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Fun Couple Friday: Donut Date Night

I don’t know about you, but making donuts as a couple sounds like one of the most romantic things one could possibly do. You could go to a fancy restaurant on Friday night date night, or you could stay in and cozy up to some sugar, smiles, warm caramel, flour covered clothes and a lot of good laughs.  

Even if in the end the donuts don’t look straight out of a magazine, it doesn’t matter. They will still taste incredible and the most important part is having fun making them together. So go ahead dive into sweet bliss and have an amazing date night!

See the recipe here:


ain’t it funny how blorkes always preach about “totally not being lesbophobic or racist!” when they praise and worship literally anyone that invalidates the canon soulmate wlw couple, and now actively are cheering on an old cishet white man (Pedowitz) that not only “hates the grounders” (aka the heavily poc coded group in the flopdred) and encouraged Lexa’s death, but was also actively in charge of taking Ellen off the air after she came out in the 90s? 🐸☕