country: netherlands

ID #27991

Name: Esmee
Age: 18
Country: Netherlands

Hi there. I’m Esmee and I’ve never really done anything like this before. I’m normally very very VERY shy and awkward but I do actually like talking to people and making new friends and I figured this was the way to go. I’m a big lover of all kinds of music, I’m currently mostly into RHCP, the killers, white lies and imagine dragons. I spend most of my time either binge watching TV series, playing video games, stalking youtubers, writing and trying to stay mentally stable tbh. As I quit my study bc I sucked at it I have loads of time to talk and annoy people and not nearly enough people to annoy. I’ll probably be pretty awkward at first but with the right amount of memes I may be able to keep the conversation going. I’d prefer to talk on whatsapp or skype or something more than write actual letters because it’s quicker and I’m lazy.

Preferences: 16+ would be nice bc similar stages in life and all but no gender preference or anything. LGBT friendly.

This is Aurora’s Castle in the Efteling, a themepark inspired by Grimms fairytales. It is located in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, so if you ever want to visit the Netherlands, and yes we are bigger than only Amsterdam! Visit this themepark, you will enjoy the nature and the fairytales.