one of my favourite AU of mine is still my (only) Bahorel/Feuilly AU, with Bahorel and trans girl Feuilly getting married and moving to the countryside together, in a bright sunny little home that they renovated themselves,

and Feuilly is a school teacher and Bahorel ends up dropping his big lawyer job and he’s a husband at home for a while but he ends up making pies and selling them and making enough money to help pay the bills with more than just what he’d put aside

and then one day he decides to get bees, and so they start their own honey and related products company that they call “Feuilly’s Bees” because 1) bees and also 2) B’s as in Bahorel and Benji their big Newfoundland dog  

and they have a huge garden and a little wooden area and they have an actual wedding party there (they did it so quick the first time now they want something big in the forest with fairy lights and Feuilly has flowers all over her dress and hair and Bahorel too) and they’re so happy pretty much all of the amis want to live with them. also they totally foster kids and end up having this huge family ahhh

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Do you ship Feuilly/Bahorel? If so, how do you think they met in a modern au? Maybe through Enjolras or they knew each other as children or something?

I ship it in certain circumstances! I have a fun small AU in which they buy a house and move to the country and end up adopting kids together. (I don’t remember my tag for it? maybe country verse or country house au?) In that verse they’re probably meet through mutual friends - Bossuet, Feuilly’s downstairs neighbour at the time, had a party with his pre-law buddies, including Bahorel. Feuilly ended up going because what the hell, she couldn’t sleep with all that noise anyway, and while there she heard Bahorel having an Argument with a douchey guy about bathrooms and trans rights and she just had to intervene.

They were friends at first sight - love did come eventually, but it took a couple of years for them to realise they friendship was going in a different direction than expected.

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Feuilly pushes the door carefully and grins when she sees all of her friends standing on the living-room, looking caught on the act.

Feuilly pushes the door carefully and grins when she sees all of her friends standing on the living-room, looking caught on the act. She doesn’t say a word, passing them and setting her bags on the kitchen counter. Their awkward, guilty silence is a little delightful; Joly is sitting on Bossuet’s shoulders, a tinsel in his hands, and they’re both immobile as they look at her. Enjolras is paused with his finger in the air; Courfeyrac has an half-inflated balloon between her lips. Combeferre s the only one who dares to move, taking off his glasses to rub his eyes dejectedly.

“So,” Feuilly says finally, still grinning. “Having a good time, guys?”

“Er,” Bossuet says, and she grunts a little under Joly’s weight. “Cosette told us she was keeping you occupied -”

Feuilly raises an eyebrow.

“Oh crap! She was,” Courfeyrac realises. She spits out the balloon.

“… but we forgot to tell her we were running late on schedule,” Combeferre glares at Courfeyrac. “Which is your fault, by the way.”

“Hey, I texted Jehan, he’s not here with Bahorel yet -”

“Yeah,” Joly quips, “They’re still in town, won’t be here until 6.”

Feuilly clears her throat.

“Happy 1st wedding annivesary?” Enjolras tries, and he looks so pitiful Feuilly can only shake her head.

“Should I stay to help you guys, or should I go back to Cosette and Marius’ until six and pretend I didn’t see a thing?”

“… We’ll see you at six, Feuilly. Thanks.”

Feuilly shakes her head and leaves the house, still smiling.