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I see that tumblr is blocked in your school. Idk if its available in different countries, but check BETTERNET in Google Play/App Store. You can open blocked sites/apps once connected. We use that in school since Facebook is blocked.

Oh awesome, I’m not in school anymore but I’ll definitely look into that if I ever need it again! Then I’ll tell everyone unblocked it with my “sick hacking skills”.

This month I’m raising awareness for modern slavery by wearing a dress every day in December as part of Dressember. All of the proceeds go to IJM, an organization that helps victims of sexual abuse in developing countries. You can check out their website here:

They recently rescued a little girl that was a victim of cybersex trafficking. You can watch her story here:

45 million people worldwide are held as slaves. Half of which are children.

Everybody deserves to be loved, help me make a difference in at least one person’s life.

My fundraiser page:

Surviving School


  • Compare and Contrast - Finds similarities and differences for anything. 
  • Word Reference - Finding translations for multiple languages. DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. 
  • Easy Bib - Make bibliographies for free. 
  • Info Please - Great for research and facts. 
  • On This Day - Search any day and it will find events that happened on that day. This is good for History class. 
  • World Fact Book - See statistics, facts, and graphs about any country. 
  • Spell Checker - Checks your spelling and grammar and it gives you options on correcting your sentence. 
  • Learn French - Learn French for free with worksheets, videos and through Skype Calls. 
  • Vocabulary - Find vocabulary from books or type in your own words to get definitions. This is really useful for when you are reading a book and need a list of new vocabulary. 
  • Fact Checker - Checks if any research and facts you have are correct or incorrect.


  • Dragon Dictation - Speak into the microphone and the app turns what ever you are saying into text. This saves time instead of typing out long essays you could just say it out and let the app type. 
  • Periodic Table - Interactive periodic table where you can see information about each element 

Taking Notes:

  • OneNote - You can make lists, take notes, and even share your notes with anyone. You can have these notes on any advice. (Also an app) 
  • Popplet - Make a web diagram to put all your ideas on. 
  • Evernote - Take notes and have them on any device. (Also an app)
  • Jot - Allows you to take notes on the “New Tab” page. (Google Chrome Extension) 

Staying Focused: 

  • Blocking Distracting Websites - Blocks websites you put into the blacklist for a certain amount of time. You are allowed a certain amount of time on the blacklist websites and you get to choose the time to set. (Google Chrome Extension) 
  • Timer - This is a timer that stays in the corner of the web browser. This is really useful for allowing yourself a break and setting a timer for when your break should be finished. 
  • Calendars - This website lets you make free calendars and print them. 
  • Place a sticky note somewhere around your work area that says “Do Homework” or “Stay Focused” so when ever you see it you are reminded to do your work. 
  • Make a list before starting homework or an assignment. Write down what you want to get done, what you are focusing on and what you want to learn after doing the assignment. From experience, when you have a list where you prioritize your work it is easier to focus on it. 

Taking a Break: 

  • Watch a TED Talk. They’re educational and entertaining. Use the Topics page to find a talk about something you like. 
  • Take a walk outside to stretch out and to get some fresh air so your mind can focus later. 
  • Grab a snack. Try to eat something healthy and light, avoid anything with a lot of fat and oil. 
  • Draw or colour. If you aren’t very good at drawing then just scribble with a marker on a white board to do something relaxing before getting back to homework which can be stressful. 
  • Do not go on the internet to check your email or notifications because you may get caught up and not realize how much time you are spending on the internet. 
  • Do something you enjoy. This can be play an instrument, write, sing, dance, etc. 

Tips/Tricks for School: 

  • Join clubs that focus on things related to the classes you are taking. If your school offers science clubs join them because they could possibly make science class more fun and explain various topics you learned. 
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times during the school day because you never know when you might feel tired or nervous. 
  • Listen to the daily announcements ! They usually talk about events coming up, what they are selling in the cafeteria, and about new clubs. 
  • Keep extra pencils, sweatpants, pads, gum and granola bars in your locker just in case something occurs. 
  • If you take public transit to school see if there are special offers for students. Most areas have some sort of discounted fare for students. 
  • Pick your outfits for the week so you are prepared in the morning for every day of the week. 
  • Take at least one fun class each year because that class allows you to relax and be in a positive environment. It also reduces your stress you may have from other classes. 
  • Talk to your teacher, guidance counselor, and adults in the school so they can help you out with school work and possibly be easier on you when it comes to marking. 

Please add more if you have any more tips/tricks!

Pocket Princesses 146: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

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Free Comic Book Day is TOMORROW in comic stores across the country! Check out the site here to find a store near you where free comics & fun activities will be happening!

James Silvani & I will be at Nuclear Comics & Skate in Laguna Niguel from 9-11am, then at Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim from 11.30-close. We’ll be signing comics and are happy to do quick doodles :)

Even though the comic stores will have free comics on offer, please keep in mind, the store still has to pay for them, so while you’re there, check out what else they have to offer and maybe buy something to support your local comic store :)


22nd December
Happy birthday to Kageyama Tobio!

The king? Who’s that?
Don’t you know? It’s Kageyama Tobio. They call him the ”King of the Court“. He’s an amazing setter!


there are no sizzlers, ponderosas, golden corrals, or old country buffets anywhere near me and i wonder if they’ve done that on purpose


Fact Checkers, IT’S LIT