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From our house to yours. We wish you happy holidays to those that celebrate. We prefer to celebrate Meowy Catsmus. Which Is our cat themed Christmas party. We will post pictures after we have that. I know the holidays are tough for most people and we want to wish you strength during this time. Some people can’t go home for the holidays because of phobia or conservative views. We understand that too and are limited to where we go because of homophobia. Keep standing up for what you believe in and never give up.

Yuri on Ice episode 10, or Happiness!!

I’m so happy now after watching the newest episode of Yuri!!! on Ice!! I’m happy, I’m crying, I’m excited!! Now that I’ve wiped the tears off my glasses, I’m ready to sit down and share my thoughts on the episode!

This week all the skaters participating in the Grand Prix Final have gathered in Barcelona. It’s the day before the short program so everyone is relaxing and preparing for the coming competition. While Victor and Chris are at the pool, Yuri is sleeping off his jet lag! That doesn’t last long though and after the day’s practice, Yuri asks Victor to take him sightseeing! As fans, this is just the type of fluffy character interaction we need, and the episode did not disappoint. We got to see a lot more information pertaining to a lot of the characters, and we got the wonderful treat of seeing Victor and Yuri together doing couple activities. My thoughts on this coming up! Also, spoilers for the episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, shoo, shoo! Go watch it!!

I was utterly in love with this episode!! I have gotten to see in previous episodes Victor and Yuri’s professional relationship, but after the kiss in episode 7 and the heartfelt reunion in episode 9, I was really wanting to see an interpersonal character episode. We’ve seen a dazzling array of figure skating routines, and the highs and lows of our Yuri’s self growth. But we really needed to see these two men together and having fun off the ice. This week, we got that! 

I just loved seeing Yuri take the initiative and ask Victor to take him sightseeing. I loved seeing how Victor eagerly complied, and the fun they had with it. I loved seeing their shopping trip! How cute was that?! But one of the things I loved the most was Yuri’s idea to buy them both gold bands. And I adored that they exchanged them in a church, with so much love shining in their eyes. My heart swelled with so much love for these two that I thought it would burst! And then, when they go for a bite to eat and run into the other skaters, I was not prepared for what Victor said. When he announced that he and Yuri were engaged and would get married after Yuri wins gold at the Grand Prix Finals, my big heart couldn’t contain my tears of happiness!! This made me more than happy; it made me ecstatic!! Things have been leading this way since before the first episode, and I’ll talk about that shortly!

This episode let us see through Victor’s eyes and hear his thoughts, and through this we get to learn how he’s been looking towards the future for some time, and how his future is filled with Yuri. He’s already talking engagement, marriage, love, and he’s happy about it. But we find out at the end of the episode that Victor’s been in love with Yuri since before he came to be his coach! We see during Yuri’s drunken episode at the end that he had asked Victor to be his coach then if he won. And we see Victor’s reaction. A lot more things make sense now!! This is why Victor has been so flirty with Yuri. This is one of the reasons Victor came to coach him. This is why Victor has acted the way he has this whole time. 

With the other skaters, we get to see how Chris has fun off the ice, how Yurio and Obatek become friends, and JJ being JJ. This episode had a wealth of character information contained in it, and it really adds new facets to the episodes we’ve all ready seen and the ones to come. 

The one word that kept going through my mind after the episode, through my tears of happiness, while I was smiling like an idiot was the word grateful. I am so grateful for the wonderful story the creator Kubo has given us. I am so grateful for the wonderful imagery the producer Yamamoto has shown us. And I’m so grateful for the story this anime tells of two men finding the courage to move forward towards positive things, towards healthy love. I’m grateful for all the wonderful fans I’ve met too! Each one of you who have talked excitedly with me over this has added an immeasurable aspect to my experience! 

Next week we head with our Yuri and and our Victor into the short program!! I’m rooting and cheering with my whole heart for these two to win in every way they can!

While I go work on the page for Dr. Calvin, if you’re our Bryson Tiller FC, Cardi B FC, and Dave East FC, we need you three to come to our inbox and give us a little update on your status. In order for this to work, we need all of the couples to be active and focused on this RP. Aside from that, we would love to see a reserve for our Odell Beckham Jr. FC, a lesbian couple and a gay couple.

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Artisan Couple Builds An Incredible Cabin Out Of Recycled Windows For Under $500

Design couple Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz have created their own hideaway from recycled windows, repurposed wood and other miscellaneous materials. The total of their humble abode came to a total of five hundred dollars! We urge everyone to take a look at their charming new home, which is eco-friendly and a labor of love, activism and artistry.

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The Director is honestly one of my top fave characters, I would join the ░▓▒▓░▒▒░▒▓░▓░▒▓▓ any day

(super heavily inspired by careydraws’s fantastic design for her, gosh golly, if you’re a TAZ fan please check out her fantastic art)