couple minecrafters

  • Gavin: *throws beef at Michael*
  • Michael: holy shit, Gavin! Ten??
  • Gavin: yeah, they're all for you. I got them for my Mog'!
  • Michael: *Gavin squeal*
  • Gavin: I like to keep you healthy so you can fight Zombies for me.
  • Michael: alright, thank-I appreciate that.
  • Gavin: keep you strong! You ARE my boi.
  • Gavin: *singing* Michael, you my boi!
  • Michael: B-O-I boi. BOI!
  • Gavin: what's it like being my boi?
  • Michael: you know, it's alright.
  • Gavin: medium?
  • Michael: sometimes it sucks.
  • Gavin: why-why does it suck?
  • Michael: well, 'cause it's you.
  • -Let's Play Minecraft-Episode 72-Galacticraft Part 1

random fun fact about me: Dip the Hashashin is just the shortened version of Bluoix-Dip the Caeruluem Hashashin.

idk I was like 12 at the time okay

Welcome to AH City (WIP)

Based off of Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series. (Currently only assorted episodes 1-100)

Buildings Include:

  • Downtown Achievement City (Geoff, Ray, Gavin, Michael, Jack, and Ryan’s houses, Kerry’s basement/Team Nice Dynamite hall WIP)
  • King’s Court (Top Right)
  • Spring Harvest Farm (ep. 93, West of King’s Court)
  • Goeff’s Farming & Mercantile Supply (Ep. 93, South of the Farm)
  • Hospital (ep. 87, North of Downtown)
  • Royal Bank of Geoff (ep. 95, West of Goeff’s)
  • Altar of Pimps (ep. 19 & 100, Top Left)
  • Thunderdome (ep 43, Bottom Left)
  • Birch Bunker (ep. 64, South of the Altar of Pimps)
  • Wool Collecting House (ep. 31-32, West of Downtown)
  • Shopping List House (ep. 52-53, West of Geoff’s House, South of Wool House)
  • Petting Zoo (ep. 76, East of Downtown)
  • No/Dark Petting Zoo (ep. 41-42, 64, North of Petting Zoo, South of Goeff’s)
  • Bay of Pimps/Jamboree Campground (ep. 28 & 80, Bottom Right)
Teach Me

Vik x Reader #1

Warnings: nothing besides a couple of swears

Note: ngl the ending is ehhhhh but i hope you guys enjoy it anyways ~K


You had been helping the boys unpack dozens of boxes of new merch for the clothing store. Usually you were one to help with the business and customer service side of things, but between making videos and moving they needed an extra set of hands. You were unpacking and sorting a box of tie-dye shirts when a head settled on your shoulder and two arms snaked around your waist. You turned your head to find that it was Vik resting on you.

“I thought you were filming?” you asked whilst continuing to unload the shirts.

“Yeah, but I wanted to find you a-“

“And help me with this unpacking?” you asked smiling up towards him. He sighed, but nonetheless agreed to help for the time being. The two of you continued to unpack the boxes as the silence settled in for a bit. You had finished the rest of the boxes with Josh and Lewis helping out.

“Come up with me?” Vik asked as he headed back up to his room.

You sat on Vik’s bed as he recorded a couple of Minecraft videos with the Pack listening in and watching as he concentrated on winning

“Alright guys I’m gonna dip, I should probably start editing for tomorrow’s vids,” you heard Vik said looking up.

“Teach me how to play?” you asked approaching Vik’s desk.

“How to play minecraft?” Vik asked shocked.

“Yeah,” you said shrugging  your shoulders “why not? You always ask me to play with you and I never do because I’m just not good.”

“Come here,” Vik said scooting over on his seat, but ultimately just telling you to sit on him as you both were too lazy to go find another chair from somewhere in the house.

“Okay so just like any other game you use WASD to move…” Vik said starting to explain the controls and opening up his Minecraft window simultaneously. You spent the next 30 mins learning the controls and mechanics of PVPing in the game.

“Do you want to try a Money Wars?” he asked. When you nodded, he reached around you to take controls of the mouse and keyboard joining the server.

“Okay let’s do this,” you whispered to yourself as the countdown started.

“You are going to be giving me tips right?” you asked Vik as he watched intently and silently laughing at how slow you were taking.

“Yes yes don’t worry love.”

“You know I’m doing pretty well,” you said as you started to cover up your egg within the game. Suddenly, you turned to see a guy swinging at you.

“Babe swing your sword…BABE SWING YOUR SWORD!” you heard Vik saying behind you.

“I’m trying, I’m trying!” you said as you died and respawned.

“No no, you have to stop him from breaking your egg!”

“Well it’s not my damn fault this guy is coming at me! AGH!!!” you said raging as you got killed once again and you respawned on your last life as the guy had finally broken your egg.

“Babe you play PC games, how are you so bad at this?”

“I play first person shooters! This is very fucking different,” you said trying to defend yourself.

“Remind me never to make a Minecraft video with you,” he said laughing as the screen popped up saying that you once again got killed and had been eliminated from the round.

“HEY! That’s rude,” you said slapping his arm. He continued to laugh as you struggled to get into a new game.

“I think you should stick with your FPS’s love” he said as you gave up on trying to enter a new game.

“Well I’m sorry I’m not good at a game that I just learned how to play today, Mr. I’m a pro at everything,” you said slightly pouting jokingly.

He only laughed in response and took away the controls once again, but this time to pull up a new window and started to edit as you rested your head on his chest and sunk into him. Somehow you managed to fall asleep in that position and was woken up when Vik had finished editing for the night and was heading to bed at a normal time for once.

“You could’ve woken me up! I would’ve just moved babe,” you said groggily as you got off him stretching out. He just smiled and shrugged. You both went to get ready properly for bed before jumping back into the blankets.

“You know I actually appreciate you trying to learn one of my favorite games,” he said pulling you closer, snuggling into you.

You just smiled and gave him a kiss before the two of you fell asleep, close as ever.

30 Day Yogscast Challenge

I saw a bunch of these floating around for other fandoms, so I figure we should get one!

  1. Favorite Yog
  2. Favorite Off-Camera Yog (the editors, artists, etc)
  3. Favorite Video
  4. Favorite Minecraft Series
  5. Favorite Non-Minecraft Series
  6. Favorite Yogs Gif
  7. Favorite GMod Video
  8. Saddest Yogs Moment
  9. Favorite Yog Song
  10. Favorite Christmas Livestream Memory/Video
  11. Favorite SoI Character
  12. Favorite of the “Fab 4” (Simon, Lewis, Hannah, Duncan)
  13. Favorite Sir (Hat Films)
  14. Favorite Out-of-Bristol Yog (Rhythian, Sips, ETC.)
  15. Favorite Yog Icon
  16. Funniest Yog
  17. Funniest/Best Yog Duo
  18. Favorite Bromance
  19. A Yog that always makes you smile
  20. A Yog that you want to be your best friend
  21. A Yog that you want to hug
  22. A Yog you’d choose as your roommate
  23. Favorite piece of Yogs Merch (past or present)
  24. Your First Yogscast Video
  25. Your First Yogscast Crush
  26. Your First Favorite Yog
  27. Favorite Yog Couple
  28. Favorite Minecraft Persona
  29. Pick a side in the current Minecraft War!
  30. Celebrate! “I am (YOUR NAME) Yognau(gh)t- and I have the balls!”

If you do this, please use the tag “30 day yogscast challenge” so we can all see your posts!!!!