Random Headcanons for TFP

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Ratchet has terrible handwriting, Cybertronian or otherwise. It’s just really fast chicken scratch and most people can’t read it.

Bumblebee learned sign language from Raf because it seemed like fun.

Smokescreen was very clumsy as a sparkling and that can still be found now. Such as tripping over his own pedes when he’s walking or running into things around the base, does not translate into his fighting.

Optimus really loves learning the languages of Earth, without downloading them. So far is fluent in Spanish, French, and German and conversational in Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Bulkhead is afraid of picking up a brush and being artistic due to… Events.

Arcee might have been a dancer on Cybertron, specifically a Cybertronian form of Belly Dancing.

Ultra Magnus spends a lot of ‘free time’ after being told they’re a family watching family movies to understand.

Wheeljack really loves country music, specifically stuff with a fiddle in it. Absolutely wants to learn how to play the fiddle.

Knockout does a sort of vent that sounds like a snort when he laughs too hard, hates it and will be embarrassed for the next millennia.

Starscream watches model shows, like America’s Next Top Model and the like, even shows about making clothing. It’s the one thing he thinks humans are actually good at. Definitely where he learned to strut his stuff.

Breakdown really likes animals, all kinds. He knows he shouldn’t, but they’re so cute and small he can’t help it. Used to try and bring home random animals. Knockout had to stop him.

Soundwave, obviously, likes dubstep, but he secretly likes heavy metal like Black Sabbath. It’s a guilty pleasure. Would kill someone if they found out.

Megatron has the same interest in language as Optimus, but only learns to read them and comprehend speech. He has no interest in learning Earth languages.

Dreadwing likes Disney movies, especially Moana, a strong warrior with strong loyalty to her people. If anyone found out he will kill them

Shockwave watches Bill Nye, not just the Science Guy show, but all the other stuff he puts out. Gets notified anytime something new appears from him and listens to it while working.

I’m Shook

I’m Shook

Peter Parker x Reader x Dad!Tony Stark

Warnings: None

Request: Hi, I was wondering if I could request a dad Tony fic where the reader is dating Peter before he gets his powers and reader is the only one he tells and the only one who knows and fast forward to when Tony discovers Peter is Spiderman (he knew reader and Peter were together) so he’s shook and discovers you knew all along and just some funny Tony stuff sorry that it is extremely confusing (I got carried away so forgot about grammar)

A/N: Sorry it’s so short! I’m not good at writing funny things lol, so I tried! I hope you like it nonnie :)

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“(Y/n), babe!” You heard, you groan and turn your back towards the phone that was on speaker. Peter called you at 2:38 in the morning, sounding so awake, when you could barely even lift an eye open.

“What’s wrong?”

“There– there was a spider!”

“Peter, just grab a shoe and kill it, it’s too early for this.”

“It bit me!”

“Are you okay?” you ask, suddenly awake, “are you feeling anything weird? What kind of spider did it look like? Did it look poisonous?”

“I’m fine, I’m just scared that there’s more spiders and that they’ll crawl into my mouth when I sleep.” You laugh, Peter was always quite scared of spiders, you would think he’d be more traumatized now that he’s got bitten.

“Do you want to come over? So no spiders would get you in your sleep.”

“Will your dad be okay with it?”

“Yeah, I mean, he’s not here right now. Currently out of the country for some business stuff. I think you’ll be fine.”

“Alright, be there in 10.”

You wake up to an empty bed. Propping yourself up to your elbows, you look around the room, half asleep, looking for your boyfriend.

“Peter?” you called.

“Over here,” you heard from above you. You look up and gasp. Peter was hanging upside down on the ceiling.

“Peter!” you whisper yell, “what are you doing up there? And how are you doing that?”

He falls from the ceiling and lands on your bed, you slightly bounced up from his weight.

“I don’t know! I wake up and then suddenly–”

He jumps onto the ceiling and walks down the sides of your walls like a spider.

“This happened.”

You look at him confused, and then remembering last night.

“The spider! This is probably some weird side effect or something.”

You spend the day calling him Spider-Man, and he decided that that should be his superhero name. You laughed at the idea, but it stuck, and now he was famous for it.

Peter spent every night swinging across the city, sometimes taking you with him. Showing you around the city of Queens. You never really seen it much, you usually stay home, all day.

