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Today February 6th is the Sami national day.

The Sami are one of the earliest ethnic groups in Norway,Finland,Sweden and Russia. They are considered a part of the indigenous population. From old times there have been Sami people that works the mountains, but also along the coast there have been Sami. From the old days the sea Sami was fishermen and the mountain Sami herded reindeer.


The Sami have their own languages which falls under the Uralic language group. Around 6 of the Sami languages can still be learned in school and is spoken in different areas. That all comes down to what area you are from. 

Sami crafts(Duodji)

The Sami lived far from people, therefore they traditionally produced most of their own stuff like cups,knives,handbags,chests,infant beds,toys etc. Notice the use of traditional Sami patterns and coulors. Today everything made after the old traditions are considered Sami handicraft. 


The gákti is worn both in ceremonial contexts and while working, particularly when herding reindeer. The traditional Sami costume is characterized by a dominant color adorned with contrast colored bands, plaits, pewter embroidery, tin art, and often a high collar. Like many other traditional clothing, they show what part you are from.

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  • Latvia: ugghhhh, I can't believe I have to go to Mister Russia's house again... I really don't want to go alone, especially when I know that I'll be the only one to turn up- oh! Why didn't I think about this before! I'll bring a friend with me~
  • -Later-
  • Russia: oh, it's probably Latvia again. I wonder if anyone else will turn up-
  • Latvia: hello, Mister Russia~
  • Russia: ...
  • America: ...I heard free food.

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As someone with much more knowledge of both European caricature history and Russian culture, could you clarify one thing that's been bugging me for an eternity? Have European powers ever depicted Russia as anything other than a bear or an octopus? Is it ever a person? Not an actual historical figure but a person of its own.

they did! the bear was more popular than the octopus (which only actually occurred in–two maps, I think? maybe three.) but Russia was depicted as a person fairly often, at least at the turn of the century. unfortunately it wasn’t…super flattering. out of every person on the map, the anthropomorphic depictions of Russia were often the most um. aggressively condescending. (note: most of these are dutch or german)

here is a 1914 map of europe by k. lehmann-dumont. the Russian bear is down in the westernmost point, being punched in the snout by Germany. behind him is a enormous bestial cossack, vokda in clawed hand, swinging the scourge of revolution. his fangs are sharp but rotting out, and if you enlarge the map you can see German bees trying to loosen his teeth.  

this one is from 1915, and Russia is only huge, not a monster. it’s depicted as a simple peasant who has had his hand lopped off at the wrist by the tsar’s troubles. vodka makes another appearance. 

another from 1914, by e. zimmerman, and it’s one of my favorites. the Russian bear sprays some sort of acid repellent on the peasant, while said peasant attempts to protect himself. the bear is also holding out an empty wallet and growling “HUNGER”. the peasant is trapped between the acid from the bear and the bayonet of Germany. also everything is on fire. being in Russia in 1914 is very stressful. 

1914, by w. trier. in this one Russia is an enormous, greasy, piglike man, set to gobble up europe. the only thing stopping him is Germany’s gun in his nose and Austria-Hungary’s down his throat. 

1915, by famed Dutch cartoonist Louis Raemaekers. Russia comes off best here, as a bearded man with a drawn saber, trapping Austria-Hungary’s head between his hand and his gigantic boot.

for the most part, Russia’s anthropomorphic depictions have a few things in common

  • sheer, intimidating size
  • a generally unkempt (if not outright filthy) appearance 
  • a look of what you’d call simplicity if you were nice, and animal stupidity if you weren’t
  • some indication of the desperation that was bringing peasants and the industrial workers closer and closer together
  • appetite

like, sure, each nation here is a caricature and each one takes a lot of national stereotypes onboard. most of these are German, after all. so France, still smarting from the Franco-Prussian war, is often shown fleeing; Serbia is drawn as the sneakiest little ratfucker imaginable, and England, harassed by Ireland, is reluctant to join the fray. but Russia, whatever its allegiance, whatever its intent or position, is always a brute. for a young nation caught between east and west, of both and neither, the seat of the third Rome–that stung. and, you know, not to assign too much human emotion to countries (that’s the mapmakers’ job), but just imagine: in less than fifty years, Russia went from being seen as a starving howling dirty peasant, to the most powerful, dangerous nation in the world. choke it down, europe.

