those who were deemed as “normal.”

As the trances became more frequent and more detailed, a man called Asa Roff, who also lived in Watseka, showed up at the Vennum family residence. Asa told the Vennum family about his own daughter, Mary Roff, who had suffered from something eerily similar to Lurancy. Mary would often enter similar trance like states in which she would take on the character of somebody else - she was possessed, they believed and could recollect information about places she had never been and people she had never known. One morning, her father found her slicing open her arms with a straight razor. She needed to rid her body of blood, she told him. Her father had agreed with the physicians and sent Mary to the insane asylum where she perished while in confinement. Despite her death, Asa was adamant that Mary’s spirit was still alive.

Now this is where the story becomes even more obscure. Following this meeting, another spirit came through Lurancy - Mary Roff. While in one of her trances, she introduced herself as Mary. As the Roff family caught wind of this, they immediately made their way to the Vennum household. Although Lunacy had never met the family, she was able to identity each one, even identifying them by childhood nicknames. A couple of days later, the Vennum family allowed the Roff family to take Lurancy to their home, to see how she would behave and to see if she would regain her real identity. As they rode past their old house, Lurancy became confused and asked why they weren’t stopping there. They had moved from that home several years ago.

Miraculously, the longer Lurancy stayed with the Roff family, the less frequent her trances were. That was until a couple of months later, when Lurancy told the Roff family it was time for her to leave. Kissing them all goodbye, she was increasingly upset. Days later, Mary was gone for good and Lurancy never fell into another trance again. What happened in Watseka? Was Lurancy really possessed by the spirit of Mary? Many people, including both the Roff family and Vennum family, believe so.

Being an X-Men, and dating Peter Maximoff would include…


  • Having the power to slow down time for short bursts of time, which is both helpful and ironic
  • So whenever you need to find Peter while he’s doing that thing where he never stop running, all you have to do is slow down time in the room he’s in, walk over to him, and whack him over the head
  • “Ow, ow, that’s no fair!”
    “Peter, we’ve gone through this before. You can’t use your powers while we’re playing tag. It’s already bad enough that Kurt got lost trying to teleport to you. Poor guy’s probably stuck in the fridge again.”
  • Being assigned as his caretaker, since after he broke his leg during the battle with Apocalypse, the only person he’s wanted to take care of him was you
  • “Can I have some of that soup you always make?”
  • But naurally, the only thing he wants to do is cuddle in bed
  • He’s somewhat more affectionate with a broken leg, strangely
  • “Peter, I’ve got to go train with the team, or I’m going to be late. Again.”
  • The team not knowing what to think about your relationship- Sure, the two of you dominate the mansion as the power OTP, but you sure have a strange way of showing it
  • Because sometimes you’ll be at full-fledged war over who ate the last brownie from the fridge
  • “You know I wanted the last one!”
    “Yeah, well, you should’ve thought of that before I ate it.”
  • And then two minutes later, you’ll be making out on the kitchen counter (Much to the dismay of everybody else)
  • “Guys, ew, please. We eat on that table.”
  • In fact, every argument the two of you have always ends with you making out on the nearest possible surface
  • “Please, for the love of god and Kurt’s innocence; get a room!”
  • Him using his speed to piss you off
  • Sometimes he’ll steal your chips while you’re watching Netflix
  • “Damn it, Peter!”
  • Other times he’ll take selfies on your phone whenever you’re hanging out with Jean
  • “Are you kidding me?”
  • He even steals kisses from you every now and then
  • Being unbelievably jealous of his silver hair- like, come on. No matter how many boxes of dye you used, you coud never achieve the perfect silver colour that is his hair
  • ‘Forget about super speed, Pete. I want your hair colour. Is it natural? Do you secretly dye it every week?”
    “Y/n, are you only dating me because of my hair colour?”
    “No, of course not. Your metallic jacket is pretty cool too.”
  • Actually, while we’re on the topic of his jacket, the kids in the X-Mansion will see you all snuggled up in it
  • Of course, Peter usually doesn’t have a clue that you’ve stolen his signature jacket, and’ll have to spend the entire afternoon running around the place, looking for his jacket
  • Having adorable couple nicknames for each other like ‘Satan’, ‘Speedy Little Shit’, and ‘Dumbass’
  • “Hey, Peter Piper, pass the remote.”`
Cute nicknames for your genderqueer lover