Peter would spend the night, or sometimes even day, saving the city. But sometimes, he would have those days where he doesn’t really have anything to do, and end up helping old ladies get around the busy streets.

One day, your dad saw a video of ‘Spider-Man’ stopping a car from hitting a bus with his bare hands. Of course, it got your dad intrigued, he wanted to find out who Spider-Man was and use him to help beat the old Cap in their little feud.

Your dad, the infamous Tony Stark, found out Spider-Man’s identity, by watching surveillance cameras and finding out where he lives.

Knocking on the door of Spider-Man’s apartment, Tony was shocked to see you answer the door.


“Dad?” you both said simultaneously.

“What are you doing here?” you two say again.

“You know who Spider-Man is?” he asked, a blush creeping up your neck.

“Babe, who is it?” Peter asks, walking up behind you to see who’s at the door.

Tony looked at you confused, then at Peter.

“Oh! Mr. Stark! Come in, come in,” Peter yelled, pushing you slightly to the side to open the door wider, letting your dad in.

As Tony makes himself comfortable on the couch, Peter sits by him, smiling widely, trying to be polite.

“So how are you Mr.Stark?”

“I’m… fine. How bout you, Spidey?”

Peter turned a deep shade of red, almost as red as his suit.

“Wh– what?”

“You heard me.”

“Dad!” you interrupted, “seriously, what are you doing here?”

“I came to meet Spider-Man and ask him to join me in Germany.”

Peter and you silently look at each other and back towards your dad.

“Uhh– well– did ya find him?” you ask, trying to not let Peter’s identity be revealed.

Tony gives you a knowingly look, Peter sighing and throwing his hands up in the air.

“All right! All right! I’m… Spider-Man.” He whispered the last part.

“Oh? You don’t say.” Your dad says sarcastically.

“I can’t believe you knew Spider-Man and didn’t tell me!” He yells at you, his eyebrows slanted and his bottom lip pushed out into a pout, making you cringe.

“Ew dad, don’t make that face. And anyways, you never even asked.”

“So you would’ve told him if he asked!” Peter yells at you.

“No! I wouldn’t”

“You wouldn’t?” Your dad says, pressing his hand to his heart and looking really shocked and hurt.

“No– I– I don’t know!” you said, throwing your hands up in exasperation.

“I can’t believe you knew all along and never told me,” he said, looking away from you, “I’m shook.”

Peter and your face instantly morphs into a disgusted one, body trembling into a full body cringe, at the sight of your dad trying to act cool.

“Dad! You can’t say that, that’s gross!”

“What? How is it gross? Everyone uses it!”

You scoff, “not old people.”

Peter giggling right next to you.

Tony just rolling his eyes.

“Whatever. So Pete, you on my team or what?”

Why are people so shocked to learn that I indeed love different types of music? They hear I like screamo and automatically think “She’s emo, she only loves that type.” LIKE NO MAN! I love screamo, heavy metal, country, hell even kpop! So do not assume shit please. BTW from now on I shall run a blog filled with different types of music! To celebrate the fact we all could like different music types! 

AU prompts 4

- “you’re my favorite up and coming author and I go to one of your signings, oh my god your handwriting is so pretty, wait did you just write your number in this book” au

- “my car ran out of gas and god, I’m in the middle of no where. I walk and thankfully find a run down diner, you’re the waiter at the coffee bar and wOW YOURE CUTE” au

- “I’m on a blind date with you but I just found out you’re team iron man and I don’t think it’s going to work out” au

- “we’ve been best friends forever but we went to different universities and got separated a few years back. I’m home for summer now and holy shit I think that’s you uhm what happened to your glasses and disgusting fringe” au

- “the person I’m kind of dating brought me to the carnival and they’re trying to win me a stuffed dog at one of those stands but they’re hopeless. you walk up next to us and hand the man a dollar, popped three balloons with those darts and yup you just handed me a stuffed dog oH BOY MY DATE IS PISSED” au

- “we used to go to school together and you’re in this shitty local band that blew up and now you’re touring other countries and stuff but you’re back here for a show. I got front row tickets and in the middle of your world ending guitar solo, you see my face and fuck it up” au

- “my best friend is getting married to your best friend and we have to walk down the aisle together, I remember always hating you but you look really good in a suit wow” au

