country women's association

Ok I would have responded to this before but I have been a bit busy.
I should probably clarify that the Country Women’s Association’s  reputation in the public mind is not so much as a feminist organisation as it is a judging country fair baking competitions, local gosssip,  and a strict rule of the commumity arts hall but really their actuall aims are

The aims of the CWA of NSW are:

(a) To bring all women and families together and form a network of support.
(b) To provide a forum for the voice of all women in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory etc.
© To improve conditions and welfare of all women and families especially in country areas.
(d) To support schemes which enhance the value of country living, especially health and educational facilities.
(e) To encourage development in regional areas and to increase the viability of rural communities and the environment.
(f) To provide a voice to Government at all levels.
(g) To promote International goodwill friendship understanding and tolerance between all people.

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