I hope everyone who bitched about Jimin posting in the fancafe while on tour and said he didn’t like intl fans is really proud of themselves. He’s acknowledged intl fans and asked people to translate stuff so many times in the last couple of days; he obviously feels guilty. He even had Hoseok do that live with him so be could understand and interact with the intl fans. You guys really made him feel bad.

Not every idol can read/speak/understand English, languages are hard. Some people really struggle with learning second languages. And honestly I don’t think idols should be required to learn English or Japanese or anything else if they don’t really, actually want to. That kind of expectation is just too much, imo. We should take it as a nice surprise when an idol knows a second language instead of an expectation or a requirement. And on top of that, what is getting upset with an idol for communicating in their own language with fans who speak that language suppose to do exactly? Yelling at him doesn’t make him suddenly capable of understanding everything you guys type at him at lightening speed. It just hurts his feelings.

And of course he would feel home sick. He’s in a foreign country, eating foreign food, surrounded by people he can’t understand. If I remember correctly Jimin was the one who got homesick the fastest on Bon Voyage. He loves his country and there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s a homebody, so sue him.

Anyway it’s like 4am, I’m emotional, and him asking people to translate on ch+ for intl fans made me :/ :/ :/ because he shouldn’t have to worry about that. He’s a good kid and he doesn’t deserve to be spoken to that way by people (his fans) who are suppose to love and support him. I love armys, but honestly I don’t think you guys realize how spoiled we are. Your expectations are unrealistic.

There are fandoms out there that can’t even find an eng sub of a five minute clip of their group months after it’s aired. We get twenty subs uploaded to YouTube in a matter of hours. Armys work hard for each other and it makes BTS seem more accessible than they actually are, but please remember to respect the members in real time when English isn’t always an option. I hope that makes sense?? Like don’t let the ease of accessibility make you forget that, in the moment, you are dealing with real people with feelings who might struggle to understand you.

In short; please don’t be selfish and always remember to respect the members. They love you and they work hard for you. They deserve to be spoken to with care.

What Do the Zodiac Signs Do When Visiting a New Country?

Eat food: Taurus, Leo, Libra

Explore:  Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Meet people: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius

Being Sick | Health Vocabulary

Hey guys, a lot of my friends are getting sick as we’re nearing the end of Winter and heading into Spring here in Australia. So I thought now would be a good time to discuss some medical and dental vocabulary in case you ever find yourself sick in Japan. In most western countries it’s common to eat chicken noodle soup when you’re sick, but in Japan you’re probably going to wind up eating お粥「おかゆ」 which is hot rice porridge/congee!

A while ago・先ほど・さきほど
Around when・いつ頃・いつごろ
Blocked nose・鼻血・はなぢ
Dull persistent pain (toothache)・しくしく「痛む・いたむ」
Mental illness・精神病気・せいしんびょうき
Pain killer・痛み止め・いたみどめ
Piercing pain (headache or stomachache)・キリキリ「痛む・いたむ」
Sick (serious illness)・病気・びょうき

Because (used when something affects one negatively)・せい
Not much/not enough・ろくに~ない
To catch a cold・風邪をひく・かぜをひく
To complain of・訴える・うったえる
To examine (a patient)・診る・みる
To feel tired・だるい
To get better/to recover from illness・治る・なおる
To get up・起きる・おきる
To not feel good・気持ち悪い・きもちわるい
To swallow・飲み込む・のみこむ
To take medicine・服用する・ふくようする「薬を飲む・くすりをのむ」

You don’t look good・顔色が悪い・かおいろがわるい
Take care・お大事に・おだいじに

e.g. どうしましたか。顔色が悪いですよ。
        What’s wrong? You don’t look too good (literally: your face colour is bad).

       How are you feeling?

       I have diarrhea.

shit my history prof says

some of the bullshit that’s come out of his mouth between my Medieval History and Western Civ 1 transcribed into RP sentence meme form. have a party with it, change pronouns as you need to.