- “my dog ran away a month ago and you found her in your backyard with your dog, well I’m sorry to break it to you but your dog knocked her up and I’m not about to parent these puppies on my own” au

“That was a one-time thing!” x

Unfortunately I’m putting the webcomic on hold for now.Until I finish solving all my real life issues (new apartment, new country, administrative stuff, work, etc…) I won’t be able to concentrate on regular updates. I won’t stop sharing my drawings, but a webcomic requires a higher lv of organization, which I can’t afford atm.I started posting this webcomic in the middle of a storm - and I probably should have waited longer. I’m only realizing this now and I’m sorry for all the expectations I could not live up to.The Red King comes back in November.

Batfam Headcanons (5 of wtf idek man it’s so late it’s mornign where i am - haha get it ‘am’ - a.m.)
  • Ok so Jason and Damian sometimes speak arabic to each other, not out of any effort to hide the content of their conversations but just because sometimes they miss the sound of it, miss the way it was spoken around the league of assassins, miss the memories of sand and wind and sun and of talia that it brings. The way the words flow.
  • Frikking STEPHANIE BROWN HATES COUNTRY MUSIC OKAY - Her dad would just play barnyard ‘rockabilly’ tunes on loop for ages and she has developed a deep seated irritation towards the genre that she can not shake
  • Bruce Wayne loves country music.
    Especially old rock stuff, i mean he likes other kinds of music genres too - die hard fan of the cure - but he likes to play country music sometimes just to lighten the mood.
  • Another reason Bruce Wayne likes country music is that when he plays it in the car or in one of the sitting rooms at home, Stephanie goes really really quiet. He thinks it’s nice that they can sit together and bond a little over their mutual enjoyment of it while relaxing to the tunes.
  • Stephanie doesn’t know how he found out but he must’ve found out somehow, he’s been playing more and more folk music around her, goddamn world’s best detective! It’s only fair she supposes that he’s finally found a way to get a little revenge for all the pranks and ribbing she’s given him over the years. But oh god no more Steely Dan no more-
  • Bruce has gotten steph a pair of Bob Dylan tickets for christmas, he’s hoping they can go to the concert together.

ketrincookie  asked:

So i was REALLY shy to write you this, 'cause i was scared about what others can think, but i have to or i would hate myself more, so here i am. Your art-style so nice and great,(every-time i see it i be like:"Awww, so cute!" And smiling like dork)) And your Maxvid give me life and confidence <3 I wish you keep going and no matter what other says! (Sorry for bad English, other country and stuff...)

I am sorry for the late reply and here i go !! 

seeing my doodles / art can make people happy is one of the happiest thing in my life !    

The words can’t describe how much I appreciate you , you are a really brave and sweet person , your words are my motion to keep going :D 

I am happy you like this ship too ! remember to keep safe and stay in tag ( if it’s an activity about maxvid) :) , love you !

(it’s really ok my English is pretty bad too XD and your english is good ) 

Legit’s List of Historical Myths

Writing something historical, or a fantasy based on historical occurrences? Awesome. Except when you’re writing about history, it’s really important to know history. That’s especially true with myths that are potentially harmful (like pretending there were no black people in Elizabethan England or that trans people didn’t exist until this millennium). Here are some myths you may or may not have known about, and the truth behind those myths. 

1. Witches Were Burned at the Stake - Eh. Sort of. Burning was generally a European thing. In America we mostly hanged witches, or in some cases crushed them to death with stones. Also, though women were executed for witchcraft at a higher rate than men, men could also be accused and killed. 

2. Sailors (like Columbus) Proved the Earth Round - Sorry, flat earthers. People have known the world was a globe since about 400 BC. So in stories set after that time, you’re not going to have a character mistakenly believe the earth is flat. Not unless they are very uneducated or they like conspiracy theories. 

3. Gladiators All Fought to the Death - Not really. Gladiators were sportsmen - and women - who were worth a lot of money. They trained, they fought, and they were taken care of. They weren’t all slaves either. Many volunteered to fight. I’d do research if I were writing gladiator-inspired fiction. 

4. Victorians Were Prudes - They really weren’t any more prudish than people are at any given point in history. If sex was discouraged it was probably because it was risky to sleep around - diseases like syphilis weren’t curable. Also, they didn’t cover up table legs because they were risque. And there were tons of sex workers. And Queen Victoria herself liked hot boys when she was young and wrote about how much sex she had with her hubby. (She got a bit more prudish with age.) 

