it just really bothers me that it was specifically country award shows who were making fun of her personal life and the fact that everyone knew she was in her early 20s. like the people who made fun of her dating life were people in the country community who were GROWN ADULTS and supposed to be lighting the way for her and supporting but instead they fucking treated her like shit in front of millions of people LIKE WHAT THE FUCK????? 

i mean i know it’s over and it’s lame to make fun of taylor at award shows now but seriously i wish i had realized sooner how awful that was because it was REALLY unfair of them to do that to her

i just love taylor swift and especially young 20 year old taylor swift because that was when it was COOL to make fun of her but she got through it like okay that’s my baby and i’m real proud

10 Least Watched OUAT Episodes As Of 4/21/15
“Sympathy for the De Vil” 4x19 5.12 million viewers
“Heart of Gold” 4x18 5.17 million viewers
“Best Laid Plans” 4x17 5.48 million viewers
“Heroes and Villains” 4x12 5.69 million viewers
“Poor Unfortunate Soul” 4x16 5.79 million viewers
"Enter the Dragon” 4x15 5.88 million viewers
“Bleeding Through” 3x18 5.95 million viewers
“Shattered Sight” 4x11 6.20 million viewers
“Fall” 4x10 6.43 million viewers
“Going Home” 3x11 6.44 million viewers
Before anybody starts blaming the Academy of Country Music Awards for the “Sympathy for the De Vil” eps new all time low viewership, remember last year OUAT was up against the *same* awards show, and OUAT got 2.4 in demographic and 7.26 Million viewers for “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. So they can’t blame the awards.
These are episodes that RumBellers/Dearies and “Beauty and the Beast” fans felt betrayed by the writers and a significant part of that huge part of OUAT fandom decided to tune out or boycott after years of empty promises by the writers/creators. Eight out of ten of the least watched episodes of all time are from season 4. The two that are not from the current season are from season 3: “Going Home,” in which Rumple died and “Bleeding Through,” with the forced Rumple/Zelena make-out, assault on abused, captive and grieving father Rumple aka ‘Beast’ from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Back in May 2014 and all through the Summer hiatus, RumBelle fans, Belle fans, Rumple fans and “Beauty and the Beast” fans warned the writers/creators that season 4 was their last chance, and that this substantial portion of OUAT fandom wouldn’t stand for being betrayed yet again, because fans would indeed boycott. The writer/creators decided to ignore those warnings and ultimately wrote the most horrific season for Rumple and Belle, and in turn Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin, in the history of “Once Upon A Time,” with both Rumple and Belle wildly out of character, continued repeated emasculation of Rumple, as well as making him a cartoon villain and beloved Belle a betrayer, an adulteress and potential conspirator to murder her husband BatB’s Beast. Most of season 4, RumBelle has been a pawn in bolstering Emma and Hook’s relationship and Hook’s questionable status as 'hero,’ and now, with the revelation of Marian actually being Zelena, making Robin again an option for Regina’s love life, the writers are using the same tactic, using RumBelle as a pawn to bolster Regina and Robin’s relationship, and Regina’s status as 'hero,’ without any regard for what it does to the viability of RumBelle, which is still fans’ favorite canon relationship… although with the gratuitous re-writing of previous seasons, who really knows what’s actually canon anymore. After baiting RumBelle fans previous to the airing of “Sympathy for the De Vil,” those fans, who decided to watch to see if anything good would come of it, ultimately saw, after a brief moment of sweetness, a venom filled rant by Belle that seemed to mock viewers complaints about Rumple’s emasculation by his repeated scenes 'begging’/'groveling’ “like a dog” on OUAT, as well as the revelation that the so called hero Evil Queen Regina had Belle’s heart to blackmail Rumple, so the writers can have Regina smooth out her relationship with Robin, the husband of a woman she murdered, who was recently murdered again by Regina’s sister, Zelena, in the aftermath of Hook and Emma’s time travel romp during their 2-hour movie at the end of season 3. Yet, Regina’s status as 'hero’ and happy ending appears on track, regardless of victimizing Belle, a woman who never did anything to her, and who had been Regina’s captive and torture victim for 3 decades… and as a bonus Regina wiped Belle’s memory, so her (Regina’s) hero status remains untainted… which makes it now 5 times in 4 seasons that the writers have given Belle some form of amnesia. {Extreme lack of creativity here.} And though, Regina was able to put a protection spell on Henry’s heart to prevent removal, Rumple, who taught Regina magic, was dumbed down, having not putting a protection spell on Belle’s heart, even though Belle is repeatedly targeted by Regina, who is known for taking hearts. Lana Parrilla is a stellar actress and an amazing person, but Regina’s love life shouldn’t take priority over RumBelle having a reasonable plot themselves, especially since a lot of Regina fans find her relationship with Robin distasteful. Here’s hoping that this entire season 4 going all the way back to season 3, episode 20, “Kansas” with the botched RumBelle reunion, after Rumple’s year in captivity and his son’s murder after Rumple saved everyone (which logically should have removed a lot of blackness from his heart), is just a really bad dream, and RumBelle can have a redo on that reunion, having Belle actually care about Rumple’s trauma, and they work TOGETHER to deal with the aftermath of what he endured.