  • “You shouldn’t walk through fire. That’s why God made it so hot.”
  • “Well, I’m ___, so of course I need a GIANT GUN.”
  • “I don’t care what fancy magic armor you wear, if a fat man with no pants hits you with a cleaver, you’re dead.”
  • “He’s like a walking encyclopedia of useless shit.”
  • “___ scared the shit out of everyone back in the day. That’s something that hasn’t changed.”
  • “And it was at that moment I realized there would be no peace.”
  • “At my age, the only thing that scares me is an IRS tax audit.”
  • “You can’t even get me to walk up a block to get a sandwich.”
  • “Come on, it’ll be fun! Do it for Jesus!” 
  • “This is one thing Europe is good at. Exporting violence.”
  • “I’m sorry, I find it a little hard to believe that a bunch of guys smoking hash can attack anything. Unless it’s like, a pie.”
  • “One crossbow bolt later and I learned that toothpaste makes excellent makeshift wall Spackle.”
  • “The question isn’t why or how it could fall, the question is how did it last that long.”
  • “If you haven’t seen a breast yet you need to get out of the house.”
  • “First thing’s first, I’m kind of an asshole.”
  • “And that’s why my girlfriend doesn’t take me out to nice places anymore. Which is good, because I didn’t want to go in the first place.”
  • “Moral of the story? When something isn’t yours, you treat it like shit.” 
  • “I like woodchucks. They’re the fat kids of the forest.”
  • “When the wind blows it’s like Satan’s hairdryer.”
  • “This cognac’s so expensive it’d be cheaper for me to do crack.”
  • “It’s like you know what they’re saying but you’re having a stroke.”
  • “No one likes you when you sleep with their wives and husbands and children.”
  • “Don’t do that. You’ll get warm. Then you’ll get sleepy. Then you’ll get dead.”
  • “This war takes fucking FOREVER.”
  • “It’s like going on a road-trip with Stalin. Like, there are fun times, where you’re in Vegas and drinking together, but then you’re digging your own grave in the desert because he thinks you cheated at blackjack.”
  • “He’s pretty much his sugar daddy.”
  • “Children are like little drunk people.”
  • “If you’re going to go all the way to another country and then still eat McDonald’s, you’re kind of an asshole.”
  • “How many prostitutes can you put in a boat? Let’s find out!” 
  • “I say it’s a dead dog story, but I promise there’s a funny ending.”
  • “It’s like crack, if crack was cheese.”
  • “Picture a Playboy mansion gone wrong.”
  • “It’s like living in some bizarre fantasy porno.”
  • “He smells like something from the X-Files.
  • “There are a lot of ways to die, but not many quite as stylish.”
  • “Why? Aesthetic.”
  • “If you’re looking for a back tattoo this is the one you want.”
  • “Why does he succeed? He has a plan. Sounds stupid, but not many people have one.”

Red Velvet deserves to have a showcase to sell tickets for. They deserve to have a show of their own where they can have fun, travel to other countries, eat good food and play in each other’s company. They deserve to have their own v live channel. They deserved to have had their fandom name much sooner, to have it announced in a way much more special way. They deserve to have a solid platform where they can interact with fans easily and frequently. They deserve this and MORE because they’ve been working so hard and they HAVE made so so so many achievements and it is CLEAR that the public loves them. But the truth is that their fucking company cannot even spare them a fraction of the support that they spoon feed to their other artists, to the fans of other artists. It is really frustrating to be a red velvet stan, a REVELUV, because we keep trying and trying for these girls and together with them we make achievements hoping that maybe this time around SM will finally be convinced to do something better for them…but it’s as if nothing is good enough for their own company to give them fair treatment and we keep trying and the cycle continues and I’m just so fucking tired already.

  • Meat industry: *publishes 6,000 billboards around the country telling people to eat more beef and 500 online articles telling people that veganism is bad because field mice*
  • Y'all: That's not propaganda! That's just the meat industry advertising a product and making a honest living! What do you expect? You can't just dismiss that information because it doesn't conform to your bias!
  • 'Vegan propaganda': Advertises vegan ice creams and an article about how cows are just as sentient as dogs and don't like being killed
  • Y'all: This is all part of an insidious worldwide conspiracy to turn people vegan enough with your broccoli-industry funded lies.

can we please stop pretending the solution to famine is first-world countries making sure to eat all their groceries rather than first-world countries buying less and supermarkets donating more to the third world

Food (and class) in Harry Potter A (lengthy) guide for fans who aren’t British

After another user asked me some questions about British food as it appears in Harry Potter I decided to make a post about it, as no doubt other foreign readers have similar questions. I will talk about EVERYTHING so sorry if you have to scroll through loads of stuff you know to find what you want, but I have written it to be accessible to literally anyone and I don’t want to assume people know what something is just because I do.

