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Marty + Jennifer appreciation post thing.

Undeniably my favourite movie couple ever. These two are just so cute and are so perfect together my god. Thought these cuties needed a post.

You probably noticed there’s only pictures of Claudia wells as Jennifer and no Elizabeth shue. That’s because I prefer Claudia wells performance to Elizabeth shue’s. It’s not that I HATE Elizabeth shues performance, I just prefer Claudias (also I personally think that Claudia was a lot prettier, no offence to Elizabeth), and I don’t actually have any pictures of Elizabeth shue Jennifer. But I COULD do a post on Marty and Elizabeth shue Jennifer if anybody wants.

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whos your fav in my hero academia?

Apologize for the late reply, but as I said in my last post, my dog passed away recently so I was way down. 

Anyway I think I wrote it plenty of times but my n°1 fav in My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero academia is Toshi! I adore him from the first chapter! I was afraid he could turn to be a jackass hero on start but when he turned into his real form.. that time I understood he would have be my top favorite in the story.
The big contrast among the real form and the hero form was really BRILLIANT! Not talking of his way to be, he is so adorable!! 

Truth is that this love turned into a pretty big crush, in fact he reached the top 5 of my ALL TIMES favorite characters among manga/anime, games, tv shows and movies… 
I adore him this much that I bought even a couple of fandom merchandises after a very long time!! 

I’ll come to reply the other ASK shortly, I promise! :) 

Merchandise: Where to Sell?

Okay. I got a couple of Merchandise questions recently and I hear ya, Seduce Me Fans. I want to sell more SM stuff to you like posters, keychains, and other cool stuff.


I need to find a place that won’t screw people financially. Currently, I am running through Spreadshirt, but they are very limited in terms of what they can sell and they are a little… finicky with certain items.

So I need some help scouting a new place. This place NEEDS to be able to make it on sight and deliver it through it’s own system. I do NOT have the time or extra funds to constantly go to UPS/Other places and send out packages upon packages. If it absolutely 100% comes down to me having no choice, I will do etsy or some other site and try to work it out, but I want to try and find a place that will be open to me selling merchandise through them (I do not mind a profit-share/cut)

What I intend to sell:

  • Shirts
  • Posters
  • Keychains/Charms
  • Dakis/Pillows IF POSSIBLE
  • Bags
  • Buttons
  • Other things.

Any advice would be great; even if it’s “Michaela. Just do the thing yourself.”


The disney store was having a 40% off sale on Moana merchandise a couple months ago so I finally got that 11″ disney store moana doll I was cooing over. Articulated arms and wrists, perfect hair, wonderful details and THAT FACE! I love her.

I also made a very simple unboxing video on my doll blog @busybeecrafts for no particular reason if you want to watch that.

Yoongi Scenario: First Meeting - Part 4.

Request: Can I get a We got Married scenario with Yoongi? Were you’re from Europe or America so basically The Global Edition of WGM

Genre: Romance.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Things were starting to get a little more serious on the show. Now that you had seen each other a couple of times more and that you were starting to get to know each other’s personalities better.
You didn’t know if it was because of the show or if this was the real him, but Min Yoongi was your kind of guy. Laid back and smooth he carried himself with so much confidence it was really attractive, but at the same time he had a cute side, that although he had not shown entirely you could see glimpses of it. How he would turn his gaze when you caught him staring or how he would blush in the embarrassing situations.

You fisted the straps of your little backpack bag, there you had the red envelope the We Got Married crew had gave you before and honestly you didn’t know how you would do it.

For today’s episode you were going on the classical amusement park date, but because this was variety show you had to do the missions to make it more interesting to the public and more exciting for you. 

Your mission for today was buy and make Yoongi wear couple merchandise, wherever you liked, the more the better; the thing was that at this point you knew him enough to know that get him to wear something like that wouldn’t be easy. This mission was secret and one of the conditions was to make it in a way that Yoongi didn’t realize this was a mission, so that added up difficulty to your assignment.

