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I know everyone likes to laugh at Cinder managing to find Dr. Erland since Africa is, you know, a massive fucking continent but I’m rereading Cinder and he specifically says “I’ve decided to go where the first cases of letumosis were documented, in a small town east of the Sahara Desert” so at least that makes some sense


Volvo V90 Cross Country Volvo Ocean Race, 2017. A special edition to celebrate the start of the 2017/18 Volvo Ocean Race. Buyers of the car will also contribute directly to helping understand the health of our oceans. To support the Volvo Ocean Race’s Science Programme around ocean plastics, the company will donate €100 for each of the 3,000 V90 Cross Country Volvo Ocean Race cars it plans to build. The resulting total donation of €300,000 underlines Volvo Cars’ long-standing commitment to environmental care. The cars feature Matte grey and bright orange details combined with a Crystal White exterior colour and special wheels and stitching.


“The American? His name is Napoleon Solo. He is not your typical American spy. He joined the U.S. Army aged 18 and was posted to Europe. After Hitler’s defeat, he stayed on as part of the occupying force. This is when he discovered the vast profits to be made on the post-war black market and he started stealing and selling high end art and antiquities. He proceeded methodically, teaching himself several languages. His criminal ingenuity had made headlines all over Europe. The police of four countries created a special taskforce with the sole purpose of bringing him to justice. And even then, it was luck they caught him. This now infamous story caught the attention of the CIA who recognized that this man’s extraordinary talents would be wasted in jail.  A deal was struck - since then Solo has been their most successful and prolific agent.” 


The Burning Monk

On June 11th, 1963 a Buddhist monk named Thich Quang Duc entered a busy square in Saigon accompanied 350 of his fellow monks and nuns. The monks and nuns formed a circle around Duc as he was saturated with gasoline, and to the shock of foreign corresponds and journalists, was lit on fire.  As the flames consumed Duc, he sat serenely in lotus position, completely oblivious to pain as he was consumed by fire.  When the flames died down, what remained was a blackened, charred corpse.

The self immolation of Thich Quang Duc resulted in one of the most iconic photographs of Vietnam in the 1960′s. As news of the self immolation traveled around the world, the question arose, why did he do it?

At the time South Vietnam was primarily governed by a Vietnamese politician named Ngo Dinh Diem. Diem had been made President of South Vietnam in 1955 after winning a heavily rigged election.  Although he was officially the president of a representative government, in reality he had the powers of a dictator. Diem was a Catholic, and throughout his rule he enacted pro Catholic policies that heavily discriminated against non-Catholics. Around 70-90% of South Vietnamese citizens were Buddhist, but despite being the overwhelming majority Buddhists found themselves second class citizens in their own country. Catholics were favored for high ranking military and civil positions, while Buddhists were likewise barred from such positions while Buddhists serving in the military were turned down for promotions. Catholics also were granted several privileges such as special tax breaks and exemption from corvee labor (labor performed in lieu of taxes).  The government distributed firearms to local defense militias, but only to those in Catholic villages. The Catholic Church was the largest land owner in the country, and was granted special exemptions in land acquisitions. Catholic priests and bishops often had private armies, which would loot or demolish Buddhist temples, or conduct forced conversion of villages. The Vatican Flag was flown at official government and public events, yet the Buddhist flag was often banned during Buddhist holidays. In order to publicly celebrate Buddhists holidays, special government permission was needed.  In 1959, Diem officially dedicated South Vietnam to the Virgin Mary. Yeah Diem was a man of incredible chutzpah as well as excessive stupidity. 

 Diem’s Pro-Catholic policies led to severe distrust between the South Vietnamese people and the Diem regime. In May, the Diem government decreed that the Buddhist flag could not be flown in Hue during the Buddhist holiday called Vesak, which celebrates the Buddha’s birthday. In response, people protested by taking to the streets and marching with Buddhist flags. Government forces responded by firing on the crowd, killing nine. Protests erupted across the country.  In one incident, when monks occupied a square in protest, soldiers and police poured liquid tear gas chemicals on the monk’s heads, severely wounding 69.  Martial law was also declared, and the military undertook a campaign or raiding Buddhist temples, shrines, and pagodas. As the protests grew, the Diem regime responded with increasingly heavy handed tactics. When students in Saigon protested, Diem order 1,000 of them arrested and sent to re-education camps, some of them being as young as 5.

After Duc’s self immolation many other monks would repeat the act in protest. It is often erroneously stated that Duc burned himself to protest the Vietnam War, however this is not true.  It should be noted though that throughout the Vietnam War, 5 American anti-war protesters repeated the act between 1965 and 1970. Many people in Eastern Europe would do the same in the late 1960′s and 1970′s in protest against Communism and the Soviet Union. 

Under pressure from the American Government, South Vietnam’s prime backer, Diem agreed to a list of demands by the Buddhists.  However, Diem never followed through with the agreement. In October of 1963, a US backed coup erupted and toppled Diem’s regime.  Diem was captured while trying to escape on November 1st, and was executed by bayonet.

Americans who minimize or ignore human rights abuses in certain third world countries and even glorify the living conditions in those areas for a false sense of vilifying their own country are a special kind of annoying.


I’m very excited to have worked on this film which wins almost every single festival it plays at! I shot the poster and special stills, all as always on 35mm film.

I will be uploading my stills when the film hits the UK cinemas (September 1st) so make sure you follow my film Instagram account:




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“I had found my muse” — George Koizumi.

Since “Paradise kiss” is the only Yazawa’s manga licensed in my country it has a special place in my heart and my house 😏. I reread my volumes or some favorite parts quite often and love that dearly! I think ParaKiss is beautifully written story about first love and about finding your place in life. Although my opinion on this story and its characters changes through the years i still find them very real and colorful! 😌💖

so! since mr. keneti james apa is becoming increasingly popular in celeb & bandom communities due to riverdales instantly popularity i’ve figured it’d be fun to put together a little resource of new zealand slang and other terms under the cut that you need to know when playing a new zealander. so often people are assuming he’s australian (stop this. do not do this. as funny as it is just don’t. it’s like assuming ireland & scotland are the same place). here you will find as much new zealand slang and tid bits of information that i can think of in order to help you understand our special little country and it’s quirks! also please remember kj is raised in a part samoan family and that’s a very important aspect of his life. i may add to this list if i think of more things !! 

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Good night to everyone, but especially Jamie Oleksiak. I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, but I hope you’re out surfing or watching baseball or sitting on your couch playing Xbox and downing Bud Lite (or all of the above) and living your best life. Proud of u bud.