Also, it was impossible to make the post without referencing class. The fact that it was impossible only goes to show how it’s probably impossible to understand the books in depth without an understanding of class in Britain. The whole texts are encoded with references to class which are so subtle (much like class itself) that even I, who grew up being encoded in the same way, had to analyse the texts to find them. At some point I’ll make a post about just class, but for now we’ll stick to the light-hearted topic of food!

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Raising the Barn (I really hope these are up until midnight pacific time and not eastern time ‘cause pausing to rewind and take notes means these are taking a while lol)(Also wooo Amber Cragg’s first ep as storyboarder!!)

(Side note: gosh this episode is gorgeous.)

Ahahah this is gonna be interesting. Let’s see what I pick up that I didn’t before?

Cut because it got long!

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anonymous asked:

Hey there, I've been really enjoying reading your blog and have been learning a lot. I'd like to ask about some claims I see being made online about that everyone needs to stop eating meat/animal products imminently to lessen climate change. Is that the full picture? Most articles I see online promote a "plant based" (read: vegan) diet, but is it feasible for everyone to even do that? Would it even help? Thanks :)

This is a very complex question, and a lot has been written on it from different perspectives, but I have to say that it definitely is not the full picture.  To be honest, the question you asked could become an entire paper and/or thesis, but here are some reasons why everyone stopping eating animals immediately is neither feasible nor sustainable for people or the climate. 

The fact of the matter is, we have to feed -everyone- with the land and resources we have.  Climate change aside, that is the problem ag seeks to solve. So a solution is not truly sustainable unless it is capable of feeding everyone and is better for the climate than alternatives. Ok? Here we go!

So, does going animal-free work to feed everyone?

  • Many people (myself included) cannot safely exist on a diet devoid of animal products. Whether it be due to celiac, soy allergies, corn allergies, other gut disorders, many people need at least some animal products to survive. I have celiac. I also cannot eat soy more than occasionally without getting very sick and risking permanent health consequences. The majority of the items on the list of foods I cannot eat without getting sick and/or putting my health at risk are plant-derived. I am far from the only one like this. 
  • Allergies to plant-derived foods are far more common than to animal-derived ones.  Of the top 8 allergens estimated to cause >90% of allergic reactions by the Mayo Clinic, half of them are plant sources, and of the plant sources listed (peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat) those are common sources of protein for vegetarian/vegan diets. If we cut out animal-based protein, where are people with these allergies going to get protein?
  • Saying “everyone can eat vegan” is ableist, and denies the reality of many people, myself and many of my family members included.

Going totally vegan may actually be bad for some ecosystems

  • Grasslands and rangelands need grazing to survive. These lands evolved under pressure from native herbivores, which in turn were kept in check by predators. Humans have largely eliminated those predators from a good chunk of the world, or severely reduced them (see the issue with deer overpopulation in the US due to human elimination of predators). 
  • Even if all the land currently grazed by herbivores was returned to wild populations, we risk herbivore overpopulation issues and long-term environmental degradation. If we just remove all grazing herbivores, we wind up with habitat degradation and in many places, increased fuel for forest fires, which causes its own problems. Removing herbivores also changes ecosystem balance for many other species that rely on herbivores to clear out excess brush, provide manure, or alter habitats.
  • A totally vegan diet for humanity wastes land.  ( Most grazing land is unsuitable for row crops without massive inputs of fertilizer and tilling/irrigation, which themselves can have a fairly high carbon footprint, and repeated tilling can be very bad for certain kinds of soil. (
  • Have you ever seen the rangelands of California or Montana? It would be extremely difficult to grow row crops there, but we are really good at growing cattle and sheep there!  Since grassland is 26% of the world’s land area, and 70% of the world’s agricultural area, any diet that doesn’t use pasture-produced animal products will be wasting a lot of land that could be feeding people. (
  • As the world population increases, pressure on existing land usage is going to increase, and so agriculture needs to rise to meet this challenge.