Yoongi and you were at the gates of the amusement park and he has holding a red envelope that one of the staff members had just handed him. He opened it and you walked a little closer to be able to read it too.

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on loving sharks

Chris can’t remember not loving sharks. His parents aren’t totally certain where his first stuffed shark came from—none of his relatives remember buying it, and his parents, being graduate students with a newborn, weren’t exactly getting enough sleep to make clear memories at the time—but Sharkie is in all his baby pictures, and his grandparents (who were getting enough sleep) claim she was his favorite from the beginning. She remained his favorite for a long time, even as he acquired books about sharks, and nature videos about sharks, and what seemed to his parents like half a million shark toys. 

If he’s being completely honest, Chris doesn’t really remember becoming a Sharks fan, either, but he does know the story.  Shortly after he’d turned three, the Graduate Parents of Samwell had rented out Faber for the afternoon for an end-of-semester parent-and-toddler skating session. Pretty much all of the grad student parents who’d finished their grading (and a few who hadn’t, quite) were there, and Chris’s parents took the opportunity to invite several of them to a (somewhat belated) party in honor of Chris’s third birthday.  A Canadian PhD candidate in mathematics (who had two kids and looked like he hadn’t slept in a month) asked Chris’s mom what kind of stuff Chris liked these days. She’d tried to tell him not to bother getting a present, but the mathematician had insisted, and Chris’s mom eventually said something along the lines of “well, he’s really into sharks…” 

Two weeks later, half the Graduate Parents of Samwell (along with associated spouses and children) showed up to Chris’s birthday party bearing gifts of San José Sharks merchandise.   

A couple of months after that, the same mathematician friend invited all three Chows over for a grading-and-babysitting party, and put on a hockey game for background noise.  Chris was, according to his parents, utterly enthralled by all the people skating around the TV screen “wearing my Sharkie shirt!” And that was that. 

Falling in love with playing hockey, however, is something Chris remembers very well indeed. 

ok so I recently saw a textpost saying that makeup and beauty culture only exist to brainwash women and drive consumerism and while it was a valid point I just… can’t get over how something women love and enjoy is what gets called out the most. it’s no different than “brainwashing” men into watching sports and going to games and buying merchandise. or couples buying specific furniture to put in their houses… like there are obviously deep rooted issues in beauty culture and I’m not supporting that but why is makeup called out as if it’s the only thing that drives consumerism? is it because it’s something that has existed for women and it makes them feel good?

Hear this Sanji and Nami

This is intended for Sanji and Nami, who do not stop hallucinating with its pseudo partner.

Stop being lying, are not ashamed to say that Oda’s wife likes his pseudo pair, note that invented all that, because they know that lately in the manga, you are having a hard, even if your partner does not exist, because you “misrepresent” everything he does Oda, to favor its pseudo pair, but the worst is that they invent saying that Sanji and Nami is the most popular in Japan, because again I say other than liars, I have strong evidence that Japan’s most popular couple One Piece Luffy x Nami is and still is a big difference, I talk to a Japanese in twitter, which gave me official data from the popularity of couples, and tell them something, the Luffy x Nami has a huge advantage over the other, also in Japan the only couple having merchandising, about One Piece, is Luffy x Nami, has keychains them married, miniature dolls, posters, until there are meetings fans the pair of Luffy x Nami, who attend up to 50 people and even more, because there are all the merchandising, is because just in Japan, everyone loves LuNami, mess that in your head, Sanji and Nami has almost nothing in popularity Japan, and finally in the world, LuNami is much more popular than any other couple.

I forgot to say something:

1.- Favorite character of Chiaki Inaba (wife of Oda): Luffy.

2.- Favorite female character of Oda: Nami.

3.- Favorite character of the daughter of Oda and his wife: Nami y Chopper.

Because I say this because we all know that Oda made many drawings of Luffy, Nami and Chopper together.

Not invent saying that the wife of Oda likes Sanji and Nami only say that because it hurts what is happening in the manga now, only known that his wife loves Luffy, nothing more, do not invent things to favor his pseudo couple.

