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Country Retreat // John Shelby x Reader

Prompt: Would you write for John too? Something with all the romance and fluff and ;). Maybe he takes his lady for a weekend away in the country?

You hummed to yourself as you sorted through a stack of folded laundry and put it away in the room you shared with your husband. Just as you finished, a pair of arms snaked around your waist to pull you against a familiar body.

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Belated Happy Undas and Halloween to you guys! 

Now I want to share this story that has been going viral on twitter regarding about a group of students retreat experience in Betania Retreat House in Baguio. The thread is in tagalog and it’s a spooky read. You’ll learn a lot from their experience, especially visiting a place that is known to house spirits. 

Never disrespect them folks.

Here is the original twitter link and here is an alternate link in case op goes private.

“Father: Kung ano man makikita niyo during this session sana di magbago ang tingin niyo sa simbahan”

A horror story thread.

Enjoy it folks!

oh honeys

hiii, i promised i would post after last night so here we go:

i went to meet with the coffee date POT again at a 5 star retreat he had booked for the night, i really need to think of a name for him because i think he just reached sugar daddy status. for now i’m gonna call him R. 

anyway, biiitch this place was out in woop woop (australian for middle of fucking no where). although it was so beautiful, more like a little country retreat with villas rather than a hotel which i had originally thought. my country bumpkin ass was LOVING it though lmao. he bought me a japanese maple tree which is in the photo below but like the fuck? i can barely keep myself alive let alone a plant pls no 

i arrived around 3:30 yesterday afternoon lookin’ all cute and shit ready to pamper the fuck outta myself at the spa, only for him to tell me they had no availabilities left and dinner reservations weren’t until 7:30. like does this mean i have to sit and talk to your ass for 4 hours? oh well lol, our villa had this huge bath tub anyway so you bet your ass i was planning on using it later that night. 

we just sat in bed and chatted some more, he’s really great to talk to and i don’t feel like i have to try too hard to keep conversation flowing so HALLELUJAH, forced conversation literally drains me. we were mid conversations about neanderthals, of all things, and he pulls out a little gift wrapped box out of no where and my eyes light the fuck up i’m just like 

i open the wrapping and i see chanel no. 5 fragrance, i’m like ok ok i see you i’m impressed so far, i needed a new perfume anyway. after i said thank you and gave him a kiss, i suppose he took that as an invitation to stick his tongue down my throat and eat my face which was kinda gross but i just let it happen because sis i want that coin !!! between then and dinner we just watched the avengers and snuggled, although i could feel his eyes burning into my fucking skull the entire time but i kept my eyes glued on the tv screen lol. i had a nice dress and heels picked out for dinner but we had to walk to the restaurant and my ass was not about to walk through the country side in a dress and heels so i opted for my jeans and a cute lil top which i’m so thankful i did because at one stage we had to walk through pebbles. can you imagine my ass walking in heels through pebbles like bambi? no thankyouuuuuu

i forgot to take any photos of dinner sorry but it was asian cuisine which is right up my ally, i could feel the judgement from a woman who was seated at the table next to us but i’m just like sis !!! mind ya damn business. i probably ate way too much lol but by the time dinner was finished i was ready to put that massive bath to use and hibernate for the rest of the night which is exactly what i did. i got like an hour break away from R to just relax and digest the mountain of food we consumed 

when i got out of the bath i opened the door to the bedroom and he was passed out asleep on the bed and i was like OH MY GOD THANK YOU. so i quietly tip toed over to my bag trying not to wake him because i was already exhausted and didn’t want to deal with him until morning but just as i made it to my bag to put my stuff away i hear him pipe up like “how was your bath?”. all hope was lost. RIP

he says he wants to go at my pace and not pressure sex so even though i was prepared for us to be intimate as soon as he said that i just spilled some bullshit and was like OH.. “yeah lets take it slow…” lolol so i think i got out of that one for now but the next time i see him i feel like he will be humping me like a fucking rabbit. he said some weird shit to me as i was trying to fall asleep like “i might just have to kidnap you and bring you home with me” THE FUCK? DONT JOKE ABOUT THAT, i literally sat up and looked at him like ?????? he was also like “i think i’m going to have trouble saying goodbye to you when you move on from me” i’m thinking like shit am i making this man fall in love with me already, this could get messy. i feel like i might have to take the spoiled girlfriend route with him