So I think we can make the case that a), a vegan diet will not feed everyone, and b) wastes land that could be used to feed people. So by default it’s not sustainable.

But what about livestock and climate change?

  • Livestock production of all types sum up to 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide (,and 24% of global greenhouse gases come from agriculture, forestry, and other land use, according to the FAO. That includes plant and animal agriculture. (source:
  •  Of this, livestock are a major contributor, but so is soil management, which is needed for growing both human food and feed for livestock.
  • By contrast, electricity/heat, industry, and transport account for 25, 21, and 14% of greenhouse gases, respectively. 
  • In the US, livestock account for just 4.2% of total greenhouse gas emissions. To contrast, transportation and energy production account for 27% and 31% of total US greenhouse gas emissions, respectively. 
  • The contribution of livestock to greenhouse gases is higher in developing countries, partially due to a lot of livestock eating poorer quality feed or needing longer to reach market, and the fact that grass-fed livestock do produce more methane than livestock fed on lower-fiber feeds. 
  • But as discussed above, those grass-eating livestock are necessary for producing food where other crops can’t grow, and keeping ecosystems healthy.
  • So for the US and other developed countries, focusing on livestock seems a bit shortsighted compared to developing cleaner energy and transport, right? (source: Disclaimer: the author of this piece is one of my advisors) 
  • The US EPA here lists a lot of good ways we can improve agriculture to reduce climate change but the fact of the matter is, while ag and livestock ag in particular contribute a good amount to climate change, it’s got a big job to do - feeding everyone!
  • Herbivores like cows and sheep and goats are needed to preserve native forage-based ecosystems and provide food, but at the cost of producing methane that contributes to climate change. However, if we got rid of every cow and sheep and replaced their contribution to human diets with chicken and pigs, we’d have to grow extra food for them, which means more greenhouse gases to grow those foods, and we’re back at square one
  • To me, the real benefit of livestock, especially on range situations, is that they turn human-inedible plant protein into human-edible protein. That’s a significant reason why they’re so important to the human food supply.
  • Livestock also eat a lot of byproducts (brewer’s mash, hulls, tomato pulp, etc) that would otherwise go to waste.  This reduces the impact of their feed production and of waste disposal in other industries. We’d have a lot of reject feed/byproducts sitting around if we got rid of livestock, and those would have greenhouse gas production from their waste disposal.

For me, it amounts to priorities - we know a vegan diet won’t feed everyone and it wastes land. We don’t have enough arable land to feed everyone on a vegan diet, even if everyone could go vegan. 

We have researchers like myself and my colleagues working to help farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions no matter what they farm (greenhouse gas emissions are a waste, remember, and cost farmers money). Livestock, especially in range situations and developing countries, eat a lot of stuff that would otherwise go to waste, and help keep ecosystems healthy. 

So it’s not just the analytical life cycle of the animal and it’s impacts, it’s what would the effect on climate change be by a) removing livestock and b) dealing with the human food needs met by doing so? 

To me, livestock earn their keep, and while it is our job to keep improving livestock systems to be more efficient and help  prevent worse climate change, we also need to remember that livestock are an important part of the sustainability of existing systems. 

So hope that answered your question, anon! For more info, check out this video presentation that you might find neat, as well:

The boys eating really spicy food and their S/O trying to help them calm down?

Personally, me and spicy food have a…rough history. Enjoy the content.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Here you are, in a foreign country eating foreign food. This was not going to end well.
  • He switched his mask to his “eating mask”, something you found odd but never commenting on it.
  • And you told him: “Korekiyo, don’t order the definitely absolutely certainly spicy foods.”
  • But NOPE.
  • Now HERE HE IS.
  • Arrogant idiot.
  • Still, you spring to action and order a glass of mil-
  • No milk. Okay. Honey instead.
  • You call the waiter over and ask for a bottle of honey.
  • Shinguuji notices this and points directly at his pouch, muttering out you need to get his “drinking mask.”
  • So you grab his pouch, open it, and voila, it’s just filled with masks.
  • Which??? One???
  • You make a lucky guess and pass him his drinking mask.
  • He quickly changes masks and grabs a spoon, pouring the honey in it and consuming it as fast as possible.
  • And then he’s back to normal. Formal, eloquent, verbose Shinguuji.
  • However, you’ve never seen him so panicked before, so this is something you’ll never live down.