-sack of fucking potato

-meme slut

-Roger from american dad


- socks that have been sitting on my floor for 3 weeks

- a build a bear



-sweet sweet ass

-chicken pot pie

The Lunar Chronicles:

Cinder X Kai:

The Royals
The Sarcastic Sass Squad
Hoodies Make For Good Disguises
Those Darn Lunars
The Stupid Foot Just Won’t Die (The Foot Knows, It Knows and It Follows)
Diplomacy Sucks
High Fives For The Win
Mechanics are Hot
Cybernetics are Attractive
Pimp my Kingdom/Palace
Runs Hand Through Hair, Bites Lip
“Fuck that Foot” (drop it like it’s hot! drop it like it’s hot!)
Your Aunt is My Fiancé Whoops
Lives For Their People
The Powah of Leadership :D
World’s Most Awkward Kiss In the Elevator
Holy Crap I Hope My Significant Other Isn’t Dead!
Emperor and Empress
1000 Kisses and Counting
Literally Worries About the Other Being Dead or Alive

Scarlet X Wolf:

Alpha Pack Bitches
Tomatoe Hoes
Won’t Take Your Shit Duo
Packs a Punch
Blue Daisy Crew
Part Lunar, Part Whatever
Farm Charm
We Don’t Need Your Sympathy
We Protect Each Other
The Tough as Nails
Touch Him/Her and I Kill You
Bare Fangs All Day
Gentle on the Inside, Hardcore on the Outside
Maglev Kissees
We Don’t Need No Lunar Gift
Red and Fierce
I’m His/I’m Hers
Whatchu Starin’ At Punk?
Country Life is the Best Life
Small Town Girl Meets Small Town Boy
Literally Cannot Function Without the Other

Cress X Thorne:

You Shoot Me, I Stab You
The Blondes
The Dreamers
Deserts Aren’t Fun
What is Up With These Lunars
How Did I End Up Here
Good Cop, Bad But Not Really Because He’s Also a Dork Cop
Charming and Cutie
Criminal Masterminds
“Be Heroic”
The Fashion Models
Thing 1, Thing 2
Tall and Shorty
Just Call Me Captain
Would You Look at All that Hair
The Spy and the Hacker
How Many Kisses Does It Take to Melt a Bitch?
Eyedrops Bring Us Closer
Crewmates for Life
Her Dad Hates Me
Antennae and Bowtie
Ow! My Stomach! Ow! My Hand!
Literally is Head Over Heels for the Other But Doesn’t Know It’s Mutual

Winter X Jacin:

The Princess and the Guard
Definition of Precious
Let’s Lose Our Minds
Cinnamon Roll and Sinnamon Roll
Happy Child and Angsty Son
Andy (Winter) and April (Jacin)
“I’ll Never Let Go”
Snow Girl and Lava Boy
Whoops I Killed Your Pet Wolf
Never Out Of Sight Of One Another
Light and Shadow
Sun and Moon
You Are My Medicine
The Star and the Behind the Scenes
Damaged and Destroyed
Yin and Yang
My Boyfriend is my Bodyguard
The Princess and the Pauper
Suspended Animation Buddies
Fuck Levana
Pawns on a Game Board/Fuck the System
Literally Cannot Live Without the Other


Headcanons and Scenarios:


Appreciation Post


Friends to Lovers with Taeil

Song Writing w/ Taeil that Leads to Confession 

Duets w/ Taeil



Cuddling with Hansol

Friends to Lovers with Hansol 

Dancing w/ Hansol 

Surprising Hansol at his debut stage

I missed you

Memory box



Cuddling with Johnny

Friends to Lovers with Johnny 

Enemies to lovers with Johnny


Playing Piano w/ Johnny 

Fashion Evaluation w/ Johnny

Prom w/ Johnny


First Kiss


Sleeping Pills


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Taeyong

Friends to Lovers with Taeyong 

Boyfriend does my makeup with Taeyong

Getting into an argument with Taeyong

Lazy dates w/ Taeyong

Beach date w/ Taeyong

Midnight confessions w/ Taeyong

Everything is Going to be Alright


Never Leave My Side

Secret Love Song




Cuddling with Yuta

Friends to Lovers with Yuta 

Boyfriend does my makeup with Yuta


Carnival date w/ Yuta

Soccer w/ Yuta

I love you too much

Swimming Fool

Something more than friends

The Kids Aren’t Alright 



Friends to Lovers with Kun

Languages Lessons w/ Kun 


Goodbye message

I promise you



Cuddling with Doyoung

Friends to Lovers with Doyoung 

Lazy dates w/ Doyoung

Vroom Vroom Talk Show w/ Doyoung

Prom w/ Doyoung



Cuddling with Ten

Friends to Lovers with Ten (1)

