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27 Reasons Iceland Is The Most Awesome Country On Earth (Version 2.0)
  1. Very few insects.

  2. The city of Reykjavík elected a comedian mayor whose election campaign amounted to political performance art.

  3. They told the UK and the Netherlands to sod off after the banking collapse (even if was right-wing nationalists who led the charge.)

  4. They were able to bring about an election using non-violence.

  5. Björk. ‘Nuff said.  (But as with any celebrity, it’s always best to respect their privacy).

  6. Instant boiling water (even if it is sulphourous).

  7. A lot of cheap, green energy.

  8. A history of representative democracy going back to the tenth century, interrupted by monarchy for several centuries.  (It certainly isn’t the modern conception, but it was an early form of democracy.)
  9. Lakkriskulur.

  10. They wrote the Sagas.

  11. No military and no history of empire.

  12. They actually did a through investigation after the banking collapse (admittedly there weren’t that many prosecutions [yet?]).

  13. They elected the first BGLT head of state.

  14. Their Eurovision representatives speak out against misogyny and wear dresses but are (presumably) straight… and are guys.

  15. The Reykjavík Grapevine.

  16. The challenging (at least for a non-native speaker) language that is Icelandic.  It makes my mouth into shapes it’s never had to form before and I love it (even if my mouth does get confused at times). I like the difficulty, because it means when I am finally able to achieve some fluency, I will only be that much happier with myself.

  17. The very pleasant Icelandic accent (to my ears at least).

  18. The Yule Lads. Such random mischief.

  19. Skyr, my favourite cultured milk product. Yummy!

  20. The landscape is ethereal and gorgeous.

  21. Jónsi (and Sigur Rós).

  22. They banned strip clubs in Reykjavík(with some degree of success).

  23. Everyone is on a first name basis.

  24. They only had their first accidental police killing this year.

  25. Björk again, because she’s just that amazing.  (And again, please don’t bother celebrities if you see them on the street.)

  26. You can stop off at a man-made thermal pool on the way to the airport (even if it, like everything else, is really expensive).

  27. Icelandair lets you stop over in Iceland for free on the way to or from Europe and is often the cheapest fare. (I haven’t been paid anything to say that.)

Please feel free to offer corrections and reblog (don’t just like) if you like it.  Takk!

Irate Eight (Aquatic Ambiance ~ Lockjaw's Saga Returns)
Scott Petersen, David Wise, Chris Carroll, Kenneth Bassham, Bobby Arluskas, Clark Crawford, Matt Piersall, Matthew Thies, GL33K LLC
Irate Eight (Aquatic Ambiance ~ Lockjaw's Saga Returns)

Irate Eight (Aquatic Ambiance ~ Lockjaw’s Saga)

A remix of Aquatic Ambiance and Lockjaw’s Saga, played in the Irate Eight level of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

This song gets more tense as the level goes on, reflecting the nature of the level spectacularly.

More manuals that I got recently! Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Island rounds out a lot of the Mario stuff I’ve gotten, plus the addition of the Donkey Kong Country games means I’ve got a ton of SNES games to go through now.

Mario generally has a ton of art which is great, but I’m trying to avoid doing ALL the Mario artwork. Trying to find more unique stuff, but man - it’s hard!

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Inside the Viðgelmir Lava Tube

(The ghostly ice stalagmites were incredible.)

In the early days of Iceland’s history, when the lava tube was still warmer than the surrounding country, outlaws used to hide here, and there is still evidence of their presence in the caves.

The tour makes no claims about who these outlaws may have been, which is a shame, I think. Especially since Viðgelmir is in the midst of Grettir’s Saga country.


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