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England - York, Winchester, Cambridge,Stratford Upon Avon, Kensington/London, Exton, Oxford, Castle Combe, Lindisfarne, London/Notting Hill

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it’s my last night here in germany and that’s bittersweet. I had an amazing adventure and it definitely did help me sort some shit out. I’m going to miss the rolling hills of the countryside, walking around the cobblestone streets of old towns, exploring ancient ruins during sunset, and of course I’ll miss my wonderful best friend. I’m happy to go home though, I think it’s been long enough. I miss my cat and my family and the friends I have at home. I miss my evergreen forests and the pouring rain. I miss my beautiful west coast island 🍁
thank you for having me, germany. I’ll be back soon enough. and now here’s to new adventures & self growth 🙌🏻