Friends to Lovers with Ten (2) 

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Ten

Getting ears pierced w/ Ten

Dancing w/ Ten

Language lessons w/ Ten

Hidden note

Lazy Mornings




Cuddling with Jaehyun

Friends to Lovers with Jaehyun 

Boyfriend does my makeup with Jaehyun

Basketball w/ Jaehyun

Duets w/ Jaehyun 

Good morning, little one

Something Just Like This

Starry Night

We just need to wait a little longer



Cuddling with Winwin

Friends to Lovers with Winwin 

Dancing w/ Winwin

Languages Lessons w/ Winwin

Lost In Love



Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Mark

Friends to Lovers with Mark 


Arcade date w/ Mark

Song Writing w/ Mark that Leads to Confession 


How long have you been dating?

I don’t deserve you

I would never


My other half

Please, wait for me

Between The Shelves




Cuddling with Renjun

Enemies to lovers with Renjun

Sleepovers with Renjun

Lazy dates w/ Renjun

Portrait Drawings w/ Renjun 




Appreciation post


Cuddling with Jeno

Friends to Lovers with Jeno 

Sleepovers with Jeno

Song Writing w/ Jeno that Leads to Confession

Soccer w/ Jeno

Please, don’t leave me

Summer Love

Walk You Home


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Haechan

Friends to lovers with Haechan

Boyfriend does my makeup with Haechan

Sleepovers with Haechan (1)

Sleepovers with Haechan (2)

Arcade date w/ Haechan

Song Writing w/ Haechan that Leads to Confession

Duets w/ Haechan 

Hyung line trying to get you and Haechan together 

AM 1:27


They Don’t Know About Us


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Jaemin

Boyfriend does my makeup with Jaemin 

Sleepovers with Jaemin

Mall date w/ Jaemin

Volleyball w/ Jaemin



Cuddling with Chenle

Little brother!Chenle

Water park date w/ Chenle

Going Trick or Treating w/ Chenle

Midnight confessions w/ Chenle

High note competition w/ Chenle 




Sleepovers with Jisung

Dancing w/ Jisung

Play Date


NCT’s reaction when they hear you speaking your mother language

NCT’s reaction to you confessing first

NCT’s reaction to you writing/performing a song for them

NCT’s reaction to you surprising them on tour/at a concert

NCT’s reaction to your relationship being revealed publicly

NCT’s reaction to you having a strong British accent

NCT’s reaction to other members walking into you guys kissing/ making out

NCT’s reaction to you saying “I love you” first

NCT’s reaction to you confessing to them but they reject you so you play it off as a joke

NCT’s reaction to you kissing them for the first time

NCT’s reaction to you going on a diet

NCT’s reaction to you not wanting to shave your legs

NCT’s reaction when they surprise you with a kiss but when they pull back you’re crying because you can’t believe that you’re in such a good relationship

NCT’s reaction to you surprising them at practice

NCT’s reaction to having a ‘01 liner s/o that’s 1.55 cm

NCT’s reaction to your pictures from photoshoots

NCT’s reaction to you cooking for them

NCT’s reaction to you calling them when crying

NCT’s reaction to you being taller than them

NCT’s reaction to you fangirling over EXO

NCT’s reaction to you getting scared at a fear of them

NCT’s reaction to you describing your ideal type but it’s far from how they are

NCT’s reaction to you describing your ideal type and it’s exactly how they are

NCT’s reaction to you being a Potterhead

NCT’s reaction to you falling asleep in their lap

NCT U’s reaction to you cheating on them with another member

NCT 127’s reaction to you having depression

NCT 127′s reaction to you passing your audition to entering SM Entertainment

NCT 127′s reaction to you getting scared at a horror movie

NCT 127′s reaction to you finding out that they’ve been cheating on you (1)

