I always feel paranoid

That my clothes are still funky and unclean when I hand wash them, even though I do a couple of rounds and soak. :/ wish I had the soap we used back in my country, that stuff burned your hands and temporarily blinded you XD oh well, bath tub laundry is free compared to the laundromat in town :p drop your stuff off and I’ll give you a fair price!

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You have a French grandfather!? You never told me that! OH MY GOD now I’m picturing Ko painting porn on the nose of the X-Jet and it’s HILARIOUS AND PERFECT :D

wait really? well SURPRISE I HAVE A FRENCH GRANDFATHER! :D I actually never got the chance to meet him, he died waaay before I was born, but I have been told many stories about him

apparently I have family in france, but my grandfather hated them, so he considered becoming an american citizen and never moving or speaking to them ever again back a huge improvement

he used to build airplanes in the living room. not model airplanes. actual functioning airplanes. my dad used to come home from school and bam there’s the wing of a plane in the living room. they were functional planes, too. they used to fly them across the country and stuff.

my dad couldn’t understand the french teacher in highschool and the teacher was like, something is wrong with your son, so my grandfather was like. I am french. and spent the rest of the conference only speaking in french. and the teacher couldn’t understand him. I wish I could travel back and time and witness it that smack down.


so many stories



he he ;D

Congratulations! I really enjoy browsing here, your stuff is always super sexy and fits my taste. :D i hope you’ll make tons and more tons of great custom content. Love from germany, kat <3

o my gosh! thank you so so so much, it’s so sweet <33 you made my day better, really! I’m so happy, that a lot of people from different countries love my stuff :))) love from Russia! <3

Ppl in the UK: 

  • Open your windows at night while it’s cool and then close them (and your curtains) in the morning. Living in California without A/C taught me this. 
  • Drink a lot of water. (Water is key, don’t drink sports drinks because they dehydrate you and can cause kidney stones if that’s all you’re drinking) 
  •  Lay on the tile, I used to do this when my home (that would get over 100 degrees F) didn’t have A/C 
  •  If you need to be out, wear a lot of sunscreen, even on places you wouldn’t think about (chest, feet, neck, ears). Even if there is cloud cover. Also find shady areas to be in. Bring water with you. If you do get burned, use aloe vera. 
  •  Eat fruits high in water (oranges, satsumas, ect)– freeze berries and put them in your water. 
  •  Eat!! You probably won’t feel like it, but it’s still important. 
  • Good trick from middle school: wet paper towels where available and place them on your neck and forehead. Also freeze your water bottles. 
  • And keep an eye on any elderly you know. They are much more likely to die in these kinds of temperatures.