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--> Preacher Sentence Starters

haha I know my blog has nothing to do with it, but I’ve been watching the show lately and I think some quotes would make good starters. Warning for drug/alcohol abuse and violence!

  • “Anyway, this is how you make a bazooka.”
  • “I don’t hate you. I wouldn’t know how.”
  • “Sounds like the first verse of the worst country song ever written, man.”
  • “I’ve not had a single morning where I didn’t wake up and have to force my feet to the floor to face you.”
  • “As of today as of right now, I’m going to fight.”
  • “Look, I’m just sayin’, boring’s not the worst thing a person can be.”
  • “I think you’re wrong. I think boring’s the worst.”
  • “Please God, or whatever the hell you call yourself, I know we hate each other, but please, please, please, just this once, do the right thing here.”
  • “I’ll be good, I swear. I’ll be good. I’ll be so damn good, you won’t even know it’s me.”
  • “What were you smoking?”
  • “What if we’re held to account for our actions? What if there’s punishment? What if there is fire?”
  • “Aren’t you afraid?”
  • “I’ve been feeling different.”
  • “A power like that, who wouldn’t want it? The question is, what do you want it for?”
  • “You look like shit, but that’s becoming more and more regular.”
  • “You were right, love. I think I’m gonna make it!”
  • “The world is turning to shit. And you know what? It’s all your fault.”
  • “I have a weapon! You just better announce yourself!”
  • “I know all kinds of crazy, all right? Just…tell me how it feels.”
  • “That’s a combination of rubbing alcohol, coffee machine descaler, and a bit of shit I found dripping out the back of the air conditioning unit.”
  • “After a sip of this, you aren’t gonna feel like one of the "good guys”, alright?“
  • "I have no money, I have no transport, I’m running dangerously low on drugs. And I’ll do something desperate, I swear to God.”
  • “Just run around, do whatever you want, whenever you want. What kind of life is that?”
  • “You admit you’re a sinner, and in need of a savior?”
  • “Oh jesus. Oh god. I’m so sorry. Oh, please don’t die.”
  • “Nice outfit, by the way.”
  • “This is my "very on it” outfit.“
  • "Cops find your body, I’ll make it look like a suicide.”
  • “Hold on, I killed you. How’d you do that?”
  • “I’m gonna ask you to do this job. You’re gonna say no. But I’m not doing it without you.”

Inspired by Eine Kleine
I like this song ಠ᎑ಠ

anonymous asked:

New international fan here. A year ago I did not even know who M was and only just knew about B thanks to the voice. The only country song I had on my itunes was “The Gambler”. (I think...) Now I have every song of Blake and LBT. Knew a little bit about Gwen. Your blog is awesome – for somebody as young as you.😉 I was just curious – how old were you when you started listening to country music? And was Blake the first country artist you liked? What was your first ever country song you “liked”?

Aw well thanks!
I started listening to country music when I was around 12… Which is actually pretty young for me considering the fact that I didn’t start listening to actual music until I was like 10. I thought the only genre that existed was the songs they played in Sunday School.
I do still remember some of my first favorite songs though. The three songs that got me into country were Big Green Tractor by Jason Andean, Alright by Darius Rucker and People Are Crazy by Bill Currington. I loved those songs because my brother played them all the time. And then after that, I started to like What Was I Thinking by Dierks Bentley and I think Hillbilly Bone. Or maybe that was just the first Blake Shelton song I liked. Idk. I started watching the Voice when it was on after the super bowl that one year and then I fell in love with Blake… So the reason I like The Voice so much is because that’s actually how I started to like Blake too.
But then I discovered angry female songs like Gunpowder and Lead and Before He Cheats and it was all over 😂

growing up constantly hearing parables about women and beauty like “looks don’t last but beauty never fades” and even arthur weasley saying “and THAT is why you never go for looks alone” of the veela in the goblet of fire gave me a very complicated relationship with my identity as a woman very young and a very confused relationship with my own appearance… beauty is sinful and repulsive, the most important aspect of my identity, and shameful to indulge in… the beautiful woman is a figure of envy, desire, seduction…

It took me until literally today to realize that my self confidence and narcissism (aka, security and self-love) will not “fade with my youth” and that my satisfaction with my looks is not sinful… my own beauty is incidental and indulging in it is not only my own choice, but a symptom of the patriarchy… women are taught to hate each other for doing the one thing we are told by men we are good for

self love is not evil and beautiful women are not your enemy