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I’m so freaking glad the US won, not only as an American…but now I could live with whoever wins in the finals (USA or Japan/England).

If it’s not the US, i’d still be devastated. But, i’d be okay…. it’d be like ‘good has won’ in football.

US: plays with so much heart
Japan: plays with heart as well, but also is humble and supportive of their teammates like the USWNT
England: well we have to thank the English for giving us this sport.

Like did you see the Germans???!!! They play like a machine, and they act like a machine.

When their teammate was also down, they went over to the bench to get in a quick huddle with the coach and water. But, the USWNT stayed with their down teammate on the field.

When Sasic missed her PK, no one was really comforting her. When Julie Johnston gave that PK to Germany, all the USWNT members were immediately consoling her and probably telling her 'don’t worry, everything will be alright in the end, etc.’

It’s like night and day between Germany and the US.

I was happy to see the Aussies knock out Brazil for us. And now, i’m happy the arrogant Germans are gone.

iwaizumi appreciation week/oiiwa week – day 7, day 3

happy birthday, iwa-chan~!

headcanon: oikawa and iwaizumi have a tradition of doing sleepovers for their birthdays, just the two of them (this year, oikawa leant iwa-chan his favourite t-shirt for reasons).