From start to finish.  We ate duck tonight.  Very nice sized duck from the farmer’s market; we split one duck breast for both of us tonight.  The other breast will be for sometime this week; the legs for duck tacos.  Very healthy skin, fat, and meat.  I’m impressed, as always with the stuff I get from the market.  I’ve got the carcass, neck, and whatnot lined up for stock this weekend.  Liver in my liver pile for a quick pate to come.

Oh, those potatoes shining in the background were fried up in the rendered fat from this guy, sprinkled with rosemary and basil from our garden.  

Thank you again Countryside Family Farms!


From head to guanciale! Curing and drying to follow. Plans for the rest of the head pieces:

 - Cured tongue stuffed snout (perhaps poached then a quick grill or broil to crisp)

 - Stock from the skull (to poach the snout)

 - Crispy pig ears for one salad or another

 - Random skin pieces for chicharrones

I have one more head in the freezer, time to research that wonderful porchetta di testa and make that happen.  


I have yet to hunt out here in hill country, so I sourced a wild boar shoulder from my meat guy at the farmers market on Saturday.  From shoulder to sausage, this stuff is pretty good.  I used about a pound of the Red Wattle pork belly I had leftover to get that fat in there as the boar was overall pretty lean. 

Anyway, dinner was damn tasty tonight.  Munch munch.  Thanks Countryside Farm!


So I love a good bbq brisket, which I will be doing on Tuesday-Wednesday. But, following my trip to the Austin Farmer’s Market today, in which I scored two pig heads from Countryside Family Farms (thanks Hannah!), and a belly/rib cut which was originally planned for bacon and pork confit, I found it more fitting to do some ribs tonight when I unpacked my bounty.  The weather was too nice to not fire some charcoal.  Also, the ole lady is running a half marathon tomorrow, so what better way to prepare than some fatty, rich ribs.  She was obviously in agreement.

Keep a lookout for the heads.  I am definitely back in the guanciale game for one of them, the other is a tossup between headcheese and a porchetta di testa.  I’m feeling a challenge, so porchetta might be on the map.  Without a doubt, we’ll be doing some chicharonnes with the skin from the belly and face scraps when I get down to slicing.  The remainder of the belly cut outside the ribs was a bit trim, so that might go into a sausage at some point.  

Oh, and the bbq ribs/belly were nice.  It’s good to be back.


Super Sunday Brunch at the Pig and Whistle today.  Special guest sous chef aka Adam the lil brother was in the Austin kitchen this weekend.  Real nice having him here this weekend.  

First course - Fresh made jam and toast - mixed berry levain pizza style.  

Main course - Duck and fig sausage eggs benny, grilled fig hollandaise, Berkshire pork belly confit with bourbon peach preserves.  

One of my eggs exploded on the way to the plate, hence the yolkey blow in the background.  All in all, not that bad.  Big ups to Countryside Family Farms for the duck/fig sausage.  All other foods prepped in house, as is the nature of things.  If I’ve been slacking on private communications with y'all for recipes, I will get to my inbox this week; lots of travel and work lately.