ANYWAY to finish this all off, i had to leave at 6 this morning and my alarm went off at 5:30, my zombie ass rolls over to turn off my alarm and i see $1000 on my bedside table. i was so glad because i wasn’t keen on waking him up to ask for my $$$$ so thankyouuuuu daddy.

i’m at home in bed now, ready to fucking nap and have the laziest saturday ever because i hardly slept last night with him glued to me like a god damn koala bear in his sleep. we’ll see where this leads, he’s generous and treats me well, and i think he’s just upgraded to SD status. i’ll just have to learn to deal with his annoying habits lmao.

happy sugaring babies xxx

Silence - Ben Wheeler

Pairing: Ben Wheeler x Reader

Characters: Ben Wheeler, Tucker Dobbs, Danny Wheeler, Riley Perrin, Emma Wheeler, Bonnie Wheeler

Warnings: N/A

Request: @erinIreland - Wattpad

Word Count: 815

Author: Hannah

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historical au
  • jm is a prince and jk is a soldier. they grew up together and jm falls for jk but jk knows he’s not good enough for jm so he never reciprocates jm’s feelings. with age, he becomes colder and distant even though they are all in the same friend group
  • their country is at war and jk leaves to fight. before he leaves, jm meets him alone and tell jk that he loves him. but again jk is cautious and he doesn’t say anything, fearing that he will not make it back to jm. he leaves jm heartbroken.
  • the battlefield is brutal and jk almost died many times. he starts thinking about jm more and more. the thought of the prince becomes the reason for him to keep going. jk regrets never telling jm how he really felt and he hopes to make it out of the war to do so
  • the army receives news to retreat. both countries have reached an agreement and the war is on hold for now
  • jk and his men goes back to the kingdom and jm runs to hug him even though jk was dirty and bloody. jk hugs him back, so relieved and so in love with him. jm smells like lavender and jk finally feels at peace. jk faints into jms arms.
  • jk runs a high fever from an infected wound and jm spends the next week tending to jk’s wounds even though he has little knowledge of it, listening dutifully to healer seokjin’s instructions.
  • when jk wakes up, he says something very stupid, but also cute, which made jm laugh and cry at the same time. jk pushed himself up to hug jm closer to him, but he was still weak so he falls in the crook of jm’s neck and lavender fills his nose.
  • jm hugs him back hesitantly, thinking it was platonic. they banter a little like normal and jk looks up at jm, really taking him in and god, he really hates that he took him nearly dying to realize it
  • jk is about to tell jm that he does love him very much until seokjin comes in and tells jm to get more herbs for jk’s medicine. jk was a little annoyed but there was a look on sj’s face that tells him that something is wrong
  • sj reveals that jm has agreed to a marriage alliance with the other kingdom that they were at war with. sj tells jk that he shouldn’t make it harder for jm when the prince is already dead set on going through with the marriage for the sake of everyone
  • when jm gets back, jk is on the verge of crying but he holds it back and ask jm about the alliance. “o-oh. yeah, it seems like the easiest way.” “jimin, you’re giving up your whole life.” “it’s fine. as long as the people I love are okay.”
  • jm looks at him with watery eyes and jk knows it translates to “as long as you are okay.” jm still loves him and jk could be selfish at the moment and tell him. but jk bites his tongue and hates himself for not doing it sooner. he still lost jm in the end.
Armenian Genocide: Stages of Genocide and Human Rights

          First documented use of the word “genocide” was in reference to the Armenian Genocide. The genocide, which took the lives of some 1.5 million Armenians living in the Ottoman empire, holds roots in their religious minority, economically prosperous nature and the ultimate collapse of the Ottoman empire. The majority of the Empire’s subjects comprised of Muslims while the Armenians were forced to endure centuries of unequal taxes and fewer political and legal rights as Christians. Despite the Hamidian Massacres of the late 1800s, which was the first attempt of the Turkish government to rid themselves of the “Armenian problem,” the Armenians thrived with high education and flourishing wealth. This livelihood fueled resentment from Turkish counterparts and quickly brewed to hatred in the form of three years of extermination as the Empire sought to quiet the voices of two million Armenians and bring an end to the source of their jealousy. The Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire between 1915 - 1918 exhibited preparation and denial of the eight stages of genocide and violated human rights #4, freedom from slavery, #5, freedom from torture or degrading treatment, and #7, right to equality before the law.

