couple keyring

When he has a crush on you~

the leaders edition


*You’ve met Jiyong at a bar for drinks… you’re wearing a cute summer dress. You see Jiyong sat near the bar waiting*

[Y/N] Jiyong~ah *you call as you get closer*

*Jiyong turns around when he hears your voice*

*you settle into a conversation about work… suddenly Jiyong turns around to you*

[GD] i’m so glad you came out tonight… you look really pretty…

[Y/N] oh that’s okay Ji… um *awkward giggle* thank you

[GD] mmm I really don’t know how you still don’t have a boyfriend…

[Y/N] oh… well I suppose no one is interested…

[GD] i’m sure there’s someone…

[Y/N] no… no I really don’t think there is…

[GD] I can definitely think of someone…

[Y/N] oh? what? who? who is it?

*Jiyong stares at you expectantly and then it clicks*

[Y/N] oh! oh… *blush*


*you’ve agreed to meet up with Jiho in a nearby cafe… it’s the first time you’ve hung out together alone*

*you walk into the cafe… Jiho freezes when he sees you*

[Y/N] *laughing* are you okay Jiho?

[ZC] sorry… you just… you look so pretty today

[Y/N] huh? I don’t look any different from normal…? *you look down at your outfit* 

[ZC] *cute grin* maybe you’re just always so pretty…

[Y/N] *blush* Jiho… what are you on about?

*Jiho suddenly remembers something and digs something out of his bag*

[ZC] oh here… I got you a present

*he hands you the gift and sits back to watch you open it*

[Y/N] Jiho… why? you shouldn’t have…

[ZC] just open it…

*you open the present and find a cute couple keyring… you look up in confusion*

[Y/N] a couple keyring? but I don’t have a boyfriend…

[ZC] um… well… the thing is-

[Y/N] well I guess I can use it as a friendship thing… want one Jiho?


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Dating would include: jisung

* Okay I had to think long and hard about this

* So around his classmates and peers he’s gonna pretty suave and chill about it

* But as soon as he’s around his members/Hyungs he turns into the shy baby we all know

* So you two would be seatmates (idk what you call the person who would sit next to you in class) and he would always be so cheeky

* Like you would be just minding your own business eating chocolate or something and he would just take a bite and you would be like wtf

* And he would just be like “don’t worry Y/N when we date I promise to buy you a lot of candy” and you choke

* And he stays true to his promise

* Every morning when you arrive he gives you a pack of candy or a chocolate bar or something and your like bro it’s okay you don’t have to and he’s like “noooo I promised”

* But he does it low-key cus he loves to see you smile

* And to thank him you plant a small kiss on his cheek

* And is2g his cheeks would turn as red as the strawberry lollipop you were eating

* Cute little compliments

* Oh Y/N you look so pretty today

* And even though he truly believes it he can’t help but be super embarrassed he said it and blushes cherry red

* Every time you go on a date his hyungs pretty much stalk you

* And he’s always so shy and embarrassed when they appear from the bushes and stuff

* He can’t even make eye contact with you around his members

* Like he’s too afraid they will tease him in front of you


* it would be something super cute and fluffy like matching rabbits

* He would share his umbrella with you

* Like you two walk home together sometimes and if it would rain you would huddle really close under his small umbrella

* Like your shoulders are pressed so close together that jisung is thanking god that his hood is up and you can’t see how pink his cheeks are

* He try’s to be manly for you but he’s too cute

* Like he let’s you wear his hoodie but he was cold too so you decided you could both squeeze in to the hoodie as it was probably big enough

* And you just about fit but you were pressed right against each other and you could literally hear him hyperventilating

* Since you guys are already so close you decide to just yolo and kiss him cus he looked so cute when he was flustered and blushing

* But as soon as your lips made contact he freaked the heck out and tripped over his feet and cus you were both inside one hoodie you landed in a heap on the floor lol

* He would feel so bad

* He really wanted to kiss you but it was his first kiss so he just panicked

* So while your lying in a tangled mess on the floor

* He quickly kisses you again before blasting out of there as fast as he could

* He was so embarrassed he couldn’t even face you

* For like 3 days

* And you were like wtf am I that bad a kisser

* But eventually he got over the initial embarrassment and came back

* He would never get used to kissing

* He can just about deal with you hugging him

* But still internally screams whenever your lips get within a meter diameter to his

* Okay to sum it up dating jisung would just include him being a blushy/cringey/shy/cheeky mess all the time cus his a little awkward teenage boy that has an extreme crush on you okay lmao

* This is absolute trash

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