As I scroll through my Tumblr feed, I often see sexy things people I follow post. It makes me think of how rarely I come across sexy Wyoming-related things on the internet, which disappoints me (the exception would be Tumblrs like @wycountry that feature studly cowboys, but those aren’t really Wyoming-specific). Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong parts of the internet, but conservative Wyoming doesn’t strike me as a particularly sexy place in real life, so I’m not surprised by the dearth of Sexy Wyoming online.

“Country Girl” by Millie Vercauteren, a Laramie, Wyoming-based visual artist, isn’t the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on—and I don’t think sexiness was its primary aim, just a bonus—but given the aforementioned situation, I’ll take what I can get. 

Beyond the Red Desert, Wyoming isn’t known for its arid mesas, and that fact coupled with the cactus on the table suggests the image is probably from outside the state. But since it’s (apparently) a composite, double self-portrait of the artist, reflecting perhaps what she fancies as two sides of herself (or two sides of some archetypical “country girl”), one can safely assume imaginative interpretations are fair game, so I’ll suppose Vercauteren took the photo somewhere near Baggs.  

Here’s doing my small part to promote Wyoming sexiness. Good work, Vercauteren.