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56: Do you own anything from other countries?

Tons of stuff! I’ve lived in four different countries in my life, and I travel a lot :) (just in the past two weeks I’ve been in four different countries hehe)

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Color, Food, Smell, Movie

  • Pastels or really deep n rich blues/greens
  • Blueberries and Tofu
  • Depends on the season
  • Maybe Amelie?

Genre Of Music, Texture, Time Of Day, Day Of The Week

  • No real fave but I hate country music
  • Squishy stuff n fluffy stuff
  • 6pm-1am
  • Fridays

Celebrity, Drink, Precious Stone, Animal

  • ??
  • Tea
  • Lapis Lazuli/ Moon stones
  • A n y    C a t

Flower, Font, Video Game, Sound

  • Wisteria
  • Times New Roman
  • No.
  • Kat purring

Fruit, Vegetable, Shop, Fashion/Style

  • Blueberries r a fruit
  • Cucumber
  • All art shops? 
  • Pretentious arty/fake rich/floral/granny chic, I wear a lot of dresses and big coats and boots.

Workout, Boy & Girls Names, Potato Chip Flavor, Meal Of The Day

  • I ride my bike sometimes
  • Boy: Quentin, Girl: Audrey
  • Sour cream and chives
  • ?? I hate breakfast

Ice Cream Flavor, Soda, Popcorn, Season

  • Pear
  • Grapefruit stuff
  • Yes?
  • Autumn

Month, Word, Disney Princess, Insult

  • June or December
  • Tiddybress is the only good word
  • Mulan <3
  • Fucko

Eye Color, Dessert, Candy, Restaurant

  • Really light brown/ goldy, dark brown, blue/grey.
  • Raspberry Souffle 
  • Most candy has gelatin so I don’t really eat any
  • I don’t really enjoy going out to restaurants 

Language, Thing About Yourself

  • English
  • It took me like 20 minutes to do this

I’m gonna tag peter-pan-aint-got-shit-on-me and anyone else who reads this
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Ppl in the UK: 

  • Open your windows at night while it’s cool and then close them (and your curtains) in the morning. Living in California without A/C taught me this. 
  • Drink a lot of water. (Water is key, don’t drink sports drinks because they dehydrate you and can cause kidney stones if that’s all you’re drinking) 
  •  Lay on the tile, I used to do this when my home (that would get over 100 degrees F) didn’t have A/C 
  •  If you need to be out, wear a lot of sunscreen, even on places you wouldn’t think about (chest, feet, neck, ears). Even if there is cloud cover. Also find shady areas to be in. Bring water with you. If you do get burned, use aloe vera. 
  •  Eat fruits high in water (oranges, satsumas, ect)– freeze berries and put them in your water. 
  •  Eat!! You probably won’t feel like it, but it’s still important. 
  • Good trick from middle school: wet paper towels where available and place them on your neck and forehead. Also freeze your water bottles. 
  • And keep an eye on any elderly you know. They are much more likely to die in these kinds of temperatures.