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HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR CRUSH IS GAY staring Stephanie Frosch (ElloSteph), Taylor Freeman, and Jordan Doww

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Derek Hale: He was the beast, and you were his beauty.

Stiles Stilinski: Let us just say both of you are huge nerds.

Scott McCall: You were a hunter and arrows was your preferred weapon.

Isaac Lahey: Isaac often kept to himself, but with you, he would open up. Like he was a lock, and you were the key.

Jackson Whittemore: He would always say you were his X to his O.

Liam Dunbar: You two were often said to be the perfect couple. Two half of hearts coming together.

Peter Hale: Peter once thought of himself as king when he was Alpha, but once he lost the position he didn’t think much of himself. To you, he was the king of the world, and you were his queen.

Jordan Parrish: People often said you two were a perfect couple, like the sun and the moon. 

Aiden: Both you and Aiden always loved the outdoors, and he would always make a joke how you were a night owl.

Theo Raeken: Theo always saw himself as a king and he always saw you as his queen.