I’m no political expert, but if you whistle and the vice president comes, tail wagging like a 6-month-old Labrador Retriever, I’m guessing the scheme to frogmarch you to concentration camps is still in the planning stages; which is to say, you’re probably safe for now.

If you go to an American town where a fawning crowd of thousands of fundamentalists anxiously await your every tortured word of biblical interpretation, and nobody sends a roving band of Uruk-hai to round you up and throw you in a dank cell in Isengard, maybe persecution isn’t the most pressing problem you face.

When your darkest nightmare has to do with some militant LGBTQ couple forcing someone you don’t know in another part of the country to bake a wedding cake, I’d like to suggest that your threat detection system is dialed up a little too high.

Because, here’s the thing, being a Christian is still legal in this country. But even if it weren’t, when have Christians ever needed governmental permission to act like Christians? You act faithfully regardless of whether or not your firmly held convictions are popular with the government, because if you don’t (fun fact), they’re not actually firmly held convictions—they’re merely propaganda, useful for whipping the theologically unsophisticated into a frenzy. That is to say, if you’re not at risk of having your literal head cut off for your faith, then whining about the danger faced by your figurative head (as if the two were pretty much the same thing) not only isn’t especially interesting, it’s offensive to all those people who’ve faced actual persecution in the real world …

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