Reasons because Sanji and Nami never going to give:

1. Nami knows that Sanji is a womanizer, he is aware that, like all the crew.

2. Nami hates perverts, that said in Punk Hazard.

3. Now last, which happened in the manga, we see that Nami, not interested in the perverted have your wedding, and we saw it again in chapter 814 and 815, so with this I can say.

That Sanji and Nami never going to happen, it is 100% impossible and more.

Long live the LuNami.

Long Distance Relationship Headcanons.

America/Alfred F. Jones: 

  • Ideal LDR (Long Distance Relationship) boyfriend. 
  • Calls you and messages you every spare second he has. 
  • Sends you cards, gifts and anything he thought reminded him of you. This could range from key chains to full sized stuffed animals.  
  • On the phone he’d ask you about your day and just try to make you smile.
  • Would make sure to always have the phone pressed to his ear when he watched horror movies, you constantly reassuring him. 
  • Has your number saved as: Babe!
  • He’d be more than willing to drive/fly to you as much as he could. 
  • While together you’d be unable to detach yourself from him, an arm around the waist/shoulder at all times.
  • Absolutely buy you anything your little heart desired, very fond of matching couples jewelry/merchandise.  
  • He’d be showering you in attention and affections the entire time. Whether it is quick kisses or full on bear hugs.
  • Once back home he might be down, but is already planning the next trip to see you.  

There were only a couple of [merchandise ideas] that I thought, “Now we’re stepping over the line.” I drew the line at hygiene products. It just seemed wrong. Like Captain Jack toothpaste, for example. How can a guy with gold teeth sell toothpaste? It’s like a bald man selling shampoo. And cold cuts would be weird: Captain Jack hot dogs, bologna - things like that.

So, for the final (I think?) day of the Master Appreciation Week, I thought I would share this: Why we should have noticed and seen this coming.

The Master has gotten little to no attention since the Christmas Special. I mean, he’s hardly even acknowledged in the special itself by the fans in favour of Rose, the regeneration itself, or the Doctor’s “mother”.

But he’s not been mentioned in any of the episodes (unless you count Scream of the Shalka reference in the Christmas Special 2013) or spoken about by any of the writers, producers or actors. Disappeared off the face of the earth or something. He wasn’t even mentioned in the 50th anniversary.

The Master is, I think, the 3rd most commonly occurring villain in the history of Doctor Who, after the Daleks and the Cybermen. The 50th was about Gallifrey, yet not a peep from the Master.

Now, we get to this picture. This, obviously, is The Doctor Who Experience, when I was there on the date shown. There are several of these paintings in the entrance area of the Experience, though this one is tucked away in a corner by the entrance to the shop (and the exit of the Experience area itself).

The Master is there in the back, next to the Toclafane, Rassilon, the Staff of Rassilon, and the Seal of Rassilon.

This is the only mention of the Master in the whole building, other than a couple of pieces of merchandise (a few DVDs and a couple of books) in the shop. He isn’t even named here, so any NuWho only fans would not recognize him at all.

He doesn’t have a single exhibit (unlike every NuWho monster, set piece and minor character), a single mention (even by the original Bessie) or anything. Even when there is a piece on Jack he is not mentioned at all.

The Master was completely erased from the Doctor Who Experience except for this tiny painting here. I think that’s stupid.

Fandom, we have been stupid. We did not notice that in the whole of NuWho, there has been one book that mentions the Master and five episodes that have him in. He was not in any of the 50th anniversary novels.

Nothing, guys.

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Little fanbase with only 6 followers trying to force people to like and except this sexist shit. Do you see poll? True fans have already spoken. No need for you 6 misguided people to vote multiple times. LOL pathetic

We frankly have no idea what you’re even referring to. Superman/Wonder Woman fandom have only six people? 

Imagine if we were actually in large numbers who don’t spend time ranting at other fans but vote with our wallets on what we like?  DC might actually give us nice things like statues, we might get Hot Topic apparel, and other power couple merchandise, a comic series. comic covers,  even pairing our OTP in animation.  Oh wait…