Countries ruled by the Aquarius sign: Russia, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Iran, Chili, Costa Rica, Greece, Grenada, Japan,Yugoslavia

Cities ruled by the Aquarius sign: Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Salzburg (Austria), Hamburg (Germany), USA cities: Tucson (AZ), Anaheim (CA), Fort Collins (CO), Jacksonville (FL), Augusta (GA), Indianapolis (IN), Bowling Green (KY), Jackson (MS), Camden (NJ), Dallas (TX), Olympia (WA), Fairmont (W. VA), Milwaukee, (WI)

Take your Aquarius soul mate to an Aquarius-ruled destination and watch them transform right in front of your eyes. You can not begin to imagine what the ‘right’ atmosphere can do for a person’s sense of self.

—  Basically I’m so fucking tired of all these videos and shit about white people doing this and doing that. What I’m talking about is color people shouting down white people for approaching their “culture”. Like Iggy making an Indian themed video, white girls rapping etc.  I really dont see the problem here. It’s a theme, It’s not racism at all.  For example, I am a big fan of every culture, I like japanese culture with samurai, geisha, their food, anime ; I love korea with kpop, hanbok, their language, their history ; I like Africa with tribes, their music ; I like Arabic music, I like Russians with vodka, adidas, gopniks, cyka blyat and all this shit. Instead of being happy that someone is interested in your culture and is trying to look like you or something like that you fucking rip them off. why? why the fuck would you even do that? And you really can’t say white people dosen’t have culture, because we don’t have a culture for a whole, we have a culture for EVERY.SINGLE.COUNTRY. Hungary has a different culture, Romania has a different culture, France has a different culture, Irland has a different culture, Holland has a different culture, Russia has a different culture, Germany has a different culture.  In 2014, a south korean couple made a traditional romanian wedding and I was really happy seeing someone that liked our traditions so much they made a wedding that way. Should I did shut them down for that? I really don’t understand why you Americans are so narrow minded sometimes. Being a country mix of all races and cultures and shit, wake the fuck up. Why don’t you rip off Asian girls rapping? Does them have something special and white girls dont?  Why don’t you rip off Honey Cocaine or CL. They’re not black and they’re rapping o.m.g. For real now, what is wrong with you all.
Countries current screen savers

England: The queen or a Harry Potter quote probs.

America: Set a gif of the star spangled banner waving. He’s so extra.

France: Either a picture of himself or pretty photography of a boulangerie.

Canada: Cute animals but a Canadiens jersey during hockey playoffs.

Russia: Snow covered Moscow. He took the picture himself in actually impressed.

China: This old man doesn’t know how to change the background so it’s the one the computer came with.

Germany: Rain photography or maybe vintage cars?

Italy: It changes every other day. Usually pasta or some new friend he made that day.

Japan: Minimalistic anime drawing of a cat.

Romano: Spain but he won’t let you know.

Spain: A baby turtle.

For yours and Nicky’s sake start treating her like your own child, without fear, right away. I have done wrong by Louise and therefore spoiled Freddy’s life, and she is pulling him away from me, this is where I am afraid for you: and there I am warning you. - Pull her towards you, then you will keep him and pull her towards you with love! God help you if you lose Nicky’s trust and love, it will be the death of you.
—  Queen Louise of Denmark writing to hear daughter, Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia about her future daughter-in-law, Princess Alix of Hesse (later, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna) 

Catherine the Great, tv series (2015) {official trailer}“The court is divided in its affections. Some support Peter Feodorovich….. yet others want to see little Paul on the trone… under the regency of Catherine Alexeevna.”Cast: Natalia Surkova as Elizabeth I Petrovna, Yuliya Snigir as Catherine II / the Great, Pavel Derevyanko as Peter III Fyodorovich, Rihards Lepers as Stanislaw Poniatowski, Svetlana Frolova as Ekaterina Dashkova, Pavel Trubiner as Grigory Orlov.