a few days ago, i saw this post going around accusing french’s culture of being nothing but islamophobia and eating “stale ass bread” with more than 9k notes

and it hurt

i was enraged, because how could a website that is U.S centric, a country governed by the fucking personification of sexism, mysogyny, islamophobia and racism, feel like it has the right to comment on MY COUNTRY’S CULTURE

and it is true, islamophobia and antisemitism is high in France, and god i wish it wasn’t, i am Jewish myself

i wanted to rant on this post, i thought, fuck you, fuck you all

but i didn’t because i believe in my country, i believed we would make the right choice

and i was RIGHT

in a world where Trump is president of the strongest country in the world, where Britain decided to isolate itself, we, French, flipped off the extremists by voting for a young man who believes in globalization, in openness, who represents the complete inverse

and not by a little

so to all of you who liked or reblogged this post, we proved you wrong

yes, there are many things to correct in France

but we took the first step

can you say the same about your country?

I was working the other day and I had a customer who was clearly a francophone and had some difficulty communicating to me in English. I told her she could speak French because I was bilingual and an old lady behind her said “no, she can’t. This is Canada, not France, she should learn to speak English.” So I said “ma'am, Canada is a recognized bilingual country, where French and English are equally the two main languages.” She responded by saying “yes but in this town, we speak English.” So I told her, “this town was founded by francophones. Perhaps you should learn to speak French.” She was mad 😂

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More gaming au holy shit that's amazing I love it

a sequel to this

As it turned out, knowing conversational French and moving to a country that spoke only French was… slightly more difficult than Adrien predicted.

There were signs everywhere.

Maybe this was an odd thing to focus on, but trying to tell what was a brand name and what was a pun and what was simply a word he didn’t know yet was… something.

Which is exactly what he was going to use to justify to Nathalie why he’s been staring at the ingredients on a candy bar wrapper in this particular corner of the convenience store for the past ten minutes when she inevitably gets fed up with waiting for him.

Gélifiant. It looks enough like ‘gelatin’ that he’s suspicious, but ultimately, he was going to need to get his translator app out to tell for sure.

Which was really something he could’ve done ten minutes ago, except…

A loud, clear, boisterous laugh echoed over from the cash register, achingly, thrillingly familiar.

Adrien never would have expected it, but somehow, somehow he’d moved close enough to Ladybug’s place that they apparently went to the same convenience store.

Holy shit.

Which was why he really couldn’t go over there (even if there were goosebumps on his nape at the very thought), because Ladybug had expressed exactly no desire to meet up IRL, and he was pretty sure that ‘accidentally’ finding her would be an asshole move on his part.

She was friends with the cashier, he knew, because they’d been chattering for as long as he’s been standing here with absolutely no sign of stopping, and all told, his feet were starting to ache.

Ladybug dipped her voice into that rich, purring, playful tone that apparently was somehow even more effective in meatspace than it was coming out of his headset late at night (and that was saying something), and murmured something to her friend that Adrien wasn’t sure he could’ve translated even if it was in English.

(She was the reason he’d figured out he had a thing for voices, okay? His insides turned to caramel goo whenever she started talking like that.)

“Trouble finding anything, dude?”

Adrien jumped as he realized it was the cashier speaking to him, and unthinking, he raised his eyes.

There was, of course, the cashier, who was leaning over her station in a very distracting sort of way, and the girl next to her…

…Was very, very, very cute.

Athletic and tiny and cherubic with distractingly full lips and what may or may not have been a scattering of freckles over her nose and shoulders.

Cute enough that Adrien almost dismissed the possibility of her being Ladybug, because if Ladybug was that cute on top of being spectacular and amazing and every other superlative that came to mind, then that really wasn’t fair, and, really, the universe should be ashamed of itself.

And then she shot him a sheepish smile and said, “Sorry, I don’t work here. Gotta ask her.”

…Nope, that was definitely Ladybug. Whatever higher power was in charge of her creation should be given an award and then sent to the naughty corner.

Adrien, panicking, held up his candy bar and switched to English. “Sorry, do you have this in vanilla?”

Both girls blinked.

“N-no?” said the cashier, accent heavy with the sudden language switch. “I do not think so.”

Which would make sense, because it was a caramel bar, but—

“Alright, I’ll take this. Thank you.”

He sensed Ladybug frowning at the side of his head as he fumbled with his new credit card, but couldn’t stand to do much more than flash her a quick, awkward (probably blushing) smile as he paid for the goods and fled.

Two things:

  1. Ladybug could never, ever find out about this, and
  2. his life was probably about to get much… more difficult now that he had a face like that to put to his crush’s mind-melting voice.