NCT 127′s reaction to see you again after the betrayal (2)

NCT 127’s reaction to you falling of the stairs and getting hurt

NCT 127′s reaction to one of their habits stick on you

NCT 127′s reaction to you debuting in a girl group of SM

NCT 127′s reaction to you telling them that you’re pregnant

NCT 127’s reaction to you looking tough but actually being really shy and sweet

NCT 127′s reaction to you inviting them to your house for the first time

NCT 127′s reaction to you co-hosting Weekly Idol while they’re guests

NCT 127 + Hansol’s reaction to their s/o loving skinship with them (only aged members)

NCT 127 + Hansol’s reaction to you having arachnophobia

NCT 127 + Jeno’s reaction to you finding out that the reason they dated you was because of a bet

NCT U + 127’s reaction to you switching languages all the time

NCT U + 127’s reaction to you saying “I love you” accidentally for the first time

Hyung line’s reaction to you swearing at them in an argument

Hyung line’s reaction to meeting your parents who don’t like them because they’re asian

Hyung’s line reaction to you kicking them in your sleep

Foreign line’s reaction to you surprising them with tickets to their home country

Johnny, Yuta, Kun, Ten, Winwin, Mark’s reactions to you meeting their parents but you aren’t confident to talk to them in their native language 


Couple items with NCT

Couple nicknames with NCT

First dates with NCT

NCT dating a short girl

How would NCT make their s/o feel better after a stressful day

Little touches of love with NCT

NCT liking a insecure chubby girl

NCT liking a girl NCT member

NCT meeting your family

Being the only girl in NCT U would include

Being the only girl in NCT 127 would include

Being the only girl in NCT Dream would include

Truth or Dare with NCT 127 would include 

Going to the beach with NCT DREAM

NCT 127 being guardian angels and falling in love with their human

I also do ships, but if you want to request one please do it without being in anon, it’s less messy for me in that way. Thanks!

My To-Do List!

Cute nicknames for your boyfriend ❤

GORGEOUS - if u think he’s gorgeous. Let him know. He’ll love it :3



(my) Prince

My love

Kitty/puppy -if your into that thing or if u have a cutsie/playful relationship :3


(My) boo or my man


Honey bear/snuggle bear

Bad boy/baby boy

Cutie booty

(my) soul mate

Or anything else you find cute :3. I think these are adorable and call my boyfriend many of these. :3

anonymous asked:

re: caleb's insta (1) adam buying caleb expensive gifts is my aesthetic #neurosurgeons4parents, (2) i feel like if they had canonical appearanceds/face-actors, caleb's social media would have 1000% more gross couple pictures, which (3) would lead to even more confusion on the part of the football team because "michaels w the Rage thing is posting so many pics of him kissing his bf's cheeks????" and also"yo wasnt that kid peak emo 2 mins ago y is michaels' snap story 14 vids of him w dog filter"

You are 10000000% right. I feel called out right now. Caleb feels called out. Adam feels called out. This is so real. 

  • yakov, at the beginning: fine, he can skate on this rink because you're his coach and i am your coach, but that's all. he is your problem.
  • yakov, after spending time with yuuri: i will teach yuuriya how to do a quad flip with a higher success rate. you are a failure as coach if you can't even do that, vitya. i guess i have to coach him instead.

anonymous asked:

What if the GOM were playing LIFE with their team and their cursh(the reader) picks them for their husband as a joke, how would they react?

i actually have no idea what that game is? i thought the name was familiar but then i searched it, and turns out i was wrong! still tho, i hope you like this! ^^


  • At first, he would be surprised, and most of all happy.
  • You were his crush, and even if you only picked him as your husband in a game, he’ll still be flattered.
  • Although, he won’t actually show you how surprised or happy he is, he’ll keep his usual calm and cool aura.
  • But then again, you weren’t his crush for no reason.
  • Even when he was good at hiding it, you were the only one who can see how happy it made him.
  • He’d be waiting for the moment your eyes lock together so he can smirk at you.
  • He’ll also probably try and play the husband part even after the game is done just to mess with you.
  • Will even mess with you via text and call you some cute married couple nicknames like “honey, sweetie, darling, etc.”


