Scenes From the Elbert County Fair - The culmination of months of hard work raising livestock, completing sewing projects and general projects, rodeo and horse practices.  Youth from all over our county converge on the Elbert County Fairgrounds to compete and showcase their projects.  Parents spend countless hours with their kids and come together for this annual event.  Fairs are going on all around us. Attend your county fair!

Actually, this is more sad than anything. Those 4H kids work really hard! (Having been a 4H’er in Elkhart Co and my siblings being 4H’ers, I’m well acquainted with the work that goes into livestock.)

On the other hand, the Elkhart Truthless is having a slow news month if they’ve got the reporters writing that much about chickens.


NEW SONG Feel Good chorus singing- R5 Live Pima County Fair, Tucson