5. Native Americans All Lived in Tipis - Come on now. First of all, which Native Americans are you referring to? There are tons of tribes and they all have their own practices, culture, and beliefs. Natives on the plains did use tipis and were at times nomadic. Other Natives built huge cities. Research Native culture and don’t perpetuate stereotypes folks. 

6. Any Slave/Indentured Servant Myth - There are a ton of these. Indentured servants were all white? Nope (though it was quite dangerous to be an indentured POC). Indentured servants were treated badly? Well, most had contracts, some that stated indentured servants required medical care, food, etc. Historically, most slaves were prisoners of war or debtors. Heck, going back in history you’ll even find that the pyramids weren’t built by slaves, as most think, but by paid laborers. All this to say - research it before you write it. 

7. Slavery Myths #2 - Because apparently I have a lot to say on the subject… Historically, it was more common to make your own people slaves rather than go out and capture an enemy force. Also, only “barbarians” are slaves… Nope. I mean, yeah, but not in the sense a lot of people think. Slavery generally doesn’t develop until you have a solid civilization that can support it, with a food surplus to feed slaves, etc. So if you write a story and the good (usually) white people don’t have slaves but the less organized, less structured natives do, you’re doing it wrong. (I’ve seen a ton of this shit in high fantasy.)

 8. Cleopatra Was Egyptian - Nah. She was Greek, and spoke a Greek dialect as her main language (though she DID speak native Egyptian). She basically belonged to the “ruling class” of Egypt at the time. So…that means she was white right? Nah. That is to say, we don’t know for sure. Leading to point 9… 

9. Race Has Been a Big Divide Throughout History - It’s only recently we started caring about race, guys. Back in classical times, skin color wasn’t all that important. What mattered was your country of origin, religion, stuff like that. A lot of our modern ideas about “race” came from European conquerors opposing enemies of different religions (who happened to be dark) and, obviously, American Slavery. Racism is a fairly modern phenomenon if you do your homework.

10. Back in the Day, People Married Super Young - No. They did not. While betrothals sometimes took place where young children were promised to each other, usually they didn’t actually marry until they were much older. In fact, the common age of marriage in Medieval Europe was generally around 20 for women and 30 for men. Therefore, no excuses for having a 12 year old marry an older man. That’s just gross.

Anyway, here are 10 history myths for you to learn from, whether you’re writing historical fiction, fantasy, or just want to learn a bit more about our past! I will likely be doing a few more of these since I uncovered a lot of things I want to talk about while researching! 

Thoughts From Band Camp
  • me: there are at least four sweat bees on me right now but i'm at attention help help help
  • me: wow drum line has to run laps again what a surprise
  • me: oh hell yes look at my perfect fuckin drag stEP SHIT WTF BALANCE
  • me: what i didn't miss the line haha not me never
  • me: dear freshman clarinets pls get ur shit together
  • me: dear clarinet section leader pls get ur section's shit together
  • me: oh no they called for sectional time now i have to be a leader
  • me: i think the freshmen hate me
  • me: my skin is melting off my body please call a water break why why whyyyy
  • me: wait band camp is over already???

America: At least we’ve moved past monarchies. 

England: Child, besides myself, many countries still have some form of a monarchy.

America: No, I don’t think so.

England: Like Belgium, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, even Canad–


Countries as stuff people have said to me at school.

America: When I die, bury me holding a burrito instead of a bouquet.

England: You’re the only person I respect here, everyone else is a thot.

France: This is [name], my bestie! *leans in and whispers* We’re secretly gay for each other, though.

Canada: (Said to him) On the first week of school I thought you were mute!

Russia: Talk. Say something. I want to hear you speak for once.

China: This kid saw some Chinese girl and immediately assumed it was me. I wasn’t even there. Like, bitch, we don’t all look alike.

Germany: Ignore him, he’s just having a stroke.

Italy: In this school, if you’re not gay you’re a minority!

Japan: I set my notification ringtone to “oof” so the Roblox gods will bless me.

Romano: Don’t look at me, we’re not friends anymore! I’m just kidding! No, seriously, we’re not friends anymore, don’t talk to me.