  • He chocked on his drink.
  • He has no idea what to do with himself.
  • He really tried to look all cool in front of you but that was too much for him. 
  • His imagination ran wild the moment you picked him, and he could have sworn he felt his own cheeks flush.
  • He probably made you think he doesn’t like you since the first thing he did was choke.
  • He sat quietly the entire time throughout the game.
  • As much as he wanted to hit Takao for nudging him every few minutes and winking, he couldn’t.
  • He apologized to you after the game, but ended up confessing to you by mistake. 


  • Suddenly all he knew was blinking.
  • The moment he heard you pick him, he just froze.
  • Well, his eyes did not. He started blinking rapidly that Kuroko had to actually nudge him a little until he came back to his senses.
  • “Sorry! I just…. dozed off for a second.” was the only excuse he could come up with.
  • When he heard you giggle, he could have sworn his heart skipped a beat.
  • He’d steal glances at you every once in a while, and smile.
  • He had no idea you had this much impact on him when it’s not even real.
  • When he realized how he would feel if it was actually true, needless to say he became a grinning mess.


  • He had to mentally, and physically stop himself from yelling and squashing you into a hug.
  • He didn’t care that it was just a game, that was enough to make him like you even more.
  • “I’m officially the luckiest husband.” he blurted out.
  • His face actually turned red when everyone went quiet and you were looking at him.
  • Oops! he realized he actually said it out loud rather than saying it in his own head.
  • His eyes went wide when he saw you covering your mouth and giggling shyly.
  • He couldn’t help but watch you giggle, and laugh along.
  • This would be the first time he actually applauds himself for saying something without thinking.


  • “Ehhhhhh, ___-chan picked me?” was the first thing to come out of his mouth.
  • He laughed it off in front of you and acted like it wasn’t a big deal.
  • He was actually dying from the inside. 
  • He would keep turning his head to the other side just to smile.
  • You were the only person he kept offering to take a bite from his snack.
  • That was his way of saying I really like you. 
  • Even everyone would stop just to stare whenever he offered you.
  • Since he wasn’t the type to share his food, this just showed everyone just how much he’s willing to do for you.


  • He simply smiled and thanked you. 
  • He also excused himself right after to use the bathroom.
  • He went in there just to throw his fist up and practically whisper a “YES!”.
  • When he came back and saw you smiling at him, it made him realize you really are a person he wouldn’t mind waking up to everyday.
  • He’d enjoy just sitting there, watching you play and amusedly watch your face expressions.
  • He never thought there could be a day where he would thank Aomine for something, but he was wrong.
  • He was gonna thank him the minute this game ends for dragging him into this even when he didn’t want to.
  • Will remind you of this when you two actually do get married.

OTP AESTHETIC // /modern) James Moriarty x Sebastian Moran

they’re the napoleon of crime and the most dangerous man in london

Your comic is amazing, clearly inspiring hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of people, myself included.

It got me thinking, judging how mostly successful Elsewhere University is for the Fae, that other lessor courts would do similar things at other universities, some more successful than others. Possibly even forming rivalries between the courts/schools.

This is just a quick set up of one other university, doing things somewhat differently than Elsewhere, but the game and the rules of the Fae are still the same.


Elsewhere University is not the only University of its type.

The University of Fairfield

The University of Fairfield is old, established sometime before the Industrial Revolution.

Fairfield is named such due to its location, an open field where the weather is somehow always fair: sunny, a few clouds, a light breeze.

The founders of the school had not done their research. Or perhaps they were otherwise influenced. For Fairfield has its name for another reason.

It is home to a court of Fairfolk. (make no mistake it is no field, it is a fairy hill with old and strong magic to appear not as such)

The University of Fairfield was small, only a couple of buildings built upon the land of the Fairfolk. (although the silly mortal humans did not realize their error until it was too late) They had failed to ask for permission to build, but the Fairfolk let them, thus a favored was owed. The price of that favor was people, regularly. So people went missing and some, not all, came back and they came back changed. Some clearly fae-touched, others simply charmed, most just scarred from the experience.

Officially the University of Fairfield did not even last a decade, shutting down and closing after a couple of years.

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