Rantarou Amami

  • You noticed it too late.
  • The restaurant put too much pepper on his steak.
  • There it goes, down his hatch.
  • A moment passes, and he appears to enjoy his food.
  • You ask him if he’s alright, and he just raises a brow and nods lightheartedly.
  • And then the spice kicks in.
  • Amami? Amami are you okay?
  • He gives you the OK hand sign, but you’re definitely sure he’s not OK.
  • Tears have formed in the corners of his eyes.
  • His face is flushing red.
  • A grimace begins to form.
  • AAAAAAAlright Rantarou let’s go get you something to soothe your spiced bones.
  • He’s rushed to the bathroom when the water arrives.
  • …5 minutes pass.
  • …10 minutes.
  • 15.
  • Oh! He’s finally out!
  • And he’s fine.
  • He looks and sounds absolutely fine.
  • As if nothing happened at all.
  • What the hell did he do in the bathroom.

Kokichi Ouma

  • You hate this.
  • You really hate this.
  • He’s crying so LOUDLY.
  • You give him a glass of milk from the fridge and he downs it.
  • And then he’s fine.
  • Is he??
  • He’s still crying a bit.
  • Regardless, no more spices for your boyfriend.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He’s an absolute, total, mess.
  • It started with the first bite, he realized it nigh-instantly and quickly asked for water.
  • You rush for the pitcher and pour water into his glass, taking his sandwich from him.
  • You check his sandwich while he drinks and-
  • Oh.
  • This is tomato, right?
  • You eat a bit of it and-
  • It’s not.
  • It’s jalapeño.
  • How did you make this mistake??
  • You could’ve sworn you chopped the tomatoes????
  • You check your workspace in the kitchen, and low and behold, the unchopped tomatoes.
  • How the hell did you mistake jalapeño for tomatoes?
  • Being scatterbrained is one thing, but the two were…
  • Unless…
  • Mhm, there it is.
  • A note. A purple note.
  • It doesn’t take a genius to know what really happened.
  • You’re gonna have a “talk” with him very soon…

Kaito Momota

  • Grocery shopping with Kaito was frankly not going to go well.
  • Especially if said grocery had many clerks offering taste tests for their products.
  • No matter what, he will try one if you pass by them.
  • In fact, you’d decided to keep going even when he took a moment to pause and eat the free food.
  • “Hello, good morning sir! Would you like to try-”
  • You knew he was going to eat it, so you just moved on.
  • But you looked back at Kaito and the clerk just for a moment.
  • He’d gulped the damn food down too quickly.
  • But it wasn’t just normal food.
  • It was a chicken nugget.
  • With spicy ketchup.
  • Kaito goddamnit you should’ve asked before eating it-
  • He’s not taking it too well, honestly.
  • What’s red, tall, and purple all over?
  • Kaito Momota, dying of spice.
  • Grocery cut short just so you can get him a bottle of water.
  • He promises to ask what’s in the food before eating it next time.


