Country is NOT Racist

Yes I am white. Yes I have the rebel/confederate flag. Yes I am country or redneck if you will. But that does not mean I am racist. If you start downplaying another person to me because of their race, I will be the first person to put you back in your place. Black, Mexican, Asian, White, whatever. I don’t like you because of your race. I’ll like you if you’re a good person. The flag is not a symbol of racism. It’s a symbol of pride and perseverance. What many people don’t understand is that there were slaves up north as well. Just not as many because they did not need the same amount of labor as the south did on the farms. The north supported slaves and discrimination too. I do not. I support equality. I’m tired of people pulling the race card. Country does not mean racist.

I was taught to fight like hell and love like an angel. Pray like a saint and run like a rebel. Live each day like there’s no tomorrow. Speak my mind and act like a lady. I’ll always be my mama’s baby and you can’t ever tell me nothing. Oh, loving a girl like me, ain’t easy. 💋