Imagine for countryhockeygirl:

Your p.o.v.
I was sitting in my room talking with my best friend Liam Payne. We have know each other since we were born because our moms were best friends so we kinda just got pushed together. We talk about anything and everything. I mean come on we’re best friends. But i wish we were more than that Because ive had these feelings for liam That just wont go away. Right now we were playing 20 questions even though we know pretty much everything about each other but who cares! The questions that were being asked were more like would you rather questions but liam insisted we called it 20 questions. Dont ask me why…he’s weird. Anyway. I got a Skype call from my friend, Kelsey, that just moved away. So Liam said he would go make some snacks to give me and kelsey some privacy. Me and kelsey were just asking questions back and forth when Kelsey says “so when are you gunna tell Liam that you like him?” “I don’t know kels I mean we’re best friends and I don’t wanna ruin that by him not havin the same feelings” “oh come on (y/n) its worth a try!” “hmm I don’t know I’ll think about. Who knows if the right time comes I’ll tell him” “good now I gotta go I’ll talk I you later”
Liam’s p.o.v.
I just made snacks for me and (y/n) and I was on my way back to the room when I heard Kelsey ask “so when are you gunna tell Liam you like him?” when I heard that my heart almost leaped out of my chest. I’ve liked her for a long time now. When I heard that Kelsey had to go I walked into the room and set the snacks down and put in my favorite romantic movie, The Lucky One. While we were watching it I couldn’t help but think about how (y/n) likes me back and maybe we could be more than friends.
Your p.o.v.
While we were watching the movie I caught Liam staring at me so I paused the movie and said “why are you staring at me?” “your just so beautiful” he said. I could feel a blush creeping up on my cheeks as I saw Liam lean in and kiss me and I instantly kissed back. ‘oh my gosh I have been waiting forever for this to happen’ I thought. When he pulled back I asked “what was that for?” he blushed and said “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time now.” “I have too” I said with a smile. “will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?” he asked as he got down on one knee. I laughed at his corniness and replied with a kiss. “so I take that as a yes?” “of course” you then finished watching the movie as you cuddled.

A/N hey! So I had a little time before I went to work so I went ahead and wrote it…if its not good long enough or what you lookin for go ahead and tell me I won’t care:) cause I wrote it fast so yeah there ya go!