its-all-good-i-wish-you-would  asked:

OK so I know everyone is hating on Zoe, but I actually love her character. Yeah she is really bitchy sometimes & I know what she did to Frankie is really screwed up, but Frankie is not little miss perfect either, even though I like her character as well. Frankie pretty much said Zoe was "asking for it" when she was drunk at that party and that is NOT OKAY. Now instead of getting over the whole oomfchat thing she's more focused on getting back at Zoe.

Yeah, I definitely haven’t forgotten the way that Frankie treated Zoe during her trial, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Zoe still harbored some resentment toward Frankie for that. Frankie really wasn’t very supportive. Still, I’m in no way saying that she deserves the treatment she has received so far this season…I really feel so sorry for Frankie. Everything keeps crashing down on her and it’s sad to watch! No one really has her back and she just keeps getting messed with. 

But anyway, while I find myself alternating between liking and disliking Zoe lately, I still do find her interesting most of the time. Her treatment of Frankie has been pretty awful. While I can understand Zoe’s personal feelings of wanting to take back control with nude pictures (since they were just recently used against her without her consent in a really horrible way), it’s harder for me to want to support her when she’s messing with a bunch of other people and sort of bringing them down with her. Still, like I said - I do find Zoe interesting and I do alternate between liking her and disliking her. I don’t think that she’s beyond redemption or anything extreme like that, but I do think that she has done some pretty bad things. I also do want to acknowledge what kind of headspace she might be in considering everything that she’s gone through lately. It’s not an excuse to bully and manipulate people, but I can still have some sympathy for her. She’s a complex character, so it’s understandable to have complex feelings about her!