  • While he can’t exactly digest food, he decided to get upgraded.
  • Now, he can react accordingly when tasting food.
  • If he ate an ice cream too fast, he’d get a brain freeze.
  • If he ate something really good, he’d want more instantly.
  • And in the same vein, if he just happened to…
  • “Accidentally” ingest some chili peppers to find out how he’d react.
  • Well…
  • It didn’t go too well, as expected-
  • His systems chose a horrible reaction for this poor robot boy.
  • He demanded water.
  • And so you gave it to him.
  • And he just chugged it.
  • Kiibo is waterproof, for the most part.
  • But he drank the water too fast.
  • Welp, there he goes-
  • He shut down.
  • He’s going to give you a long lecture about spicy foods and his systems when he reboots.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Ah, isn’t it lovely to just have a relaxing moment on the couch-
  • Then he just kinda-
  • Crumples into a fetal position.
  • You go and get milk, then giving it to him.
  • He drinks it as politely as possible, despite the burning feeling in his nose.
  • You ask him what happened.
  • He says that Ouma gave him something to eat.
  • Something that looked like ice cream.
  • Something green.
  • Oh Gonta you poor honey baby child you ate wasabi-
  • You give him a hug and a pat on the back.
  • All the while with the burning feeling of vengeance flaring up in your eyes.
  • Goddamnit, Ouma.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’d been feeling way more down than normal lately.
  • Confessing that “food doesn’t taste anymore”.
  • Despite whatever you cooked, be it an old family recipe or something entirely new.
  • Wherever you dined, whatever you ordered in.
  • Pizza, fast food, fine dining.
  • Nothing was making him feel better.
  • So you decided that enough was enough.
  • You concocted something that was sure to spark something from him.
  • He sat at the table, taking his spoon and looking down at the soup you made.
  • Hoshi raised a brow, remarking that it looked “OK”.
  • But he took a sip from it and-
  • He’s fine?
  • He smiles slightly, and says the food’s actually really good.
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Oh no.
  • Oh no what’s happening-
  • He’s crying now.
  • Just a few tears, but you’re sure he’s crying.
  • Is he sad?
  • Oh nope he’s-
  • He’s now completely red.
  • Looking like Maki with a black and red colour scheme-
  • He looks at you, pushes away his soup, and faceplants onto the table.
  • HO S HI-
  • You rush to get him milk and force him to drink it.
  • Within more than half an hour, he’s back up.
  • He looks at you, and chuckles. He’s happy. He’s feeling again.
  • Mission accomplished.
the signs as random snapchats my friends have sent me
  • aries: i'm barely awake and my sister said "clean the damn house" bitch clean ya damn vagina im tired fuck outta my face
  • taurus: *picture of herself with the headband on & a blank face* i realized too late that i was playing headbandz and now i know what i am wow
  • gemini: you ever notice that the inside of your mouth looks like the inside of your vagina wait actually idk what the inside of my vagina looks like
  • cancer: *picture of her teary eyed* i nearly started crying because i realized plankton and karen don't have kids because she's a computer so they can't have sex
  • leo: *picture of her with her hair tied around her chin like a beard* who needs men? i'm my own man
  • virgo: *picture of her looking down at the camera at an awkward angle* me trying to figure out how to record without using my hands
  • libra: *at 2 am* in other countries when they eat hot dogs or something do they call it "american food" like how we call china's food "chinese food" #latenightthoughts
  • scorpio: *picture of herself on the toilet with her legs scribbled out* woah why tf am i constipated (my dick not showin, just my legs)
  • sagittarius: *picture of her crying* while i was chewing i bit down on something chewy IT WAS A BUG I THINK PLEASE HELP
  • capricorn: *blurry picture of her looking terrified* tell me why i dropped my phone in the fucking brownie mix i hate everything
  • aquarius: *blurry picture of herself* i kicked an ant bed and i think some of the ants went in my pants and are biting me
  • pisces: *picture of her crying* me realizing maddie isn't even real. or maybe liv isn't real. idk they just aren't actually twins. they're the same girl. and she doesn't have some unique connection to her twin sister who'd she do anything for because she doesn't have one.

just a daily reminder that wherever bangtan goes please, respect their privacy. some ppl are always talking about how much they want the boys to rest and all that, and yet, ppl insist in crowding all the places they visit when they go to a country. let them rest, eat in peace, enjoy the country they are visiting, roam around the city, take pictures, treat them just like you would treat someone having a vacation, they want to not only go to a country to do a concert but to get to know more about its culture, just like anyone else would do! they are not animals nor objects to be treated like this, let them rest! if it’s a day before a huge concert, mental and physical preparation are both needed. they don’t owe fans anything when the fans are the ones stalking them, they are in another country to enjoy and have a great time so they can make nice memories when they do a concert. it’s not about “the fans made who they are today” oh yes we did, but that doesn’t give us the right to stalk them when they have at least a little bit of free time. don’t disturb their privacy because guess what, they are human beings just like us, they don’t like being treated like this, we are not close to them and we are not their friends, we gotta know our boundaries. and most important, don’t encourage those armys behaviour.