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Part II: The Adventures of YEARS & YEARS x @COUPDEMAIN!

Equally as affable as Hann, is Daniel, the baby of the band at twenty-five-years-old. At The 1975’s most recent Auckland signing, a tearful fan emerged after meeting the boys, overjoyed that Daniel had complimented her freckles, saying that they looked beautiful. Needless to say, this gentle giant - he wears UK size 12 shoes - is beloved by all that encounter him. Slightly goofy, with a pleasant cadence to his voice, Daniel comically delivers wisecracking life-tips under the guise of stating the obvious. To a greedy puppy, he says, “You don’t really need any more treats, you’ll get fat.” And to me, after learning the total population of New Zealand, he inspiringly recommends, “You should make a sheep magazine and sell four million copies. Work harder.”

Coup De Main Issue #18

I will bring this to my grave. @coupdemain

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the 1975, cards against humanity, and puppies