         Two stages of genocide acted upon during the Armenian genocide are preparation and denial. Preparation being represented by the drawing up of the “Ten Commandments” and denial displayed through a century of Turkish refusal to openly accept that a genocide even occurred. The “Ten Commandments”, written by the Young Turks (a group for the rid of all Armenians), secretly met to construct a document carefully outlining the fate of the Armenians and how they were going to eradicate them as a whole. Each commandment is a detailed step that was to be passed between government officials, for example, number one states, “…arrest all who worked against government … and send them into the provinces … wipe them out either on the road or there” (“10 Commandments”); number five shaped that they will, “exterminated all males under 50, priests and teachers, leave girls and children to be Islamicized” (“10 Commandments”); and number eight stated, “kill off all Armenians in the Army” (“10 Commandments”). 

         The commandments communicate not only the Turkish preparation for the massacres, but their attempted motives of securing that the genocide is completely effective. The government made sure that they were well prepared to take the lives of an entire ethnic group without any room for flaws or faults. In the stages of genocide this is preparation as the “Ten Commandments” carefully outline the methods that they would later tragically follow. Despite proven information confirming a genocide occurred with the leaking of the “Ten Commandments” to the British government in 1919, Turkey maintained, to this day, that no such genocide ever happened.  Turkey adamantly denies the existence of Armenian bones littering the Syrian desert from when these people were forced onto death marches (“Battle over History”), these death marches are another thing Turkey challenges, claiming they were bones from an optional deportation and that some things “happened on the road” (“Battle over History”). They place most of their blame on the conditions of World War I and the Armenians themselves for siding with the Russians. The rumor of Armenians siding with the Russian is another example of a stage of genocide, #4, polarization which is seen from the spread of this speculation. 

         The killings, the Turkish government preserves, was never in intent, they have made about securing that the genocide remains omitted from school textbooks, classrooms and all of the records have been destroyed. In the country, it is illegal to call the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians “genocide”. With bills passing frequently into the United States Congress for administrations to openly call the Armenian Genocide what it is, Turkey threatens they would cut ties with the United States were they to recognize the genocide publicly. Tragically, Turkey may never fully accept the responsibility for their actions. The “Ten Commandments” contains key information pertaining to the preparation of the genocide and, yet, with so much evidence stacked up against the Turkish government, they continue to deny their mass genocide and abuse of fundamental human rights provided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

         The Ottoman Empire throughout the Armenian Genocide completely violated all thirty human rights written by the UDHR. Two core human rights breached in the genocide were #4, freedom from slavery, #5, freedom from torture or degrading treatment, and #7, right to equality before the law. When, in the “Ten Commandments”, they write to “…leave girls and children to be Islamicized” (“10 Commandments”), they wished to keep women and young girls (some even under ten years old) alive so that they could serve as sex slaves to the Turkish soldiers, providing pleasure, comfort, forced servitude and labor. In Forgotten Fire by Adam Bagdasarian, a book illustrating the struggles of a twelve year old boy whose entire family has been murdered during the Armenian genocide, he narrates while engaging in conversation with a young Armenian girl named Seta, “She tried to tell me once, in her own way: ‘There’s no luck for Armenians,’ she said one day. ‘There’s no luck for us at all. Even the survivors are unlucky. Instead of dying once, we have to die every night” (Bagdasarian 214). What Seta is speaking of how every night Armenian women who are in slavery are raped, dehumanized and seen as only sexual objects to the Turkish soldiers. They were forced as well into sexual humiliation, rape, marriage, forced prostitution, sexual slavery and sexual mutilation as one of the objects of the genocide was forced pregnancy of Armenian women as another attempt to utterly eradicate them as an ethnicity by impregnating the women with Turkish children. The women were raped on a daily basis and many committed suicide or died from exposure or their wounds. 

         With the sexually abusive and violent treatment of the Armenian women comes the violation to human right #5, freedom from torture or degrading treatment. Counting the horrifying treatment of the Armenian women and speaking again of the thousands of Armenians forced on death marches, the Turkish refused to provide them with basic necessities needed on their long marches. The men were shoved in boxcars and others were put into concentration camps where they were later killed. In these concentration camps were horrid conditions: starvation, rape, dehydration and diseases such as dysentery. Outside of these death camps were mass shootings, rapes, crusifications, property confiscations, mass burnings and mass drownings. The Nazi party many years later would be influenced and take inspiration from the Armenian genocide while putting Jewish and Romani individuals into concentration camps and murdering them via gas chamber. 

