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where do people chat on the forums? the ones i’ve found have seemed pretty slow moving and i avoid the shoutbox for a few reasons but i’m feeling so lonely lately. there only seems to be a couple active cults/forum groups, how do i connect with more users and get some friends?

The Director is honestly one of my top fave characters, I would join the ░▓▒▓░▒▒░▒▓░▓░▒▓▓ any day

(super heavily inspired by careydraws’s fantastic design for her, gosh golly, if you’re a TAZ fan please check out her fantastic art)

Imagine going on a trip with Woozi and taking lots of photos of interesting sights and things you spotted during your trip.

This idea that there’s canon shipping and fanon shipping (and that canon shipping is superior and fanon shippers should just give up) is SO WEIRD.

Because there’s actually no such thing as canon shipping. It’s ALL fanon. Oh, I suppose gif sets of exactly what happened on the show between a couple counts as canon shipping, but apart from that.

Meta? All fanon, whether a couple’s together on screen or not. As soon as you start analysing motivation and thought and feeling, you can pretty much guarantee whatever explanation the meta comes up with isn’t the same as the version in the creator’s head. And besides, the creator’s version is pretty much guaranteed not to be the same as the actors’, who themselves won’t have the same interpretation as the director. And god knows what the network execs actually have in mind.

Then there’s fanfic. AU fanfic is obviously fanon, no matter what the status of the couple on screen. It’s a different world, and it’s the fan who created it. And so-called canon compliant fic? Just as much fanon as AU, unless what’s being described happened precisely that way on screen. And even so, if you’re going inside the characters’ heads while it happened you’re venturing into the realms of fanon.

Ninety-nine per cent of all shipping is fanon. And that’s great. It’s wonderful, because fanon is and always will be what fandom is for. Fandom is CREATIVE and that’s its beauty. It’s transformative. It takes what the creators give us and says, yes, OK, and here’s how it can work for me. So I live in hope that fans can stop spending so much time telling each other to ‘respect canon’ and instead recognise that we’re all involved in one big fanon project, a thousand reimaginings of the same thing.

We tried out the 101 box game tonight and it took Lio 20 seconds to start whining out of frustration. The thing is that he still participated in the game so I could tell that he kinda understood what was going on- he was just whining the whole time.

I think it’s just so different from how I usually train him which is very structured and involved on my part.

I’m going to try again in like an hour to see how he feels about the box game.


“How do I stop?”  You shouted back to Tyler, holding your hands out in front of you as you skated around the crowded ice rink.  With Christmas approaching everyone wanted to do winter activities such as ice skating, making it hard for a beginner like yourself.

“Just turn your foot.”  Tyler chuckled, arms wrapping protectively around your waist as you almost trip over your own feet.  You couldn’t help but giggle, managing to spin yourself in his arms and holding tightly onto his shoulders.  “Or I’ll catch you, I guess.”  He chuckled, leaning forward to press a kiss to your lips as the other patrons continued to skate around you.