         Unfortunately, the Armenian Genocide all began with a violation to one very vital human right: #7, the right to equality before the law. In no way were the Armenians treated as equals to the Turkish under their government. For their Christian religion, Armenians were forced to pay double taxes and were considered second class citizens (Humanities 10), neither their lives nor property were under protective security. They were denied participation in the government the Armenians being viewed under the law as second class citizens is a violations of the right to equality before the law which states that everyone is equal in the eyes of the government despite social standing, economic status, religion, expression, nationality, ethnicity or race. 

         With the denial of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish today there will cease to be justice done for their actions in the violation of three specific human rights: #4, freedom from slavery, #5, freedom from torture or degrading treatment, and #7, right to equality before the law. The sexual slavery of Armenian women and young girls, the torture and degrading acts implemented upon the Armenians and the unfair treatment of Armenians before the law will be further brushed underneath the rug as Turkey’s denial of the violations do not allow any action to be taken or repercussions given. These violations of human rights would come to haunt the world again in the late 1930s during World War II with the rise of the Nazi party and their elimination plan for Jews, Romani and others.

         In the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire from 1915 - 1918 there is multiple articles of evidence regarding two of the eight stages of genocide, preparation and denial, as well as three separate human rights violated in the genocide: #4, freedom from slavery, #5, freedom from torture or degrading treatment, and #7, right to equality before the law. The Ottoman Empire preparing for the Armenian genocide is evident from the “Ten Commandments” written years prior to the genocide and laying out the steps they will take to eradicate their “Armenian problem”. Turkey’s denial of the genocide has caused many countries to retreat within themselves when dealing with the issue as Turkey threatens to cut ties with countries who have decided to openly agree the murder of 1.5 million Armenians was in fact a genocide. This denial allows Turkey to get away scot free with the violation of three fundamental human rights in their sexual slavery of Armenian women and girls; the torture and degrading treatment they put upon them though concentration camps, starvation and dehumanizing treatment; and their execution of turning Armenians into second hand citizens under the Ottoman Empire. 

         Studying genocide could lead to insight regarding national behavior when a genocide is about to occur, this would aid in the discontinuation of genocides all together by catching it before it has happened. A study into genocide can provide others in initiating a deeper understanding of human rights and their violations around the world. With future students learning the danger of keeping silent in the face of possible signs of genocide, genocides may become less frequent in generations to come and the countless lives not stolen at the hand of such genocides can lead to more diverse world, one in which others are not prejudiced against for who they are.


Padmé Amidala having dinner with her family at Varykino
Catherine Deane, Fall 2015

What If… Anakin Skywalker decides to resign from Jedi Order, although he refuses to tell the council why, after Padmé tells him she pregnant. After Anakin dreams about Padmé dying while giving birth, he convinces her to leave early for Naboo where they tell her family about their clandestine marriage. Unknowingly because the couple wasn’t on Coruscant, they thwarted Palpatine’s plans for Anakin and prevailed him from turning to the dark side. Nor was Anakin present when the Jedi confronted when Mace Windu killed Sidious. Next two decades or so Anakin and Padmé try raise to their children all the while the Republic is falling apart and wars break out around them…

Idle Hours (1894). William Merritt Chase (American, 1849-1916). Oil on canvas. Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

The work portrays Chase’s wife, sister, and two daughters, relaxing and reading, on the shore at eastern Long Island, where Chase taught a summer school in landscape painting. The artwork incorporates urban subtexts and country retreats in response to urbanization and industrialization.

“i’m white and i’m sorry” what the fuck does that do for me? are the cia and fbi gonna crumble? is assata shakur gonna be safely welcome back into the usa? is the school to prison pipeline gonna disintegrate? are you gonna un-kill the thousands of black people at the hands of lynch mobs from decades ago and now? are all the troops and drones sent over to other countries gonna retreat? is the usa gonna return all the land and territories it stole from indigenous peoples? are you gonna build a time machine and make sure columbus never sails the ocean blue in 1492? hm????